Who decides what a hate crime is

Application according to the IZG-SH / UIG-SH / VIG

Very applicant

I ask you to answer the following questions:

1) How many politically motivated criminal offenses / hate crimes against homosexuals were registered in the country so far in 2017 (please break down by offense)?

2) How is it determined when a crime is politically motivated / registered as a hate crime (Who decides? Are there objective criteria? Are there commissioners who check the statistics after incorrectly assessed cases?)?

3) Does the Schleswig-Holstein police have a permanent contact person for homosexual victims of crime?

This is an application in accordance with Section 4 (1) of the Schleswig-Holstein Information Access Act (IZG-SH) for access to information in accordance with Section 3 IZG-SH and Section 1 of the Law for the Improvement of Health-Related Consumer Information (VIG), insofar as consumer information within the meaning of Section 2 Para. 1 VIG are affected.

If, from your point of view, there are costs for granting access to the requested information, please let me know in advance and state the amount of the costs. Please also inform me then which regulation you are based on the collection of costs and why they are incurred.

I ask you to make the information available to me as soon as possible, but no later than within one month (see Section 5 (2) sentence 1 IZG-SH / Section 5 (2) VIG).

If you are not responsible for this application, please forward it to the responsible authority and inform me about it.

I ask for an answer in electronic form (e-mail). I would like to ask you for a confirmation of receipt and thank you for your effort!

With best regards