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Advanced Formula

AVISTA HYD HLP 10 is a sustainable and resource-saving hydraulic oil and the best choice for a sustainable future. Due to the almost waste-free base oil production process, which includes the patented ESR technology and uses valuable oils as raw material, this product helps to protect the environment, health, natural resources and the climate in the long term. The base oil used in the corresponding proportion has been proven to save up to 825 kg / t CO2 eq compared to conventionally produced base oils. This product is AVIeco® qualified. AVISTA HYD HLP 10 is formulated with paraffin-based base oils and the latest additive technology. Effective zinc-containing components ensure optimum lubricating performance and long-lasting protection against aging. The product can be cleaned in the process through the finest filtration without losing any active components

Application / application line:
Hydraulic oil

ISO 11158; ASTM D6158; JCMAS P041 HK; AIST 126 + 127; SAE MS1004; GM LS 2

DIN 51524-2

CO₂ calculator

With an amount of "kg"
kg CO₂ eqCO₂ savings 1
€ Savings in environmental follow-up costs in 2025 2

1 IFEU study "Life cycle assessment of the AVISTA process AVIeco based on the product balance in comparison with conventional base oil" (2011).
2 UBA estimate of the environmental follow-up costs corresponds to around € 650 / to CO₂ eq in 2025


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