What's new at the Children's Ministry

New corona rules apply in Bavaria - including for elementary schools. Has anything changed for daycare children too? The Ministry of Family Affairs gives an opinion.

Munich - gastronomy, tourism and culture - in these areas Bavaria is relaxing. But what about the regulations in kindergartens - has anything changed there? The incidence value for distance learning for elementary schools was finally increased from 100 to 165, said Markus Söder at a press conference. Does the same apply to daycare centers or similar facilities for smaller children?

The issue was not addressed at the press conference this Tuesday when the easing was announced. Upon request fromMerkur.de* However, the Bavarian Ministry of Family Affairs has now expressed itself.

Daycare rules in Bavaria: new incidence value decisive? Family Ministry comments

"The 7-day incidence value stipulated in the so-called Federal Emergency Brake will also be used in the future for schoolchildren who attend after-school care centers, day-care centers that are open to the elderly (e.g. house for children) or day-care centers, in line with primary schools," says the ministry's statement . As well as: "School children are tested regularly and the AHA + L rules can be applied much better in this age group, which is why an increase in the 7-day incidence value is justifiable."

For younger children who have not yet started school, however, there is still no option for regular, non-invasive testing. Even if there are already projects on alternative methods. The ministry therefore makes it clear: “First, however, sufficient tests must be carried out to determine whether such tests are also suitable for younger children in order to ensure that the tests that are ultimately approved actually deliver reliable results. Therefore, for non-schoolchildren, the previously applicable regulation on emergency care from a 7-day incidence value of 100 continues to apply for the time being. "

Corona in Bavaria: daycare rules remain the same - no equality with primary schools

For many parents with young children, this won't be good news. However, families would "still have the option of mutual, privately organized, permanent and free parenting groups with children from a maximum of two households," according to the ministry. (* Merkur.de / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA)

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