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I recently asked myself this question and am now trying to share my impressions with you.

Generally the best travel destination for me is Iran. There you can still really feel like an explorer. There is a lot to see - nature, cities, history, culture. The infrastructures are very well developed for a country in the region, traveling is very safe and the locals are just an unbelievably great people. They are extremely polite, helpful, cultured, but also curious. People like to talk to you, but I've always found it pleasant. Unfortunately, I can't say much about the current political situation either.

When it comes to individual cities as favorite destinations, I've just made a few my favorites.

1. Tel Aviv - the best city in the world. Cosmopolitan, Mediterranean, modern, relaxed, tolerant and a sparkling clean sandy beach in the city center! Party metropolis. Tip: rent a bike.

2. Isfahan - the most beautiful city in the world. Countless buildings from a thousand and one nights, a beautiful river course with great bridges and very sociable Iranians. Tip: stroll past the sights at different times of the day.

3. Istanbul - the most exciting city in the world. Huge cultural diversity, modern European and traditional Anatolian, beautiful location on the water, great mosques and palaces. Tip: Hamam!

My selection is very Middle Eastern, but the region is simply exciting. The destinations are also recommended for "beginners" - but Iran is more likely to be with a tour group. Anyone who has ever been to Egypt or Tunisia: please do not jump to conclusions! I think the Iranians, the (Tel-Aviv-) Israelis and the Turks are much more pleasant contemporaries!