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Laschet and FDP reject Merkel's criticism of the Corona emergency brake

Without mentioning Merkel by name, the CDU leader said that it would not help if the federal government and the states shift responsibility to one another. Laschet said that even prime ministers should not show each other the corona infection numbers in their federal states. At the same time he mentioned that NRW was below the national average.

Merkel: NRW with too much discretion

"I am open to any proposal from the federal government as to what we can do even better," said Laschet. So far, he does not know of any new proposals. The Prime Minister's Conference with the Chancellor should meet again in the future in order to enable more trustworthy consultations.

Merkel had accused CDU leader Laschet of violating the emergency brake in an interview with Anne Will - and also criticized other countries. "That doesn't make me happy," said the Chancellor. "The state (North Rhine-Westphalia) has chosen an implementation that entails too much discretion."

Laschet: NRW creates incentives for more testing

From an incidence of 100, a return must be made to the corona restrictions, as they applied before March 7, according to Merkel. In North Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, there are exceptions to the emergency brake in 26 municipalities if, for example, people can show a negative rapid test when shopping.

Laschet defended this model - in NRW there is also the "test option" to provide an incentive for more tests in the population. At the same time, the state government has ordered the emergency brake to be implemented across the board, says the CDU chief.

The Prime Minister had decided something with the Chancellor, which cannot now be implemented one-to-one, said the SPD parliamentary group leader in the state parliament, Thomas Kutschaty. That is bad because it means that trust in the population is lost. "Easing through the back door is irresponsible," said the Greens parliamentary group chairmen Verena Schäffer and Josefine Paul.

FDP: Merkel lost a lot of trust

Laschet's coalition partner FDP turned the tables and reminded Merkel of errors by the federal government, for example in vaccination and testing. Vice-Prime Minister Joachim Stamp told the "Welt" that the Federal Chancellery should "concentrate on its own failures". FDP parliamentary deputy Marcel Hafke reprimanded the Chancellor's "understanding of democracy" in federalism in the WDR and called on Merkel to procure more vaccine. Henning Höne (FDP) also criticized Merkel as "not the superior of the prime ministers".

Corona dispute and K question

In any case, the Merkel statements put Laschet and the NRW state government under pressure. In view of the increasing number of infections, Merkel let Anne Will know that the federal government could act if the federal states should not take the necessary measures promptly.