You should include hyperlinks on a resume

How do I provide hyperlinks on my resume?


There are many ways to provide a link, but none of them work 100% of the time.

  1. Understand the issues with how companies handle resumes
  2. Think about what best represents your skills
  3. To run

Continue formatting

Just because the resume you sent works in the format you send it in, you should never assume that the people on the receiving end will keep your format.

You can send a PDF file that will be created using OCR for review of your resume.

The plain text could be put in a separate "company standard" format that excludes the hyperlinks.

The document can only be given to hiring managers on paper.

It is safest to assume that hyperlinks will not work and that someone will have access to the paper-based document.

Sell ​​yourself

So I suspect a link to your Github profile doesn't say much about what you actually spent time on, why these projects make sense, or if they ever work properly. Even if an interviewer had an infinite amount of time (they don't) it would probably still be quite a chore to sift through all of the code you've ever written.

You should find out what best sells your skills.

If you applied for a game company and wrote your own game on Github? Link this project directly to a blurb about why it matters.

Applying for a job that requires a team to be supported with tools? Send them a list of the tools you've created with a link so you can find them all in one place if they want to take a closer look.

Are you applying to be a lead developer? Associate a project you've led with multiple contributors and explain why they are a good fit for you.

Are you applying for a job that requires you to be motivated yourself? Explain what percentage of your projects you have completed and provide a link to your profile (completed and incomplete).

The point is, there is no "one size fits all" method to writing a successful resume, and the best are modified to suit the needs of the people hiring (even if it's more work for you).

To run

There are a dozen ways to make this easier for you. You can use URL abbreviations so that they can be easily entered when printing. You can have a personal domain where you can set up an easy-to-type page that has the relevant information for that employer. You can include a hyperlink to the document with the URL added as a footnote in smaller text 'just in case'. Or anything else to think of.

As long as you know what they want, provide it in a format they can access, and make sure it takes as little time and headache as possible, you shouldn't have a problem.