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Are you looking for the perfect evening dress, prom dress or ball gown? Then you are exactly right here. We are Germany's specialist for high-quality evening dresses and ball gowns and would like to give you a very special experience in your ball gown search.

In the evening dresses online shop and in our ball gown branches you will find a large selection of exciting and high-quality festive dresses. And if you would like to find out more about VIVIRY or the topic of evening dresses and ball gowns, we have put together some information for you here.

Who is VIVIRY?

We are a diverse group of warm people with very different talents who have one thing in mind: We want to see happy people. That is why we attach particular importance to two principles.

On the one hand, we want to offer you an unforgettable experience when looking for your dream dress for your special occasion. We know our way around evening wear like no other. We would like to accompany you on this exciting opportunity and dive into the magical world of evening wear with you. Our wish is not only to meet your need for an evening dress, but also to support you as much as possible, to inspire you and to make you feel good.

On the other hand, we make sure that we create the right conditions internally so that our team members can develop spiritually and are happy with what they are doing. For example, we pay great attention to honest and cordial cooperation in a Duz culture as well as promoting individual talents and development wishes. We don't want to set any limits, but much more to support everyone in being the best possible self. And that is exactly what benefits the first point, because you will find committed employees who would like to give you warm and competent advice.

We want to make our small contribution to a warm togetherness and a happy individual self. You can find out more details about our family business, our philosophy and our history in the VIVIRY story.

Why buy EVENING DRESSES AND BALL DRESSES from specialists?

As a company, we have dedicated ourselves to festive dresses. With us it turns all day (and sometimes night) Evening dresses and ball gowns and how we can make people happy. What does it mean to you For you, this primarily brings advantages in terms of price, advice and, of course, the quality of the evening dress. Because as an evening dress specialist, we have our collections manufactured directly in factories selected by us (mostly medium-sized family businesses, like us) and thus completely exclude middlemen. In addition, the employees in our production facilities are extremely familiar with ball gowns, which means that they can manufacture the sensitive product carefully, yet quickly and professionally. In the end, it depends on the practiced grips of the employees, as well as the materials used, if you want to produce a high-quality evening dress or ball gown. These aspects bring you a sensationally good price-performance ratio and for us a competitive advantage over the competition. But that's not the only advantage of being a ball gown specialist. Over the years we have of course a lot of know-how about evening dresses and Ball gowns accumulated. And you will feel that during the consultation by phone or in one of our stores. We are happy to accompany you in your search for your perfect ball gown and would like to give you a very special shopping experience.

Prom dresses and evening dresses for over 16 years, in 7 cities & online Online

We are happy to accompany you in your search for the perfect ball gown or evening dress; Either here in the online shop by e-mail or by phone, or in person in one of our ball gown shops. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to call or write to us. We are happy to help you find your perfect festive dress.

There is hardly any other piece of clothing that makes a woman feel so feminine as in a VIVIRY ball gown or evening dress. An evening dress is the epitome of feminine elegance and highlights the advantages of every woman. Whether glamorous, simple, extroverted, romantic or figure-hugging - there is the right ball gown for every type and every occasion, with which you are always stylishly dressed. Evening dresses or ball gowns are the indispensable companions for an unforgettable evening: The ball gown is reserved for very special occasions such as balls or receptions and should perfectly suit you and your type. Thanks to the countless cuts, materials, colors and styles, there are suitable ones Evening dresses for every festive occasion. On occasions with certain dress codes, it is even mandatory for women to appear in an elegant evening dress.

Ball gowns and EVENING DRESSES AS THE FIRST CHOICE FOR CELEBRATIONS - Is there even a dress code?

If an invitation explicitly states that evening wear is desired, then the search for a beautiful, sexy evening dress can begin right away. In the evening dress style guide we explain what is important with which dress code. Evening wear is also a good choice for other occasions. As a guest at a wedding, you are sure to be appropriately dressed in an evening dress. For big birthdays or company celebrations, there is the option of choosing one of the inconspicuous short evening dresses or cocktail dresses. Because today a chic evening dress can be worn short or long in the classic way. Evening dresses and ball gowns that are knee-length, for example, are a middle ground. Is your wish maybe a short evening dress or a cocktail dress?

Are you still unsure which evening dress or ball gown it should be? Get inspiration from our blog

No problem. We run a ball gown blog in which we regularly go through topics from the magical world of festive dresses in detail and also make recommendations. For example, what to look out for when searching for evening dresses if a certain dress code is given. Which bridesmaid dresses are there, which dresses are suitable for wedding guests or what is important for a prom dress. Just take a look under Inspirations. But we can already take one tip in advance: It's all about feeling good. You have to feel absolutely comfortable in your ball gown or evening dress. We also attach great importance to the advice in our ball gown shops.


It is usually knee-length or floor-length and ideal for casual, yet upscale events. Beautiful evening dresses and prom dresses often do not need a lot of additional jewelry. Usually these ball gowns themselves have various decorations such as sequins or embroidery. A narrow bracelet or a chain are still well received. When it comes to shoes with an evening dress, it is best to choose a model with a heel. The silhouette of the wearer looks even slimmer and a long evening dress does not lie on the floor. The combination options of evening dress, shoes and accessories are particularly versatile in evening wear.

Of course, long ball gowns are traditionally worn with high heels. They also stretch your silhouette. Accessories such as necklaces or bracelets are welcome, but should always be coordinated with the evening dress. If the evening dress is already a statement in itself with eye-catching decorations such as sequins, large bows or ruffles, it is advisable to use the jewelry in a well-dosed manner in order to make the outfit appear tasteful rather than overloaded. In any case, it looks particularly rounded if you opt for a sophisticated updo with a long evening dress, which will accentuate your neck and cleavage particularly beautifully. And for a cool evening, a short bolero, for example made of fine faux fur, or a stole to cover the shoulders is recommended as a complement to the evening dress.

Here you will find a small and fine selection of accessories to match our evening dresses.

The prom dress as its own form of the ball dress

The perfect evening dress for the prom is of course the prom dress. Prom dresses have now established themselves as a separate category among festive dresses in Europe as well. In the last few years, the graduation ball has blossomed into a really festive and glamorous event, modeled on American proms. So we experience that depending on the mood, but also depending on the chosen location, the prom dresses vary from very simple and elegant evening dresses to very pompous and unusual ball gowns. We experience short prom dresses less and less. The cocktail dress is more likely to be worn for the award ceremony and glamor is the focus for the big celebration.

Are you looking for your perfect prom dress? Find prom dresses in the online shop now. And if you need more tips about prom dresses, take a look at our blog on prom dresses.

Inexpensive EVENING DRESS: Here it depends on the price

As a ball gown specialist, we see it as our core task to offer our customers a very good price-performance ratio, for example by foregoing middlemen and passing the price advantage on to you. But sometimes that's not enough. If you have a predefined and very small budget, there is no reason to despair. You can still wear a high quality evening dress or ball gown for your special occasion. Because both in the online shop and in our branches we regularly have ball gowns on offer at greatly reduced prices. This is the chance to get oncheap evening dresses to come with up to 70% discount. Visit our evening dresses sale area now.

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In our online shop we have put together a fine collection of evening dresses and ball gowns for you. There you will find the latest evening dress models as well as our classics in short or long. You can also order several ball gowns to choose from. Have them delivered to you free of charge with DHL and with the purchase on account option, you only end up paying for the items that you keep. You simply send the remaining evening dresses back to us.

Or aren't you the online shopper when it comes to your ball gown? And would you like to turn your ball gown search into a very special experience? Then we would like to invite you to visit one of our festive dress shops. Just come by without an appointment and let our friendly and knowledgeable customer advisors advise you on your perfect ball gown. Here you can find our evening dresses shops in Germany. VIVIRY evening dresses Berlin is our oldest shop. You can find our newest evening dress shop in Munich.