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Sheev Palpatine: “Captain Parck. I hear you are bringing me a present. "
Voss Parck: “Indeed, Your Majesty. A warrior, apparently from a species known as Chiss. "
Sheev Palpatine: "And what should I do with someone like that, if I may ask?"
Mitth’raw’nuruodo: “If you will, Your Majesty. I am not just a gift. I am also a resource. One that you have never seen before and may never see again. I am sure I can be of use to you in many ways. "
Sheev Palpatine: "Really? You seem to be a resource of endless self-conviction. What exactly can you offer me, Chiss? "
- Voss Parck introduces Palpatine Thrawn. (Source)

Mitth’raw’nuruodo, better known as Thrawn, was a Grand Admiral of the Galactic Empire who was considered a tactical genius. He earned his rank as the Empire's only Chiss officer through decisive victories in which he used his intellect to outsmart his enemies, including Cham Syndulla. Two years before the Battle of Yavin and his fleet, Thrawn was asked by Governor Arihnda Pryce to smash the Phoenix rebel cell that was resisting the Empire on their home planet Lothal.

Biography [edit]

Early years

Thrawn was born as a member of the Kivu family, which was insignificant in the realm of the Chiss, on the planet Rentor and grew up there with the name Kivu’raw’nuru or the core name Vurawn. Vurawn had an older sister who was taken away at the age of five due to her sensitivity to power,[3] to serve as an ozyly-anakihembo. The also called sky walkers in Basic,[4] often young girls, served as navigators aboard the Chiss spaceships, as the Force made it easier for them to navigate the difficult routes through the Unknown Regions. Vurawn attended an academy on Rentor where his skills caught the attention of Mitth’oor’akiord. The patriarch of the Mitth family kept his friend Labaki watching the young Vurawn's progress. He later arranged for Bak’if, who had now risen to the rank of general, to point out Vurawn’s potential to AristocraMitth’urf’ianico. Thurfian visited Vurawn and also found that he was suitable to be accepted as a test subject of the Mitth family. This also changed his name to Mitth’raw’nuru and his core name to Thrawn. Because of his analytical skills, he was then transferred to the Taharim Academy on Naporar. Thrawn was aboard the Tomra brought to the planet, with the flight also serving as an evaluation for the Ozyly-anakihembo Al’iastov, whose powers of power were on the wane. In fact, Al’iastov was unable to maintain course, so the ship's pilot had to make slight corrections. When Al’iastov left the bridge shortly afterwards, she was upset about the loss of her skills, as at the age of 13 she lost her skills a year earlier than average. In a corridor she met Thrawn, who tried to cheer her up and pointed out that her future fate was in her own hands. Since only the higher ranks within the military were allowed to know about the skywalkers, Al’iastov posed to Thrawn as the daughter of Junior Captain Vorlip, who joined shortly afterwards and reprimanded Thrawn for his unauthorized presence. When Thrawn explained that he just wanted to get a feel for the ship's movements, Vorlip gave him a quick test to see how well the cadet could orient himself based on the ship's movements and then sent him back to the rest of the cadets.[3]

First contact with the empire

“All beings begin their lives full of hope and ambition. This includes the desire that a direct path leads to their goals. But that is seldom the case. Maybe never. "
- Thrawn (Source)

In search of smugglers he reached Venator-Class star destroyer under Captain Voss Parck's command the planet on which Mitth’raw’nuruodo was released. Parck went to the surface with a team, including Colonel Mosh Barris and Cadet Eli Vanto, and discovered the Chiss camp when he was absent. With initial contact protocols with unknown species still in place at this point, the Imperials were required to investigate the camp more closely. Cadet Vanto had been taken along because of his descent from a planet near the Unknown Regions and was able to decipher the markings on some boxes as a variant of the trade language Sy Bisti that no Imperial droids knew. Meanwhile, however, Mitth’raw’nuruodo had one of the Alpha-3 nimbus-Class V-wing starfighters flying over the area crashed on a taut wire rope. The Chiss removed the pilot's corpse from his suit and stuffed it with grass and fermented pyussh berries. He also stole the dead man's blaster, its energy charges, comlink, and stun grenades.[1]

The stuffed suit was brought back to camp by the Imperials while Mitth’raw’nuruodo made preparations to board their ship. He removed the safety bolts from the energy charges and tied them to smaller, nocturnal animals. They were attracted by the smell of the fermented berries and stormed into the camp, where they exploded and caused a riot as the cause of the explosions could not be traced. Parck then ordered a coordinated search by a group of V-wing starfighters. Since Mitth’raw’nuruodo was tapping communications with the comlink, the theft of which had not yet been discovered, he caused another V-wing star fighter to crash. He swapped the two comlinks and stole the dead pilot's energy charges, stun grenades and blaster again, but this time he left the corpse behind. Shortly thereafter, Colonel Barris discovered the theft of the first comlink and had its frequency blocked. However, through Mitth’raw’nuruodo's exchange of the two devices, he was still able to eavesdrop on the imperials.[1]

During the night there was no further search. Instead, Barris had guards posted while Parck was on the Strikefast returned. However, Mitth’raw’nuruodo attacked the guards during the night by throwing fermented berries with a sling at the soldiers, who were then jumped at by animals that were recharged with energy. In the morning, Barris therefore called in stormtroopers, which the Chiss had already hoped for. While he was being searched for, his comlink used his comlink to block Imperial communications with a feedback and used the noise to kill a stormtrooper. He examined his armor and killed another stormtrooper whose armor he put on himself. In the meantime, Barris had made up his mind to withdraw his people and move the entire camp aboard the Strikefast to bring it to investigate there. Mitth’raw’nuruodo entered the warehouse in armor and then set it up next to one of the transporters before going on board. The armor was also charged with energy and exploded shortly thereafter, drawing the attention of the Imperials. The Chiss took advantage of the distraction and hid inside the second energy generator from his warehouse, which he only used for spare parts because it was already discharged.[1]

On board the Strikefast Mitth’raw’nuruodo waited for two hours before leaving the transporter and another ship in the darkened hangar Zeta-Class cargo shuttle, entered. Captain Parck, who had already suspected that their unknown attacker had sneaked on board and had deliberately darkened the hangar, had the Chiss arrested by some stormtroopers who did not offer any resistance. In the presence of Colonel Barris and Cadet Vanto, Parck interviewed Mitth’raw’nuruodo, with Vanto serving as his translator. During the conversation, the Chiss explained that although he understood enough Basic, he spoke better Sy Bisti. With the help of Vanto's translations, Mitth’raw’nuruodo explained his exile and how he managed to surprise the Imperials and then get on board. Voss Parck was impressed with the Chiss's abilities and decided to take it to the Emperor Palpatine. Mitth’raw’nuruodo offered the Imperials to call him Thrawn, as it was easy for them, and was taken to temporary quarters on the ship while Parck spoke to other officers and Vanto in another conversation. The captain had decided that Vanto should act as Thrawn's translator because of his knowledge of the Chiss and Sy Bisti and instruct him in Basic for the further flight back to the core.[1]

In the week in which the Strikefast On the way to Coruscant, Eli expanded Thrawn's vocabulary to such an extent that he could speak Basic as confidently as Vanto himself. In return, the Chiss questioned the cadet about the myths he'd grown up with. However, Vanto realized that Thrawn's interest was not in the general narratives, but specifically in his past and asked the Chiss why he didn't want to find out more about Voss Parck or the Emperor. However, Thrawn was - in contrast to Vanto - of the opinion that this was more decisive for his current situation than the higher-ranking officers. Eli, however, expected that Thrawn would not be brought before the Emperor himself and hoped for himself that he could return to his training at the Mymoar Academy as soon as possible. This hope was dashed by the audience with the Emperor, because Parck did not leave Vanto on the ship, but made him part of the delegation that brought the Chiss to Palpatine. In fact, they were also brought before the Emperor himself, and in the course of the conversation Thrawn asked that Eli would be placed at his side as a translator. The cadet did not object to his transfer before the Emperor, but was far from content to be transferred from his academy, where he was one of many fringe worlders, to the academy on Coruscant, where he and Thrawn would no doubt attract attention.[1]

Among cadets

Thrawn and Eli are mocked by other cadets.

As expected, the head of the academy, Commander Deenlark, was not very enthusiastic about the Emperor's idea. In the three months that Eli Vanto had to complete his training, Thrawn would learn the necessary requirements for graduation. Deenlark also handed him a lieutenant badge, having been told that the Chiss would receive the rank upon leaving the academy. Eli pointed out to Thrawn after talking to the commanding officer that the plaque was not a favor, but just another way to separate the Chiss from the other cadets. Eli enumerated various ways in which the cadets might react, from displeasure about possible privileges he might receive as a lieutenant, to ridicule if he were a demoted officer. The most likely possibility for Eli, however, was that Deenlark was merely inciting the other cadets to see how creative they could be with insults and sabotage towards the Chiss and the fringe worldler, which is why Thrawn initially didn't show the plaque to anyone. Several incidents occurred within the first month in which the lack of respect from the other cadets became apparent and Eli urged the Chiss to report the incidents to Deenlark. However, Thrawn knew that Deenlark was in a hopeless position, either to anger the Emperor or the families of influential cadets, and advised them to hold out for the remaining two months. Shortly thereafter, two popular cadets, Spenc Orbar and Rosita Turuy, invited the two to the metallurgy lab to play cards while the two cadets ran tests. Vanto stated that the invitation was an obvious trap to provoke her expulsion from the academy, as only cadets had access to the lab if they were doing projects there. However, visitors were not allowed. In addition, gambling with credits was also a criminal offense, and Eli suspected the two cadets would push her to do so. However, Orbar and Turuy would not be in danger because of their influential families. Nevertheless, the Chiss decided to accept the invitation and Vanto accompanied him. As expected, the card game turned out to be a trap. Orbar asked Thrawn how he would prepare for a situation he couldn't win, but the Chiss replied that there was always a possibility. The metaphorical discussion ended when Thrawn attached his lieutenant badge to his uniform. At that moment, an instructor who had agreed with Orbar and Turuy entered the laboratory. However, Thrawn's rank ensured that he and Eli as his translator escaped the situation without penalty. On the way back, the Chiss stated that he had anticipated this strategy of the Cadets, especially after he and Eli had considered a similar scenario.[1]

Before they reached their quarters, however, they were attacked by three strangers. Thrawn, having heard them approach, pushed Vanto out of the way and fought the attackers alone until Eli interfered and caught the attention of two before throwing gravel lying around at them. The noise made other cadets aware of the situation, which is why the three strangers fled. Thrawn, who had received a few minor wounds, went to Deenlark with Eli, as the assault had exceeded the limit of insults. Although Deenlark was ready to punish Orbar despite his social position, Thrawn persuaded him to send the three attackers to Skystrike Academy instead, where they should continue their further training without the possibility of Komverkehr. Orbar would not know what had happened to his friends, and their abilities could still be used for the Empire. Eli and Thrawn were able to spend the rest of the time until their graduation without any problems. When they checked their respective orders, Eli was again assigned to the Chiss as adjutant, who was the second weapons officer on the Blood Crow should compete. Eli blamed Thrawn for changing his career, as he admitted to alerting the training command to the fact that the Blood Crow in particular the commercial language Sy Bisti was common. Therefore, Eli had also been called in as a possible translator.[1]

Smuggler hunt [edit]

"We received an automatic emergency signal, the ship hangs in space without propulsion - the dust probably got into the hyperdrive, they couldn't repair it, and then they took off on the rescue shuttle."
- Technician Jakeeb speculates about the fate of the freighter. (Source)

On the Blood Crow Vanto and Thrawn initially served under Captain Rik Virgilio, who had no problem accepting suggestions from a nonhuman or fringe world. Therefore, the two got on well with their captain, which - according to Eli - was also one of the reasons why Virgilio was replaced by Filia Rossi after 18 months. This was rather skeptical of Chiss and his adjutant. She demonstrated her opinion shortly after arriving on the ship when she went on a tour and discovered some scrap pieces from the Clone Wars that Thrawn had kept in the hold with Virgilio's permission. Among them were two sabotage droids, the value of which the Chiss pointed out given the Doonium ring they contained. He manipulated Rossi to the extent that she allowed him to keep the scrap parts until they stopped at Ansion, where they would become their property. However, Thrawn had already repaired the supposed remains so that the sabotage droids were functional. In the following years, Thrawn always received the most unpleasant tasks on board that could just be assigned to an officer or supervised by him. However, he accepted these orders without objection, since any utterance by Rossi could be interpreted as an attempt at mutiny. When she called the freighter's 911dromedary accepted, who had loaded Tibanna, Rossi sent a team consisting of Thrawn, Vanto, Ensign Merri Barlin and the technicians Layneo and Jakeeb by ferry to search the ship. Thrawn had been chosen for the task because it was suspected that there was damage on board from dust, which was exacerbated by the static sealing of the Tibanna containers and which was attached to uniforms. Because of the sealing, no signs of life could be located and Jakeeb suspected that the dust had damaged the hyperdrive and the crew had long since disembarked because they could not repair it.While Thrawn sent the technicians to the engine section together with Eli, he and Ensign Barlin went to the bridge, among other things to restore the lighting on board. Vanto met with the technicians there on Nevil Cygni, who presented himself as a survivor of the crew of the dromedary and reported being attacked by pirates. Vanto brought Cygni to Thrawn, to whom he described the incident again. In fact, Cygni was one of the leaders of the pirates. Thrawn reported Eli to Captain Rossi and recommended that a full team be dispatched to investigate the circumstances. Rossi thought the measure was excessive and wanted to leave immediately because of a conflict on Moltok, but Vanto persuaded her that Thrawn could at least stay with a small team of technicians. He himself was ordered by Rossi to stay with Thrawn anyway. The three crew members who were already on the freighter with them volunteered for the mission, so Thrawn only had his sabotage droids brought on board, one of them in a box, which he received in front of Cygni. He told him that he had brought the sabotage droid to safely relocate the Tibanna gas, as the locking mechanism made it difficult to recover the containers. Shortly after Rossi started with the Blood Crow After leaving the system, the 911 turned out to be a trap, because as soon as the Imperials repaired the hyperspace drive, Cygni identified himself as one of the pirates. He forced Vanto, Jakeeb and Thrawn to surrender at gunpoint and had the Chiss tell the other two crew members not to resist. From the hold with the Tibanna gas canisters came the remaining, hidden pirates, including their leader Angel.[1]

Although Angel did not see the need to keep the five Imperials alive, Cygni urged him to do so, giving him the sabotage droid as a bonus, provided he dropped his prisoners unscathed on a planet. On the pirate ship, the Imperials were with the actual crew of the dromedary imprisoned, who initially mocked their supposed rescuers. Once Cygni and Angel and most of the pirates die dromedary from the system, Thrawn sent his sabotage droid to their position. The Chiss had already reconfigured his old, superfluous badge of rank to a transmitter before the mission. The sabotage droid bored through the hangar bulkhead first, then through her cell door. Attracted by the noise, Thrawn tossed the badge of rank at them so the sabotage droid distracted them long enough for the prisoners to overwhelm them. The other sabotage droid, previously requested by Thrawn, had drilled open the hull of the spaceship on the other side of the entrance hatch, causing the remaining pirates to die from the vacuum created. Ensign Barlin and Technician Layneo then rerouted controls of the ship so they could navigate from their position.[1]

Back on the Blood Crow found Rossi Thrawn's decisions too risky and wrong, as in her opinion the loss of twenty Tibanna containers was worse than the loss of the freighter's crew. So she suspended the Chiss until a decision was made by the Imperial High Command on Coruscant, and ordered the lieutenant to go to Ansion to wait there. Since Eli was subordinate to him, he was not suspended, although Rossi threatened him this when he wanted to defend Thrawn. The Chiss, on the other hand, emphasized Vanto's importance for the further mission of the Blood Crow, knowing that Rossi would then release him from duty to do just the opposite. The Chiss then explained that he intended to interrogate the three pirates, provided that the head of Ansion's Imperial base - Admiral Wiskovis - allowed him to do so. In the conversation with Angel, Thrawn and Eli had noticed two terms, the meeting place "the Trapo" and the term "Culoss". They suspected that both were slang terms and the Chiss hoped to decipher them during interrogation with the pirates. Therefore he needed Eli, among other things, because of his knowledge of Sy-Bysti and as a witness. Wiksovis actually allowed Thrawn to be interrogated, in which the lieutenant lured the pirates, as he revealed to them that Wilhuff Tarkin would come to Ansion in person to take care of them, as they were remnants of the Q'anah pirates, a group called the Tarkin had smashed. Thrawn had concluded from the word Culoss that it was Q-los and therefore researched all pirate groups with this letter, whereby the Q’anah pirates seemed most likely to him. Thrawn offered to leave the system on a freighter if they could tell him the meeting point where Angel was bringing the Tibanna gas. The pirates conferred in Sy Bysti, while Thrawn and Vanto - who was in another room with Admiral Wiskovis - listened to them. Vanto immediately researched terms that the pirates mentioned, including "ub-dub" and "squalsh". Adjusted for the distance to the raid on the dromedary he found out that the pirates wanted to meet Uba in the Bursa sector. There were several trading posts on the planet, which are colloquially abbreviated as Trapo. Thrawn the pirates named another destination, the city of Cartherston on the planet Keitum. The Chiss pretended to believe them and kept his word, in consultation with the admiral. Wiskovis wanted to at least take responsibility for clearing the ship for the pirates, but Thrawn insisted on being responsible if their action failed and he was brought to court-martial. He also noted that Eli would testify for him as a witness, which the latter confirmed, even if he committed perjury for it.[1]

The foundation week [edit]

Before a decision could be made on Thrawn's behavior, ISB Colonel Wullf Yularen took the Chiss and Eli Vanto to several celebrations on the occasion of the founding week on Coruscant in order to win allies in the Senate for the Chiss. They met the senator's assistant Arihnda Pryce. At the tribunal a few days after the ceremony, Thrawn was acquitted of all guilt, while Rossi's pettiness was noted. Following the tribunal, the Chiss asked Vanto about his knowledge of the supply and demand of Doonium. With Eli's parents not only working in the transportation business, but also buying and selling, the ensign knew enough to give Thrawn information. The sudden high demand for Doonium, which was officially used by the Empire for shipbuilding, piqued the Chiss, who suspected another secret project of the Empire. Vanto promised to do some research to find out how much Doonium was actually needed to expand the fleet. He also suggested checking the public records of the Senate and the Treasury Department, since secret projects also incurred costs that were paid for with public funds, such as material costs, wages, technology and transportation costs. The ensign argued that the bigger a project, the higher the cost. The two set out to receive their new orders, with Eli fearing they would not be given a good job as they had upset both Admiral Wiskovis and Captain Rossi. On the way, the two were stopped by Culper, MoffGhadi's assistant. She offered Vanto a prestigious position in private, but the ensign saw through the background of her offer; Remove Thrawn's allies and cause the Chiss to fail. Eli declined the offer as it was not intended to be used for its abilities but as a means to an end. Annoyed by this, Culper promised him that Ghadi would block all promotion for the ensign from now on. Vanto was surprised by Thrawn, who had meanwhile taken her orders. During the Chiss as first officer on the Thunder Wasp should serve, which was patrolling the Middle Rim, Eli was still assigned to him as an orderly officer, although Thrawn had campaigned for a promotion of the ensign and a bridge position. The Chiss asked about the conversation with Culper, whereupon Vanto admitted that they had made him an offer for another job. When asked whether it would have been better than the current one, the ensign denied it.[1]

Shadow swan on the trail

On the Thunder Wasp Thrawn and Vanto served under Commander Alfren Cheno, who, despite initial caution, was much more impartial than Captain Rossi. About a year after entering the service, Thrawn and Eli managed to catch a group of smugglers who had transported iridium in mollusc shells. Contrary to the instructions of their client, they had thrown the mollusc meat overboard too quickly, so Makorre followed them and ate the mollusc meat. This enabled the Imperials to follow a clear lead and arrest the group. Following this, Thrawn praised Vanto's increasing sense of tactics and discussed the high Imperial Doonium consumption with him again. Vanto hadn't found a project that would justify such a large amount. Thrawn drew attention to the sudden rise in the price of Vulture droids from the Clone Wars and suspected that Shadow Swan bought the droids because no one thought they were powerful and they didn't cause a stir. The Chiss also saw a connection between the iridium smuggling they'd just uncovered and Shadow Swan's activities. A little later she took Thunder Wasp participated in a mission in the Umbara system, which was led by Admiral Carlou Gendling. Thrawn, who was studying Umbaran art in his quarters, had to be fetched by Vanto because Cheno wanted to hold a meeting with him. Gendling believed that he was with his Star Destroyer Foremost and two corvettes that Umbaran could force to surrender without any problems. The remaining two corvettes and the light cruiser of his armed forces were still employed in a different system at the time. Without waiting for the rest of the force, Gendling, contrary to Cheno's advice, began the attack on the Umbarans. Shortly thereafter, 400 Vulture droids attacked from one of Umbara's moons. Thrawn deduced from their attack pattern that the droids were being remotely controlled from one of the outer moons. Vanto and Thrawn were able to find the responsible transmitter station and convince Cheno of it, but Gendling thought the bombing was too risky and ignored the suggestion. Instead, Thrawn was able to spot a marker on the droids that would allow the Imperials to shoot them down more efficiently. He had this transmitted to the other ships, which enabled the destruction of the remaining Vulture droids and thus a surrender of the Umbarans. However, Gendling was indignant about the disregard of his orders and Cheno took responsibility for it. Thrawn suspected that Shadow Swan's leadership was actually behind the Umbaran uprising, a targeted, hopeless attack on the Empire so that it could take control of the valuable Umbaran mines that, among other things, provided Doonium.[1]

Due to Gendling's connections, Cheno was officially allowed to retire due to his age shortly thereafter, although it was clear that this was simply a different formulation for his dismissal. Thrawn was amazed by the procedure, as he did not understand the sense of the political intrigue behind it. On Vanto's suggestion that his skills had already cost several superiors their careers, or at least created problems, Thrawn promised that he would endeavor to better understand the political implications. In the meantime, Yularen had collected all evidence of shadow swan from the ISB, but found no pattern that could provide more information. Together with Thrawn, Vanto and two other subordinates, he then went to one of the numerous dojos on Coruscant, as he wanted to investigate rumors about possible incitatory. In the Yinchom Dojo, the Imperials were greeted by Arihnda Pryce, who also trained there. Thrawn asked the head of the dojo, the Togorian H’sishi, for a training match to study her fighting behavior. Since the Togorian showed no signs of nervousness, in contrast to the employee Juahir Madras, a friend of Arihnda Pryce, the Chiss excluded H’sishi as an accomplice. On the other hand, he suspected Madras and concluded that her connection with the association Far Heaven made sure of that. Yularen promised to investigate the grouping, while Thrawn and Eli would stay with Emperor Palpatine in the Imperial Palace for the next four weeks. Vanto announced that Thrawn would be the captain of the Thunder Wasp had been promoted, which had to be repaired first, and was then assigned to the patrol in the Middle and Outer Rim. Unlike Thrawn, however, Eli had again not been promoted, which even the Chiss noticed and wondered why the conscientious ensign had been kept in his rank longer than usual. Arihnda, who had heard Eli taking the orders, also noticed the ensign's discontent. When she later asked Thrawn for help because Moff Ghadi was blackmailing her, she used this knowledge to show the Chiss that, unlike him, she understood the political intricacies of the elite. In return for Thrawn's help, she promised him, among other things, that she would see to it that Eli would be promoted.[1]

after the Thunder Wasp was repaired, Thrawn was assigned to a dispute on the planet Cyphar. Disputes had arisen between the indigenous Afe clan and human settlers as the colonists claimed they had been ambushed by the Afe clan. They called for a security zone, but it would cut a large part of the Afe's land. In return, the locals said that the attacks arose from border crossings on their land. Thrawn had requested the mission from Yularen, believing that Shadow Swan was involved. After analyzing the settlers' freight documents, Vanto came to the same conclusion and suspected that the colonists had discovered a vein of Doonium that was on the Afe clan's land and was now trying to get rid of it. First, Thrawn and Vanto met with the leaders of the settlers and concluded that Clay Tanoo, Lenora Scath and Brigte Polcery were involved in the conspiracy and had deceived Mayor Pord Benchel, who knew nothing of what had actually happened. The Imperials then met with the Afe clan leader, Chief Joko, to find out his side of the story. The chief reported that the settlers had attacked their land and their homes several times, even if no Afe had died yet. Thrawn promised the attacks would end that same night and stayed with Vanto in the field where the first attack had taken place. He and Vanto suspected that the settlers involved in the attacks would attack that same night. They hid in the assembly hall until the attackers showed up. Thrawn let the shuttles, which had been prepared as a precaution, and their TIE escort fly to their coordinates. They realized that the settlers' attacks should become increasingly provocative in order to generate a violent Afe response that would have worked to their advantage. The settlers had come in three open land gliders, manned by nine men and three women. Thrawn and Vanto split up with the Chiss approaching the gliders after the settlers left and opened fire on the machines. Distracted by this, the attackers turned to Thrawn, which is why Vanto could easily take out six of them with his blaster before they realized they were being shot at from both sides. The Imperials managed to capture the entire group, including Clay Tanoo. Then Thrawn commanded the parts of the Afe-Land using a TIE fighter and the turbo lasers of the Thunder Wasp to destroy the skarn there - a precursor to spices - and thus nullify any incentive for future raids. Despite the successfully resolved conspiracy, Chief Joko was also not happy about the destruction of the field.[1]

The high command was not impressed by Thrawn's initiative either and demanded an immediate report. On Coruscant, Thrawn had to defend his actions in court-martial again, but his results earned him his acquittal. Shortly thereafter, Arihnda Pryce went to Governor Tarkin to give him the information about Far Heaven and Moff Ghadi that she had recorded when she had played him with information about Tarkin. With this, Tarkin was able to get rid of Moff Ghadis, who had been a longtime adversary of his.In return, Pryce asked only that he use his influence to undo Ghadi's blockage from Eli Vanto's promotion, and for himself his protection and assistance. Meanwhile, Thrawn and Eli were in the process of taking down several smaller smuggling gangs operating from smaller systems. Thanks to Vanto's ability to identify suspicious shiploads and transports, they managed to eliminate four different groups within a few weeks, three of which were smuggling Doonium. Two of them, Thrawn believed, belonged to Shadow Swan. But there were at least five other groups not in the patrol area of ​​the Thunder Wasp and thus lay outside of Thrawn's sphere of action, the two got no closer to the mysterious smuggler. In addition, they could still not find out why Shadow Swan wanted the Doonium, nor why the Empire needed such large quantities. Before they could neutralize other groups, Thrawn and Eli were called back to Coruscant, where they were promoted. Vanto received the rank of lieutenant captain, which meant an unusual leap over several ranks, while Thrawn rose to the rank of commodore. This also included command of a new ship with the Empire I.-Class star destroyerChimaera.[1]

The Wookiee transport [edit]

Some time later the Chimaera an emergency call from the troop carrier Semper, that of two squadrons of V-19 torrent starfighters and the frigate Castilus was attacked. Ships that had been stolen two weeks earlier. Vanto and Thrawn suspected that Shadow Swan might be involved, but wanted to analyze the situation first. However, they learned no details about the cargo of the transporter, only Stormtrooper Commander Ayer knew about it and had received direct orders from Coruscant, which forced him to maintain secrecy. Since the Semper upon arrival of the Chimaera but already abandoned in space, Thrawn and Eli were able to accompany the stormtroopers onto the ship, where they found strange causes of death from blunt trauma and traces that indicated no human attackers. Along with sound recordings of the ship, it emerged that the Empire had been carrying Wookiee slaves, a fact that Vanto received with discomfort. He and Thrawn analyzed possible headquarters from where the transporter had picked up the slaves. They narrowed the search down to Lansend Two-Six, an old customs clearance station, and the commodore gave the order to fly to the station. Due to the perfectly planned raid of the Semper the Imperials suspected that there was a spy on the station, which is why they did not want to warn them with a mere radio message. As the Chimaera When Lansend reached Two-Six, the battle was well underway, but the Star Destroyer succeeded in overriding the frigate's hyperdrive and taking out most of the V-19 torrent starfighters. With the help of the Chimaera the attackers in the base could also be separated from the Imperials. Despite Vanto's request, Thrawn insisted that they were Imperial resources and that he would therefore not interfere in the matter.[1]

Botajef [edit]

When the planet Botajef declared its independence from the Empire, Admiral Donassius sent them Chimaerato end the rebellion there. The Jefi were led by a human governor named Quesl, who had used his leadership skills to gain the respect of the locals. Eli Vanto expressed his concern about the mission to Thrawn, suspecting the commodore would fall out of favor. In his opinion there were two options for the course of the mission: the first would be a quick but brutal containment of the insurrection that would give Thrawn the reputation of an alien running amok. The second possibility would be that the Botajef defense forces outstripped them and drove them out of the system, which would represent a loss of respect for the Chiss. However, Thrawn, who had studied the Jefi culture on the flight to Botajef, hoped for an alternative solution. The Jefi respected strong leaders, which is why the commodore wanted to focus on the governor rather than taking the planet by military means. He also looked at the recording of Quesl's Declaration of Independence again and discussed it with Vanto. He had previously individually recorded and recorded all the works of art that could be seen in the recording, so that the Chiss could examine them if necessary. Thrawn had already realized that these were all Jefi works of art. He also suspected that Quesl had armed the government building with heavy artillery and would challenge the Imperials again when they arrived. Believing that Quesl was not on the planet but in orbit, the Chiss prepared his plan accordingly. Upon arrival via Botajef, the Chimaera received by two CR90 corvettes, while five squadrons of V-19 torrent starfighters launched from the planet's north pole and two more squadrons departed from the south pole. Thrawn let four TIE fighters fly by near the corvettes, while the rest of the TIE fighters, including a special squadron, were in front of the Chimaera Should take a position. As expected, Quesl answered and asked Thrawn to withdraw from the system immediately. The commodore pointed out the breach of a treaty the Jefi had signed after the Clone Wars and demanded that the guns on the planet be shut down. At Quesl's provocation, he had the special squadron of TIE fighters destroy both the guns and the Chimaera drifting off in the direction of a corvette. It turned out that Quesl was on one of the corvettes, as suspected, because one of the pilots wanted to avoid the TIE fighter once during the flyby and tried again for a moment to maneuver the corvette out of the way due to the collision course of the star destroyer. This could also be seen in the fact that Quesl's hologram suddenly flickered. As the Chiss suspected, the crew of one corvette consisted of Jefi, who relied on the governor's orders, and the Corvette of Quesl consisted of a human crew who wanted to dodge the threat posed by enemy ships. In fact, the governor had wanted to sell the Jefi works of art because they were worth billions of dollars. Thrawn had Botajef's defense forces contacted and explained Quesl's betrayal while the governor was arrested. He also instructed Eli Vanto to inform the high command that they had successfully resolved the conflict.[1]

Reunion with Shadow Swan [edit]

A little later, Thrawn was called back with Vanto to the Imperial High Command. Due to the increasing pirate activities in various systems, Fleet Admiral Donassius had called up the commanders of the various fleets as well as the governors of the systems concerned. In addition to Governor Pryce, who was only present as an observer, since Lothal was already defended by Admiral Konstantine, the Governors Restos of Batonn, Wistran of Denash and Estorn of Sammun were also present. Admiral Kinshara of the 125th Fleet and Admiral Durril of the 103rd Fleet completed the group as Thrawn had been assigned to the 96th Fleet. Together with Colonel Yularen, Donassius explained the situation in the Batonn sector, which was suspected to be the transshipment point for the opposing groups. They had already overrun an imperial garrison on Skrim Island in Batonn and held at least a hundred people hostage, including civilians. The garrison had an energy shield and defensive artillery, including three ion cannons. Thrawn asked for more time to thoroughly analyze the situation, but high command favored a quick fix, even if the hostages died in the process. Since the Chiss insisted on a longer plan, Donassius assigned Sammun to him instead and instructed Durril to take care of Batonn. Thrawn was unfazed despite Vanto's criticism of his behavior and instead contacted Commander Faro to send her to Sammun with the 96th Fleet. He himself flew with Vanto in a civilian freighter that they had previously taken from some smugglers to Batonn to get an overview of the situation there. At a safe distance from Batonn, the two watched the progress of Durill's attack on the garrison and noticed that several ships were leaving the island unseen, while Durill's ship - the Judicator - was slowly put out of action by the ion cannons on the island. Thrawn had one of the ships contacted by Eli, who pretended to be a smuggler. He received coordinates from the other freighter for a meeting point where they could discuss a possible deal.[1]

Once there, Vanto had to pretend to be the dealer Horatio Figg and received from Thrawn his old uniform as well as the old lieutenant's badge with the built-in transmitter and an outdated blaster. Thrawn suspected that the smugglers were followers of Shadow Swan, who, surprisingly, was even on board himself. Fortunately, Cygni believed that Thrawn had dispatched his subordinates and led the attack on Batonn himself. Thrawn made Cygni and Eli believe that he was using the same trick with hiding behind the Tibanna cylinders that Shadow Swan had performed on them at the time. However, when Cygni's men searched the engine room, there was an explosion, which Eli saw as the promised sign to activate the lieutenant's badge. Thrawn had swapped the transmitter for a detonator that detonated the antique blaster Cygni had taken from Vanto. Eli used the distraction to flee and met Thrawn in the ship's hangar, where they stole a smugglers' freighter. They made their way to the remains of the 103rd Fleet that had attacked Batonn. Thrawn had also ordered a few light cruisers from his own fleet into the system and given them orders to bring Admiral Durril's Star Destroyer to safety by tractor beam if necessary until the ship's systems - incapacitated by the bombardment of the ionane cannons - could restart. Shortly thereafter, Thrawn, Admiral Kinshara, and Admiral Durril reported to Fleet Admiral Donassius. Durril's failure at Batonn resulted in his being recalled and Thrawn ordered to take the island on the planet with the 96th Fleet. Protected by three light cruisers - the Shyrack, the Flensor and the Tumnor - Thrawn grabbed from the Chimaera out of the island of Skrim and then had the Star Destroyer's turbo lasers fire on the immediate vicinity of the island, flooding the ion cannons and turbo lasers on the island. The rebels surrendered, and Thrawn prepared to crush the rest of the uprising on Batonn.[1]

Battle of Batonn

“To defeat an enemy, you have to know him. Not only his fighting tactics, but also his history, philosophy, art. "
- Thrawn to Slavin (Source)

Vanto was able to determine the base of the insurgents based on the flight vectors of freighters that fled the island of Skrim. This was located in the Creekpath mining and refinery complex outside the town of Paeragosto. At the request of Governor Pryce, Thrawn met - along with Vanto and Faro - with the Governor and Colonel Yularen to plan the attack on the complex. Pryce was particularly interested because her parents, along with 30,000 civilians, were also in the screened complex. This made a bombardment of the complex impossible, especially since it was already protected by shields. So Pryce suggested visiting her parents and finding out more about the insurgents' defense. Gudry, one of Yularen's agents, went with her and was supposed to turn off the shield generator if possible. Vanto agreed with Yularen on Pryce and Gudry's comlinks for frequencies and decryption before they entered Batonn disguised as visitors via an interplanetary travel service.[1]

Thrawn contacted Shadow Swan a short time later using the frequency that had been stored in the freighter on which he and Vanto had escaped from Shadow Swan's ship. He offered Shadow Swan a face-to-face meeting on Batonn, near the Creekpath facility, and promised to appear unarmed and without guards. He also confronted Shadow Swan with the knowledge that he wanted to avoid just as unnecessary civilian sacrifices as Thrawn himself. Cygni agreed and met the Chiss an hour later at the agreed meeting point. During the conversation, they discovered that they had both found and pursued evidence of a secret military project of the Empire. Thrawn tried to convince Cygni to end the rebellion peacefully and, because of his tactical skills, offered him a place in the Chiss fleet. He revealed to Cygni that he was serving in the Empire on the orders of the Chiss and that his exile was only faked to make contact with the Imperials. Cygni was unable to reconcile his moral views with Thrawns, however, and turned down the promised before retreating back to his base. After Cygni's departure, Colonel Yularen provided the chiss, whom he had followed with a hint from Vanto to the planet. Thrawn was able to dispel Yularen's doubts about this, however, and was also able to explain satisfactorily the strange positioning of his ships, which both Yularen and Vanto had found tactically unwise. Thrawn had purposely placed his three light cruisers far enough apart that their opponents had to split up as well and the cruisers could escape into hyperspace in an emergency. They were also far enough from the planet's surface that the ground guns would not hit them. Yularen saw his doubts about Thrawn's loyalty dispelled and informed the Chiss that the contact with Governor Pryce had broken off. Vanto had meanwhile found out that the insurgents had previously smuggled at least 30 ships from the planet, which could appear at any time. He informed Commander Faro of this, who thereupon the TIE fighters of the Chimaera had placed around the planet to set up at least a partial guard. Meanwhile, however, Thrawn and Yularen were still waiting for feedback from Gudry and Pryce, who, according to the agent's last report, had been separated.[1]

As expected by Thrawn, Shadowswan's ships flew at the three cruisers, split apart, in the ensuing attack. They did not attack the ships directly, but used them as an obstacle to avoid the turbolasers of the Chimaera not to be shot at. Their actual target was the Star Destroyer itself. Thrawn revealed his real plan for the cruisers, which he had detached from their repair ships. Hidden within the repair ships were full TIE fighter squadrons, one for each cruiser, that of Admiral Durrils Judiciary had been flown in. With Shadow Swan's ships already past them, the TIE fighters were in the best position to fire at their opponents. Thrawn had expected that Shadow Swan, avoiding unnecessary bloodshed, would not attack the damaged cruisers. Until the turbo lasers of the Chimaera came within range of the ships, the TIE fighters had already destroyed two thirds of their opponents. Meanwhile, after Governor Pryce, after killing Gudry and bringing her parents and herself to safety, detonated the bombs Gudry had distributed in Creekpath instead of just detonating the shield generator. She feared that a rescue team that had recently been sent out for her would find Gudry's body and expose what she had done. Of the Chimaera Thrawn and the bridge crew watched the explosion, which was reflected inwards by the still active protective shield and thus also destroyed the civilian dwellings around the insurgents' headquarters. Thrawn instructed the ground forces to storm the complex, but only to find and rescue survivors if they did not attack the Imperials. The destruction of the complex brought the uprising on Batonn to an end, but cost numerous civilians their lives. Thrawn was sure Pryce was more involved in detonating the devices than she was admitting, but he couldn't prove it. When he tried to get an opinion from her about her behavior on Batonn, she refused. She promised him that she could advise him politically and pointed out a possible successor to Admiral Sartan's Seventh Fleet. Pryce wanted to win Thrawn over to the problems in their own sector and emphasized that his successor would be in his own interest, as he could direct the deployment of a larger armed force according to his wishes and thus ensure that unnecessary sacrifices were avoided. Then Thrawn traveled back to Coruscant, where he reported to the Emperor[1] and be the first in the new rank[5] of a Grand Admiral. As expected, only the outcome of the uprising mattered to the Emperor.However, Thrawn addressed the Death Star to him, which surprised the Emperor. Thrawn admitted that he was critical of the project, on the one hand because it estimated a large amount of resources and, unlike a fleet, was not flexible enough, on the other hand he feared that Palpatine could turn the Death Star against the Chiss. The Emperor revealed that he had noticed that Thrawn had kept the location of the Chiss worlds and bases secret when he had handed over hyperspace routes for the Unknown Regions to the Empire. At the same time, however, he assured Thrawn that he was not interested in campaigning against the Chiss. He then introduced Darth Vader, who had just arrived, to Grand Admiral.[1] Thrawn's knowledge of how it was possible to cross the Galactic Barrier west of the Deepcore was considered by the Imperial military to be the only reason Palpatine tolerated the Chiss around him.[6]

Hunt for rebels

Thrawn: "The Emperor promoted me after my victory at Batonn."
Callus: "And he did that although there were more civilian losses than insurgents."
Arihnda Pryce: "What is to be tolerated, Agent Kallus, since there are no more rebels in this sector."
- Thrawn, Callus and Pryce at their briefing (Source)

At the same time, the Phoenix rebel cell was another resistance movement, the success of which posed a threat to the empire. The dissidents had their origins on the peripheral planet Lothal, so operations against the group were subject to Governor Arihnda Pryce. Although it was the Sith Lord Darth Vader on Malachorgelungen to put the JediAhsoka Tano, who had taken a leading role in the cell, in battle, Pryce considered Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who was entrusted with fighting the rebels, to be unsuitable, so she presented to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, governor of the entire Outer Rim, and requested the Seventh Fleet under Thrawn's command. She hoped that Thrawn would wage large-scale campaigns against the rebellion to prevent a galaxy-wide rebel alliance from the regional dissident cells from merging. Understanding the governor's concerns, Tarkin approved the relocation of Thrawn and his fleet.[2]

Thrawn in his meeting with Constantine, Tarkin, Pryce, and Kallus

When Thrawn reached the Imperial fleet in charge of the hunt for the rebels, he attended a meeting with Konstantine, Tarkin, Pryce, and ISB agent Callus, which covered a renewed attack by the rebels on a convoy of the Mines Guild near Sereeda. Thrawn linked the location of the nearby hyperspace jump point with the recent liberation of the pirate Hondo Ohnaka from the Imperial prison on Naraka, where Ohnaka's cellmate, the UgnaughtTerba, had been killed. Since the hyperspace jump point was on a direct route to the Yarma system where the Ugnaught had worked at the Reklam station, Thrawn concluded that an attack on the station was imminent and the rebels would attempt to retire Y-wing starfighters to loot, which should be scrapped in the advertising facility. Following the meeting, the garrison on the station was alerted. In the battles that followed, the rebels were able to steal some of the retired starfighters and destroy the advertising station. An Imperial task force under Admiral Konstantine's command tried to stop the rebels from fleeing when a convoy of the rebel cell fell out of hyperspace to aid the operations team on Yarma. Since Thrawn intended to systematically smash the rebel cell and knew that the opposing task force was only part of the rebel fleet, he ordered Konstantine to let the resistance fighters escape with their captured starfighters. Instead of destroying a single cell, the Grand Admiral wanted to destroy the entire resistance movement from within.[2] To better understand his opponents, and in particular the Twi’lekHera Syndulla, Thrawn then turned to Ryloth, where Cham Syndulla, Hera's father, was still resisting the Empire. The previous attempts by the officer Slavin stationed there were unimaginative and therefore had little effect. After Thrawn's arrival, however, he quickly succeeded in bringing the entire Tann province under his rule. The Imperials set up a base in the Syndullas' estate, which Hera returned to shortly afterwards for a family heirloom. It was there that she and Ezra Bridger met the Chiss for the first time. In contrast to his subordinate, Thrawn was not fooled by the attempt of the rebels to pretend to be a slave or a scout trooper. He recognized the Kalikori in Hera's hands as a valuable heirloom and therefore realized that he was facing Hera personally. Thrawn had Ezra and Hera arrested and then went to his ship, where he ordered Slavin to take care of the rebels. He himself wanted to watch undisturbed how the other rebels as well as Hera and Ezra would behave. Slavin's attempt to capture Cham Syndulla through a supposed exchange with Hera and Ezra failed, as Hera preferred to use Chopper to destroy her own property instead of leaving it to the Imperials. The resulting distraction allowed the rebels to flee, among other things because Thrawn let them escape on purpose.[7]

To curb other local uprisings, Thrawn had a blockade built over Synistahg and martial law declared on the planet Mykapo. He found out about a rebel cell called the Iron Staff and with the help of the Ghost forced an Imperial transport to flee. Thrawn therefore suspected that the rebels were trying to evacuate the insurgent residents of Mykapo. He sent Admiral Konstantine to Mykapo on a light cruiser on the grounds that one ship should be enough to stop the rebels. Konstantine was surprised by the order, but did not object as Thrawn questioned his competence. Although Konstantine succeeded in getting the ship of the Iron Squadron, Sato's hammerto arrest and make unfit to fly, but his further plan to lure the remaining rebels with the help of the single ship and destroy their ship via an attached mine, failed. Jun Sato came to the aid of the rebels himself, as his nephew Mart Mattin was on board Sato's hammer. Konstantine panicked and made an emergency call to Thrawn asking for reinforcements. As Thrawn with the Chimaera When Konstantine's ship reached Mykapo, it was already badly damaged and the rebels were about to leave the system. Thrawn contacted Jun Sato and told him that he was looking forward to seeing them again while he launched the rebel ships into hyperspace. Admiral Konstantine then tried to present his failure to Thrawn as a successful drive out of the rebels, but Thrawn made it clear to him that he would not be fooled by it.[8]

Some time later, Thrawn began a new project, developing a new star fighter equipped with deflector shields. The Chiss planned to develop the project in the Imperial Factory on Lothal. At the same time, this factory was showing an exceptionally high rate of vehicle loss. The Chiss personally went to the factory to examine it more closely. Due to the above-average rate of defective models, it was assumed that saboteurs were hiding among the factory workers. In fact, the local resistance group around Ryder Azadi had infiltrated the factory and sabotaged several vehicles. When the Phoenix Cell found out that the Empire was developing a new project at the factory, Ezra and Kanan took the astromech droid chopper to the factory. There they were surprised by the sudden investigation carried out by Thrawn, together with Governor Pryce and ISB agent Kallus. Thrawn asked worker Morad Sumar, a member of the local resistance group, to test the top speed of a jet sled that the worker had previously examined himself. Since the jet sleigh was sabotaged, it began to overheat after a short time, but Thrawn didn't let Sumar finish the simulation and instead increased the vehicle's speed until it exploded and killed Sumar. Thrawn's actions shocked not only the rebels and workers present, but also Kallus and the Imperial officer Yogar Lyste. The Grand Admiral warned the rest of the workers that each device would be tested by themselves, which he expected would significantly reduce the error rate. Apart from that, he ordered his subordinates to question every worker and blocked communications from the factory.[9]

Although Bridger, Jarrus and Chopper could not call for help with this, they managed to move away from the other workers and reached Section A-2, where the plans for Thrawn's project were located. Meanwhile, Thrawn was talking to Kallus and Pryce, to whom he explained that his guards were instructed to shoot anyone who entered the section without his personal code. Kallus doubted the success of the new Star Fighters, but Thrawn insisted that victory and defeat depended on the smallest detail. He then had another worker demonstrate the AT-DP he was working on last. When the runner collapsed after a few steps, Thrawn ordered his stormtroopers to arrest the man. A little later, the Grand Admiral ordered Kallus and Lyste into his office, where the Chiss analyzed various works of art that he associated with the rebels. Underneath was part of a wall on which Sabine Wren had sprayed the trademark of the Phoenix Squadron. While Lyste ignored the graffiti, Kallus revealed that he knew about the symbol for the rebels. Thrawn revealed that he had a connection between the crew of the Ghostthat he had met on Ryloth, and Lothal suspected. When asked to examine the workers, Lyste had to admit that two workers had disappeared. Kallus wanted to trigger a general alarm, but Thrawn knew that the rebels wanted to capture the plans for his new project. So he ordered Section A-2 to be secured. However, since Kallus was working in secret for the rebels, he supported Bridger, Jarrus and Chopper and sent them to the eastern hangar, where they stole an AT-DP. At the same time, Ryder Azadi attacked the east gate to create a diversion. Realizing the purpose of the attack, Thrawn ordered the two AT-AT runners