Men cry less than women

A sad film scene quickly evokes a reaction in women: tears flow and people sob. The supposedly stronger sex, on the other hand, seldom howls and tends to remain calm. As a rule, men cry six to 17 times a year, and women like to hang out up to 64 times. They do this longer and more intensively, as a study by the German Ophthalmic Society (DOG) found. However, the behavior also depends heavily on the character.

Up to the age of 13, both girls and boys cry the same amount, later that changes. This is due to the lactation hormone prolactin, whose production increases in girls during puberty. Scientists suspect that it could be the cause of the unevenly distributed emotional outbursts.

The reasons are different. The female sex tends to shed eyewash when it comes to unsolvable tasks, sad memories of the past or positive or negative emotional experiences. Men, on the other hand, usually cry out of deepest sadness or extreme joy. They have no problem letting tears run free when their favorite team wins.

Evolution and upbringing

From a developmental point of view, it is quite understandable. In difficult situations, such as when hunting, the man had to be completely focused. To despair would have been counterproductive. Women, on the other hand, cry for moral support and try to resolve feelings such as aggression. Upbringing is also important. In western countries boys are raised to be strong from the start. Crying is considered a weakness.

Generally, people cry most in affluent countries, this is a sign of tolerance and freedom of expression. Researchers from the Dutch research center TNO asked over 5,500 people in 37 countries about their habits. It turned out that in Sweden and Brazil women sob the most often, whereas in Italy there are men who cry most often. The German population is only in third place.