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Translation of "Probebilanz" in English

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The 1996 Olympic champion has one Profitability of 52 wins, including 46 prematurely and three defeats.
The Olympic gold medalist of Atlanta 1996 has a record of 52 wins (46 by KO) with three fight will be broadcasted worldwide.
Transport device for probe tubes for attachment to temperature measuring resp. Sample lances in the metallurgical sector.
Apparatus for conveying probes for attachment onto measuring or sampling lances in a metallurgical vessel.
In the flame process, the Sample lance sterilized.
Before that he was the outstanding man in the cruiserweight division, where he was able to combine all the major world titles. Hayes impressive Profitability is 25 wins, 23 of them by knockout, with only one defeat.
Before that, Haye was the dominating figure in the cruiserweight division holding the WBC, WBA and WBO titles. Haye's impressive record is 25 wins (23 by KO) and one defeat only.
Presentation of the municipal CO2Rough balance-Tools at the "9th Austrian Climate Day", ballroom of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.
Scenario comparison for CO2Rough balance on-line! In addition to the actual scenario comparison, municipalities can now also compare the effectiveness of several packages of measures with one another.
new tool to compare different scenarios for CO2 monitoring tool for municipalities goes online.
Prepare Trial balances and account reconciliation.
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