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Intensive care physician at Lanz: "Europe is the worst managed corona continent"

How well has Germany got through the pandemic so far? At Markus Lanz, two very different perspectives collided head-on on Tuesday evening.

Sure, things could have been worse in Germany. A look across the Atlantic, for example to the USA or Brazil, shows this clearly. But: Wouldn't Germany, could Europe not have got the pandemic under control much better? Yes, said the intensive care doctor Dr. Tankred Stöbe in Markus Lanz's ZDF talk. "Germany did not do well," said the Berliner.

Ralph Brinkhaus, the chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, saw it differently. He had come to Lanz to comment on his party's mask affair. The anger in his parliamentary group was "very, very great," said Brinkhaus, contrite. The behavior of the politicians Georg Nüßlein and Nikolas Löbel, who have since left the CSU and CDU, respectively, is "immoral" and "doesn't work," said the man from North Rhine-Westphalia. Blogger Sascha Lobo could only agree with this, but he did not want to let Brinkhaus out of the affair so quickly. The author identified a general "sloppiness" in the Union - for example, CDU health minister Jens Spahn bought masks that were far too expensive and that nobody wanted afterwards.

"Over 70,000 dead, not counting the number of unreported cases"

Almost so, so he doesn't want his party to be just for negative news so shortly before two state elections - after all, Health Minister Spahn has been exposed to harsh criticism of his corona policy for weeks - Brinkhaus tried with a little confidence. "A lot went well during the crisis," claimed the 52-year-old - and this annoyed the other studio guests.

Sascha Lobo, for example, had previously accused Brinkhaus that the government had overslept digitization and that this is now taking revenge in the pandemic. Politicians, so Lobos conclusion, are not brave enough. Brinkhaus did not want to let that sit on him and switched to attack mode: "You know, Mr. Lanz, we now have to talk about the fact that we pretend that everything is junk here in Germany," he said to the moderator.

But intensive care physician Stöbe couldn't leave it like this. His conclusion about the German and European crisis management was devastating: "Europe is the worst managed corona continent", so his bitter balance. If you only look at countries that have an even worse corona balance, then that's the wrong way to go. Rather, one must take states like Taiwan as an example - the island republic has been taken extremely lightly through the crisis. Germany, on the other hand, said Stöbe, had "over 70,000 deaths, not counting the number of unreported cases".

Criticism of the rapid tests

Why it is like that? Microbiologist Prof. Mariam Klouche believes that she knows a reason for this: In Germany, decisions are made in procedures that are far too cumbersome, and politics repeatedly interfere in processes that require expert knowledge.

Later in the program, Klouche issued a warning: The corona rapid tests, which are to be made available in large numbers in the coming days and weeks, are not a patent solution, she warned. Because compared to laboratory tests, the small kits that are already available from discounters are far too imprecise. According to the laboratory doctor, this could lead to people lulling themselves into a false sense of security.