Twitter India is left biased

The situation in India is nowhere near as good as in European countries and the United States

New Delhi: Despite the struggle to control the Covid-19 outbreak in their own countries, an analysis of Western media reports on India's handling of the Covid-19 crisis suggests a deeply ingrained prejudice against the country. So far, India has been able to keep the virus crisis under control. Although the number of positive cases has multiplied and the death toll has also increased, the situation is nowhere near the same as in European countries and the United States. India's “cluster containment” strategy and early detection of Covid-19 cases in states like Kerala, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi have helped smooth the curve. Not only Kerala, but many states have received recognition for dealing with the Covid-19 crisis in their states. For example, Odisha's expertise in dealing with natural disasters helped the state cope with the spread of the virus. India is currently in the third phase of lockdown, which was pinched in March to prevent the virus from spreading. This strategy seems to have successfully contributed to breaking the chain of transmission and thus preventing its spread. To date, there has been no scientific report of community transmission of the coronavirus in the country. Despite all these efforts, the Western media is not missing a chance to paint a picture as if the country had lost the war on Covid-19. For example, the BBC published a story of Indians dying because corona cases were not reported. The story was based on quotes from two nameless doctors. Many experts such as A. Surya Prakash, former chairman of Prasar Bharti, view such reports as biased against the country. Surya Prakash was critical of the way foreign media reported on India's handling of Covid-19. The Foreign Office, which published a long article in March titled "A Population At Risk For The Pandemic," suggested that India is unable to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, but contrary to this report India has shown the way to combat the crisis for many advanced countries. Similarly, Atlantic Magazine ran a news article in which the magazine even transformed the blue color wheel, located in the center of the tricolor of the Indian flag, into the graphic representation of the coronavirus that is widespread in the country. The report suggested India was on the verge of a Covid-19 disaster. Another report from Reuters said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu Nationalist Party has endorsed the use of cow urine as a medicine and cure for cancer, "as if the whole country is starting cow urine therapy for Covid-19 and the Indian government is not in." The location is a picnic ". Surya Prakash, analyzing India's efforts, said," The generation disaster has been a common phenomenon. I have seen thousands of Indians die from a lack of administrative capacity and resources and I also see the current scenario in which the country finds itself Covid-19 crisis. I have to tell you that I am proud when I see how the whole country, from the Union government with the Prime Minister in the lead, to the state governments and people of many groups, has come together to deal with the crisis This is my first time seeing this. There are marginal issues like the Tablighi Jamat - this is also a small St disorder. All religious sites are closed and there is an obligation to fight the pandemic together. But contrary to these facts, western media reports have suggested all kinds of scary reports. Surya Prakash, speaking at a webinar for the JNU Vice Chancellor, said: “Take the example of the bias of the Western media. DW, a German media company, interviewed Arundhati Roy in which she said that India's situation is nearing genocide and Muslims are being stigmatized, and the Modi government is taking advantage of the pandemic to use Nazi tactics to promote the repression of Muslims. What is more shocking is that she said the mainstream Indian media are cynical members of the lynch mob, and in my opinion such an opinion is incorrect. We have different media and it is shocking to call it genocide and members of the lynching mob are shocking. ““ The most ironic claim by the western media is that India is ruled by a Hindu nationalist party. For your information, the federal governing NDA is an alliance of 26 political parties, 11 of which have seats in Lok Sabha. In states we are ruled by 42 parties, including the communists, ”he said.