Can hypnosis cure shyness

Am i just shy Or an introvert? Or maybe I have a social phobia? On this page you will get answers. Take the test below and get an individual evaluation completely free of charge.

Hypnosis against social phobia - fear of contact can be treated.

First a few introductory words about social phobia: it is the fear of being the center of attention!

Those affected fear being judged by others, being somehow embarrassing or afraid of rejection. Whether strangers or people from the immediate vicinity does not necessarily play a role.

The associated inner-psychological thought patterns have the effect that there is gradually an increasing withdrawal behavior. At least in the extreme form, which you should definitely try to avoid. How to do that, back down.

In a socially phobic person, a so-called fear of expectation arises. That is the increasing fear of the physical symptoms associated with it. People with this disorder are exceptionally sensitive and know that their own behavior is excessive in relation to their fears.

It is not uncommon for you to shy away from noticing the stressful symptoms. What are the physical reactions? You may know some of them: blushing, trembling, stuttering, sweating, racing heart, nausea, needing to urinate and avoiding eye contact. I would now like to invite you to take the test. Answer honestly and don't think too long about the questions or answers:



What are the consequences of the social phobia?

As already indicated above, avoidance behavior occurs - a restriction in lifestyle! In the most severe form, the so-called social phobia, people even forego training or study, avoid parties, social events or obstruct the path to career advancement. Further effects are communication and contact weaknesses and the associated so-called social constriction. This results in a pronounced level of suffering, as many of these people want self-fulfillment and a completely normal life as with others. If nothing is done, it can mean in the worst case: unemployment, depression or addiction. The solution is in you! Recognize, analyze and act with self-determined hypnotherapy - online therapy, treatments in the alternative practitioner for psychotherapy practice.

Short lecture on fear and social phobia. Duration about five minutes:

In addition, the report of a person affected and then a self-assessment sheet.

32 year old man who is single and has no children, clerk in a bookstore:

“I've always been a bit shy. About 2 years ago the whole situation came to a head. I had to work more in customer traffic and often faced customers. When I had the feeling that I was being watched, my body reacted with severe fear, tremors, shortness of breath, a racing heart and a speech blockage. I couldn't look anyone in the eye for long because I was afraid that customers would look at my problems. It was especially bad when I had to work at the till. I then always felt observed and controlled. That triggered the internal pressure. These symptoms then spread to other areas of my life, such as paying at the checkout or stamping the ticket on the bus. Up to a point I got along well with it. I just tried, wherever possible, to avoid these situations. But when there was a threat of a transfer within the company to a division in which I should have even more customer contact, I began to panic more and more ... ”

Face your fear! - How can self-determined hypnotherapy help?

The majority of people with a social phobia or excessive shyness know for themselves from which past life experiences or circumstances this emerged. Usually this disorder is associated with a rather low and low self-esteem. Your own value is made dependent on the feedback of others. Also wrong and obstructive beliefs like: "Everyone must like me!" or “I mustn't make mistakes!” can be present in the thought structure. The core of coaching or therapy is about: changing and dissolving obstructive beliefs, building self-esteem, self-love, acceptance, self-acceptance and promoting communication and contact skills. This is how you can make small talk and make new contacts. What are you waiting for? I can help you in my alternative practitioner for psychotherapy practice.

How are self-healing powers activated?

With the help of your in-depth knowledge or also called unconscious, we go to research into causes or in the direction of building up new skills and coping strategies. In a self-determined hypnotic framework, also called trance, which is consciously perceived, the innate abilities inherent in nature are used naturally and without drugs or chemicals to activate the so-called “resources” and self-healing powers. A therapeutic process on an equal footing between you and me. In short: unconscious creativity, self-healing tendencies and emotions are used for the solution!

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Overcoming Shyness and Social Phobia Test are learned skills that can be changed and resolved naturally. Hypnosis therapy, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and coach in Hameln, Detmold, Hanover and Bielefeld. Nils Sturies: You can do it!