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The fastest time: Ingolstadt running trainer Benjamin Ziegaus completed his first virtual half marathon

As reported, the traditional event can only take place virtually this year, which is why each participant can perform on a self-selected route between April 30 and May 15 and report it to the organizer. Ziegaus starts its 21.1 kilometers punctually at 11 a.m. on Saturday morning and has big plans. After almost eighty minutes of fighting himself and the wind, he finally runs with his hands up through a self-made target tape and drops to the floor exhausted - but can report on his new experience just a few minutes later.

Mr Ziegaus, first of all, why did you choose the original competition date of the Ingolstadt Half Marathon for your run?
Benjamin Ziegaus: Ever since I knew the date, I wanted to run on the actual race day, and my planning was based on that from the start. But - and that's why I'm maybe very happy that I was able to do it myself this time - I really wanted to run earlier in the day. That's why it started at eleven.
It was already clear beforehand that it would not be an ordinary run, after all, it was the first virtual half marathon for you. Were you more nervous than usual?
Ziegaus: Not nervous. I prepared myself very intensively for twelve weeks beforehand and during this time I ran most of the units alone. When I got up this morning, I just said to myself: Okay, today is the end of this phase and you can do that, regardless of whether it works with the best time or not.

They had actually set themselves a high goal and wanted to undercut their best time of 1: 17.14 hours. Do the circumstances require that you motivate yourself again in this way?
Ziegaus: Yes absolutely. I haven't run under 1:20 for four years, I felt good the whole time and thought: Hey cool, you're going to do that now. Unfortunately, among other things, the wind didn't play along as desired.

Nothing came of the new record?
Ziegaus: Unfortunately not. It was 1: 18.08 hours at the end. But no matter, for me the world is not going to end now. Then maybe I would have needed the competition to break the best time. When you walk through the city center, there are thousands of people cheering you on, you hear your name every now and then - that's something completely different.

Here you had to walk completely by yourself.
Ziegaus: Yes exactly. In a competition you actually always run in a group, get pulled or try something yourself. In the virtual variant you are alone with yourself, the head is the biggest opponent.

How did you help yourself?
Ziegaus: (laughs) Well, I always made my own moderator for training, just like I was already at the half marathon. Basically, these are games in my head that I didn't even play today. Maybe also (points to his right foot) because I have a stone in my shoe, the sock should be bloody. If you run alone, something like that is suddenly much more present than normal. Fortunately, I came out at the back into a kind of tunnel and was able to pull through well apart from the wind.

With your time, you should definitely end up in the foreground at this year's half marathon. What would a good placement or a place on the podium mean to you?
Ziegaus: The placement is actually irrelevant to me. For me it was about doing this on my own. And, honestly, I enjoyed it too.

At the finish there was a medal from your wife Isabella and a kiss as a reward. . .
Ziegaus: . . . yes, there has to be a reward (laughs).

Are you going to celebrate your time a bit too?
Ziegaus: Take a look. I will certainly open a beer again later - and not a non-alcoholic one, a real one.

Your conclusion? The half marathon as a virtual variant this year was okay, but in 2022, as a mass start, will it be even better?
Ziegaus: Let me put it this way: Perhaps the virtual run shouldn't become a permanent feature now. I'm definitely looking forward to the mass start again, definitely. But it was good that there was this opportunity this year.

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