Why do people see honesty as disrespect


We humans have an inner need for honesty. We want to be able to rely on the statements of our fellow human beings.

An optimist keeps his bargain. What you say is meant honestly. Otherwise you are silent. The more honest and authentic you are, the better you feel. A guilty conscience is a bad pillow!

Make honest decisions! Only make decisions or agreements that you stand by with all your heart. Half-hearted commitments only leave disappointment.

Always keep your agreements! If - for whatever reason - you fail to keep your given word, there is only one thing to do: talk about it. And honestly! The more honestly you are telling the plain truth in a given situation, the better it is.

Speak openly about your feelings. What you feel in your heart is always right. Your heart never lies!

Keep telling the truth. Avoid white lies, even if they would cover up some embarrassing situations. If you always tell the truth, you will less and less interact with people who don't. Your environment is changing. Because as it calls into the forest, it echoes out. Suddenly you experience people who mean it honestly with you.

But also feel when and in what form your fellow human beings can tolerate the truth. Honor your honesty - but if you choose the wrong time, the wrong place or the wrong words, honesty can do more harm than good.

Since there are often several truths and often two opinions clash, be prepared to always find a good compromise that both parties can live with. But make sure that you don't make any lazy compromises just for the sake of peace. Discuss honestly. If you exude benevolence and sympathy, there is always a solution that everyone can live with.

(Excerpt from "In 30 Days Optimist")