What Makes Indian Tea More Sour

Dare To Indulge - 9 flavors in 1 delicious set

This set contains 1 product of each Chalo Chai Latte flavor & 1 of our super delicious, deliciously sweet and party-friendly Iced Chai's! Discover all of these delicious flavors one at a time!

BRAND NEW! Chalo Golden Chai Latte

Finally, the time has come to complete our funky chai range with a real golden latte. With this golden magic potion, the Indian grandmothers have been making all kinds of owies disappear for centuries. Attention, Chalo's new golden child is not for fools. It's not just a milk drink, but we're going vegan all the way. Passion, filled to the brim with turmeric, black tea, cassia and a spark of black pepper.

Chalo Masala Chai Latte

The authentic chai latte recipe, straight from the streets of India! In Hindi, masala means mixture of spices. Our top chai consists of black tea and herbs that the Indian chai wallahs also use in an authentic Indian recipe: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper.

Chalo lemongrass chai latte

Refreshingly exciting and with a hint of sweet and sour. Filled to the brim with the good stuff. For a unique and innovative taste, try our Lemongrass Chai Latte with Coconut Soy Milk!

Chalos cardamom chai latte

Spice lovers unite! This extremely warm, bitter and sweet chai will get you hooked in one sip. The spicy cardamom is widely used in Indian cuisine. Our Cardamom Chai Latte has soft and hot aromas & for some it tastes hot and hot! Passionate chalitos will definitely appreciate this chai!

Chalos vanilla chai latte

Especially for the sugar peas! Everyone likes vanilla! And we are sure that you will love our cutest member of our chai family! It smells like freshly baked cookies and tastes even better!


Our Chalo Iced Chai's are the funky alternative to iced teas. The Chalo Premix powder is the perfect base for your homemade iced teas. Our Iced Chais are based on jaggery, a 100% natural and unrefined cane sugar. It's deliciously sweet and based on flavors straight from the fruit itself.

In this set you will find all 3 delicious flavors: Blueberry, Lemon and Strawberry "