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How do I protect myself against pickpockets in Paris?

So that you don't become a victim of pickpockets on your Paris vacation, I would like to introduce you to some of the most famous Tricks of the pickpockets in Paris and draw your attention to a few simple Tips against pickpockets in Paris give it on the way as a precaution. Paris, like any other major tourist city, has a problem with pickpockets. With more than 32 million tourists annually in the most visited city in the world, Paris literally attracts pickpockets! You could almost say that Paris is the Mecca for pickpockets.

Pickpockets in Paris: Protection against pickpockets in Paris

The police in Paris now warns in a video about tricks of pickpockets, which are often used and unfortunately work very well. While pickpockets in Paris are declining compared to the past, many tourists in Paris are the victims of pickpockets every day. Most pickpockets in Paris are on the metro or on the terraces of cafés and restaurants. I have already explained to you in detail how you can protect yourself against pickpockets in the metro in Paris. This article is about the Pickpocketing on the popular Parisian café and restaurant terraces, which are usually filled to the last seat all year round. A few other situations are also mentioned in which tourists in Paris are often robbed.

Overview of the most common tricks used by pickpockets in Paris

1. Do not hang your jacket or bag over the chair!

When you make yourself comfortable on one of the numerous Parisian café terraces, there are a few simple but very useful tips that you should follow in order to avoid being targeted by pickpockets. Don't hang your jacket or bag over the back of the chair!

You may have already noticed that the terraces of the cafés and restaurants in Paris are quite narrow and the table next to you is not far from your own table. So it can happen that people sitting behind you at the table can easily reach into your jacket pocket and steal your wallet.

2. Don't put your cell phone on the table!

The tables on the terraces of cafés and restaurants in Paris are usually arranged in such a way that one has a good view of sights or, as is most often the case, of people passing by. This means that you can sit on the terrace all day because you always have something to talk about.

If you sit down on a Parisian terrace, please do not put any valuables such as cell phone, wallet or camera on the table. Pickpockets have an easy time here, too, because they'll grab your cell phone as they go by! In this way, an infinite number of valuables are stolen in Paris every day.

3. Take good care of your luggage!

Don't let your luggage out of sight! Whether bags, small suitcases and other pieces of luggage, always try to keep your luggage close to you! Especially when buying tickets at the ticket machine in the Paris metro, it often happens that you leave your luggage unobserved for a brief moment because you are simply overwhelmed with the selection of metro tickets. Pickpockets are very reactive in this case and disappear - you can't look that fast - without further ado with your luggage!

4. Don't get distracted at the ATM!

If you withdraw money in Paris, then you probably have the reflex, just like at home, to place your hand over the keyboard when entering the code so that the code entry is not visible to third parties. That’s a good start. ATM theft is common in Paris. If you are withdrawing money, don't let anyone distract you during the process.

In the video you can see that two pickpockets are involved in this type of theft. One person distracts you by asking you a question, for example, and the other person takes the money from the machine unnoticed. This also happens to the locals quite often. Many do not notice it at first and believe that the machine has a technical problem. To protect yourself from this theft, the best way to withdraw money is from the ATM in the bank.

5. Put your bags on!

On your discovery tours and walks through Paris, it is advisable to hang your handbag at an angle and carry it in front of you. Ideally, you leave handbags that can only be carried in your hand completely at home. It is easy for pickpockets to snatch the bag from people, which only hangs loosely over the shoulder, in passing.

Furthermore, before you go on vacation or at the latest before you leave the hotel room, you should empty your pockets and wallets and really only take things with you that you need during the day. After all, pockets often contain almost a person's entire life, from multiple credit cards to identity cards to driver's licenses and other cards that cannot really be used on vacation.

6. Don't put your wallet in your pocket!

This tip mainly applies to men who like to put their wallets in their back pockets on a daily basis. This habit is quite dangerous in Paris, because pickpockets smell their chance and steal the wallet out of their pockets in the metro when crossing the turnstiles, in long queues in front of the famous Parisian sights or simply on the street. You'd better pack it in your inner jacket pocket or don't even take it with you!

Image sources: All images are screenshots from the video of the Prefecture de Police de Paris.

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