Powder coated steel patio furniture will rust

Garden furniture made of iron and steel

The combination of a "holey" surface and high-quality coatings with plastic components ensures, on the one hand, that iron garden furniture is easy to clean, dry quickly after a rain and can therefore be used again immediately. In addition, a pleasant surface temperature is always guaranteed: If it is already fresh outside, the surface is not as cold as bare metal, and even if the furniture is exposed to strong sunlight, the surface does not heat up too much and the furniture remains usable.

Coated iron furniture can withstand any weather. In principle, you can stay outside without any problems, even in winter with snow and frost. They withstand sun, wind and rain with ease.

Protective covers and covers can offer additional protection and are also recommended depending on the location (for example under trees in the garden). However, you should make sure that you only use high-quality cases. Since protective covers contain a wide variety of plastics, it cannot be guaranteed that in prolonged contact with the coating, especially with condensation and UV radiation, substances will be released from these plastics that do not destroy the coating itself but can leave unsightly stains.

This problem rarely occurs due to the individual cut of seat, garden bench, lounger or table group covers, but it can be relevant with perforated sheets and closed table tops and directly adjacent table top covers. Therefore: It is best to only use the covers from the respective manufacturer or those with spacers (beer crate, folding chair, etc.). For the same reason, plastic tablecloths should not be placed on perforated metal tables or closed table tops, or should not be placed on them for a long time.

As with all everyday objects, the same applies of course to garden furniture made of iron and steel: Careful handling ensures that the product will be enjoyed for a long time. Even if the garden furniture is made of iron overwinter in the open they stay beautiful longer if they are stored dry and indoors in winter.