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Application for a place to study for a Bachelor's degree in International Event Management

Dear Ms. Muster,

I hereby apply for a place on the Bachelor's degree in "International Event Management" at your university. My name is Max Mustermann, I am currently a student at the Albert Einstein Gymnasium in Musterhausen and will take my general university entrance qualification there this summer.

I decided to study event management because ...
... last year I was able to gain first insights into the activities of an event agency through an internship at Events & More (event agency in the field of urban development). I was particularly impressed by the variety of tasks that require a wide range of skills. I was able to get actively involved in the planning, organization and development of the Model City Open Air Festival and, in addition to budget planning, also took part in the creative brainstorming process. I supported several phases of this project in different stages of development and accompanied my colleagues to customer appointments.

I am explicitly interested in the International Event Management course because ...
... I grew up very interested in culture and I am always enthusiastic about events of all kinds. I would like to combine this passion for events with an international degree so that I can design and organize events around the world myself. I think the course is forward-looking, because topics such as business environment as well as sponsoring and fundraising are becoming increasingly important in event management and business knowledge is the basis of successful event organization. I also like the course very much because it promotes and deepens my foreign language skills.

For me, the model university is the right university because ...
... it is important to me to study internationally and with a practical focus. I find it particularly interesting that real practical projects are implemented during the course of studies and that the lecturers let their own professional experience flow into them. In this way, I can already gain insights into the professional world of an event manager during my studies. I also like the idea of ​​having the opportunity to gain experience abroad in the internship semester.

With a bachelor's degree I would like to ...
... acquire a wide range of expert knowledge on the subject of event management and thus position myself in a versatile and qualified field in a promising field. In addition, I would like to make initial contacts with potential employers through the great practical relevance so that I can start my career smoothly after graduation.

After graduation ...
... I would like to work in a global event agency. Thanks to the bachelor’s degree, I hope to start my career straight away, for example through a trainee program. I am looking for an employer with future prospects, where I can both apply my foreign language skills and make use of my sociability.

I would be very happy if you gave me the opportunity to get involved at your university and to deepen my interest in event management through professional knowledge. I am happy to be at your disposal for a personal interview.

With best regards


John Doe