What is your most embarrassing fear

With this trick you won't be embarrassed anymore

Whether it's a period blood stain on light-colored pants or a fart during a romantic date, embarrassing has happened to all of us. However, a recent study has now found a helpful trick that makes such situations no longer feel so bad. However, I don't find it that easy to use, because you have to say goodbye to your usual way of thinking first.

Flogging in yoga and venereal diseases

In the study by the American Carnegie Mellon University, the behavioral scientist Dr. Li Jiang first found out how people react when they witness an embarrassing incident. Students from different universities were shown three advertising clips: In the first one, a participant in a yoga course farts, in the second a patient can be examined by a doctor for sexually transmitted diseases and in the third another man farts, this time during a date. The observations of the study participants showed that the scenes were perceived as extremely embarrassing by many - especially by people with a certain personality trait.

This thought trick helps

In the study it became clear that the feeling of embarrassment was particularly pronounced among the participants who have low self-confidence and who often feel uncomfortable in public. Although the embarrassing situation did not affect them, they reacted stressed because they empathized with the person concerned.

With a mental trick, Dr. Jiang, however, softened the degree of embarrassment: If the test subjects distanced themselves from the people in the video clips, everything only seemed half as wild. In embarrassing situations, one should feel more like an uninvolved observer. This change of perspective not only helps when viewing the videos, but also when something embarrassing happens to you: you just have to be aware that what happened is not a big deal for bystanders.

The fear of embarrassing situations paralyzes

Now one might ask why scientists even deal with supposedly trivial topics. Some will find such situations rather amusing. However, the researchers of the study point out that the fear of embarrassing situations is a serious problem for many people. The head of the study, Dr. Jia Ling, notes in Science Daily magazine that this fear can affect the everyday life of people with low self-esteem. For example, no doctor is consulted when it comes to an "embarrassing illness":

"In many cases, if we want to help ourselves and others, we have to overcome our fear of embarrassing situations."

Dr. Jiang, Science Daily

The trick of changing perspective in embarrassing situations sounds logical to me at first. However, I also notice that it is not so easy for me to change my mind. Because I feel uncomfortable or embarrassed precisely because I worry about what people around me are thinking.

Even with minor mishaps, I sometimes imagine how idiot I seem to others. For example, if I get on the wrong train, my mind goes off automatically: If you just get off and get on the opposite train, everyone will check! So I prefer to walk a little longer along the track so that no one notices my faux pas and thinks I'm a blown Berlin tourist. Nobody is guaranteed to care and all these uncertainties are only present in my head. I have made up my mind not to imagine how other people will perceive me in the future. Unfortunately, however, you cannot simply flip a switch in the brain and it will probably be a long learning process.

Do you also know such situations or are you never embarrassed? Tell me more in the comments!

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