Did IKEA change their meatballs

First row or last bench?

From the first class on, practically always the last row. Behind it was only the wall. Always at the back of the bus too. Voluntarily never forward, do not attract attention. But over time, I've found that it pays to get out of cover when you have a clear goal in mind. Otherwise I would probably not have become a politician either.

Influencer or Follower?

At the beginning followers, later clearly influencers.

My hobby during the break?

Hide inside so you don't have to go outside.

My greatest hour?

Not having stayed in the 1st grade and switched to Realschule after a year of secondary school - not everyone believed that I could do that.

I would like to forget that:

The two years of flute lessons during the kindergarten school, during which I successfully simulated playing the flute.

A monument is due ...

... all my teachers and tutors who gave me a chance even though I was not an academic child and my first name was not Franz or Klaus: Ms. Mogg, Mr. Simader, Mr. Porer, Mr. Haug, Ms. Naumann, Ms. Eick and so many more - thank you very much! I'm trying to give something back to children today.

Learning is ...

... a huge opportunity if you want to, have the right parents and the right teachers. Not everyone is lucky that all three will fit.

Notes are ...

... an incentive, at best. They should be based on the capabilities of each individual child.

School should ...

... be the place where my curiosity and my big eyes are allowed to stay and I keep receiving suggestions. And of course an important place where I am brought up to be a responsible citizen capable of empathy.

I have to apologize to ...

... oh, where do I start? Definitely with my friend and neighbor, whose bike I always hooked up when I knew for sure that he would finish school early. Afterwards, I always thanked him very seriously for waiting for me an extra hour. We're still friends, by the way.

Have to apologize to me ...

... those who have only seen my name and how I appear and not who I could be.

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