What is the name of the Samoan currency

Tala (WST) in Euro conversion

Samoa, WST / Tala

With the practical currency converter, you can convert your euros to tala in Samoa using the current exchange rate. Our useful conversion table is included with every excursion in a handy format.

Start relaxed in your with the help of the currency converter Samoa vacation!

The Australian continent not only offers famous sights in Samoa. In Apia you can change your vacation pay in Tala - with our currency converter and the Conversion table this is converted very quickly. There is something for every vacationer. Numerous tourist attractions make it possible. Flower garlands are a Symbol for Samoa and will be remembered for a long time. You can keep a financial overview with the help of our practical currency calculator and the handy conversion table. The local, Samoan called, speak Samoan and English and pay with the currency tala.

With Tala and the exchange rate you are always optimally prepared on vacation

Samoa is a neighboring country to Fiji in the east of Australia-Oceania and impresses with more than just rushing waterfalls and Tattoos. Do you also fall in love with your holiday destination? Tropical climate and unique landscapes offer the best conditions for this. Prepare yourself ideally for your vacation and use our practical currency converter to determine the value of your euros in Tala. Simply enter the value in euros or tala and the currency converter will give you an exact calculation of the current rate of the local currency. But even if you are traveling in Samoa without an internet connection, this is the Currency converter always by your side: Print out our conversion table for the Tala - so you are always well informed on holiday.