What is the English Bible

Comparison of Bible Translation Profiles - English

Good News Bible (and revisions)

TEV Good News's Bible = Today's English Version

1966-1976; Revision 1992

CEV Contemporary English Version


The Good News Bible (also known as Today's English version) strives for easy-to-understand English and uses more free paraphrases for this. 1995 is a revision under the title Contemporary English Version published.

The Good News Bible pursues similar goals for the German-speaking area.

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Holman Christian Standard Bible

HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible


The Holman Christian Standard Bible is a conservative evangelical new translation. The translators' view that many central biblical terms cannot be adequately reproduced in modern language is reflected in their traditional choice of words.

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Inclusive Bible

The Inclusive Bible has its roots in movement Priests for Equalitywho campaigns for full equality between women and men in the Roman Catholic Church. The aim of the translation is to free the biblical language from the “sexist culture” of many other translations.

A German translation with similar goals is the Bible in fair language.

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International Standard Version

ISV International Standard Version


The International Standard Version is created on the Internet. She tries to strike a good balance between up-to-date, understandable language and literal rendering without interpretation. On its homepage it advertises with the slogan: "We're the closest you'll ever get to seeing a free, open source modern English Bible translation." ISV-Project uses (unlike the Wikisource Bible) a non-commercial license with restrictions that contradict the open source definition.

A German translation with a similar objective is the Open Bible.

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Jerusalem Bible (and revision)

JB / TJB The Jerusalem Bible


NJB New Jerusalem Bible


The Jerusalem Bible (1966) has a Roman Catholic background. It is the English edition of the French translation of the Bible Bible de Jerusalem (1961).

On a revision of the Bible de Jerusalem (1973) a revision of the English edition followed in 1985 (New Jerusalem Bible, 1985). After the most recent French revision (1998), another English revision is in the works.

The German edition combines introductions and footnotes of the Bible de Jerusalem with the text of the standard translation (New Jerusalem Bible) or Herder Bible (Jerusalem Bible).

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Jewish Publication Society

JPS Jewish Publication Society

1917; Revision 1985

The translation of the Jewish Publication Society is the main Jewish translation of the Hebrew Bible into modern English. Due to its quality, it is also used a lot in Germany.

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King James Version (and Revisions)

KJV King James Version = Authorized Version

1611; Revision 1769

1. (English) Revised Version


2. ASV American Standard Version


2.1. ⤷ RSV Revised Standard Version

1946-1952; Revision 1971–1977

2.1.1. ⤷ NRSV New Revised Standard Version


2.1.2. ⤷ ESV English Standard Version

2001; Revision 2007

2.2. ⤷ NASB
NASV New American Standard Bible / Version

1963-1971; Revisions 1972–1995

2.3. ⤷ WEB World English Bible


3. NKJV New King James Version


The King James Version is the best known English language translation. It has a similar meaning for English culture as the Luther Bible has for German. It was created in 1611 on behalf of the king. The last official revision was published in 1769 and largely corresponds to the text commonly used today. Since then, a very large number of other revisions have been published under new names that update the language to different degrees.

The has a special meaning Revised Standard Version, because it consistently takes modern scientific knowledge into account. The New Revised Standard Version continues this path. The English standard version takes back those changes that contradict an evangelical perspective.

Also the New American Standard Bible follows - especially in the most recent revision - modern scientific knowledge. Due to its consistently structured profile, it is linguistically less accessible than the (New) Revised Standard Version. There is no connection between the ecumenical New American Standard Bible and the name-like, Roman Catholic New American Bible.

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Living Bible

TLB The Living Bible


NLT New Living Translation

Revision 2004–2007

In 1971 the American Bible edition appeared Living Bible, a retelling of the Bible from an evangelical perspective. The aim was to make the Bible understandable for children as well. This first version was initially created independently of the Hebrew or Greek original text of the Bible, but was based exclusively on the American Standard Version (1901). In 1996 a new translation was published (New Living Translation), which defines the theological and linguistic profile of the Living Bible retained, but at the same time takes into account the original text of the Bible.

The German version (New Life) was published by the evangelical publishing group Stiftung Christliche Medien. There does not seem to be any connection to the New Life mission of the same name.

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NET Bible

NET NET Bible = New English Translation


The New English Translation / NET Bible is a new translation of the Bible specifically for use on the computer. It has an evangelical background theologically. In addition to the translation itself, it contains a large number of detailed footnotes on the language of the Bible.

The NET Bible is available as a book, but can also be read online or downloaded as a PDF file. It is also available for almost all free Bible programs.

There is no connection to the name-like New English Translation of the Septuagint or the New English Bible.

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New American Bible

NAB New American Bible

Revisions 1986, 1991 and 1994ff

The New American Bible is the official translation of the Bible by the American Roman Catholic Church.

There is no connection to the name-like New American Standard Bible or the New English Bible.

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New English Bible (and revision)

NEB New English Bible


REB Revised English Bible


The New English Bible is a British re-translation of the Bible. It was created in a cooperation between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge with the support of many British churches (Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Reformed and many other Protestant churches).

The revision (Revised English Bible) was also supported by the Roman Catholic Church.

There is no connection to the name-like New English Translation / NET Bible or the New American Bible.

New English Translation of the Septuagint

NETS New English Translation of the Septuagint


The Septuagint is a very old Greek translation of the Old Testament. This translation has a central position for the tradition of the Orthodox Churches. In some places it sets different accents than the older Hebrew / Aramaic text, which is followed by Protestant and Catholic translations.

The New English Translation of the Septuagint is a translation of the Septuagint into the English language. Linguistically, it is very much based on the New Revised Standard Version.

There is no connection to the name-like New English Translation / NET Bible or the New English Bible.

A German translation of the Septuagint is the Septuagint German.

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New International Version (and revisions)

NIV New International Version

1973-1978; Revision 1983

NIVI New International Version Inclusive Language Edition


NIrV New International Reader's Version


TNIV Today's New International Version


The New International Version is one of the most popular English Bible translations. She uses modern English and has a theologically conservative, Protestant background.

There are several revisions, each with slightly different objectives. The New International Version Inclusive Language Edition used despite their conservative profile in some places where masculine formulations in the original text probably also refer to women, including formulations. In response to a large protest - especially from the evangelical side - it was withdrawn. However, their concerns also set the Today's New International Version um, who also uses an even more modern language than that used New International Version.

The New International Reader's version is a translation into very easy to understand language. It is aimed at people who do not speak English well.

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New World Translation

NWT New World Translation


The New World Translation the translation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Unlike most other translations, it is not based on the established, scholarly Urtext edition (Nestle-Aland), but on a separate reconstruction of the original texts, which is closer to the teachings of the religious community.

A German version was also published under the name New World Translation.

In most places it is New World Translation a careful translation that is linguistically close to the American Standard Version. In some central places, however, there are idiosyncratic interpretations that coincide with the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The religious community is problematic in several ways.

‣ Brief description of Jehovah's Witnesses and their translation of the Bible

Wikisource Bible

The Wikisource translation Bible (Free) is created on the Internet in a similar way to the well-known Wikipedia dictionary. The aim is a translation that can be used without restrictions. In order to achieve this goal, the translators waive their copyrights (Public domain).

A German translation with a similar objective is the Open Bible.