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LeBron James was there, as well as Mike Tyson and Will Smith, this guard underlined the importance of the fight in Las Vegas in the boxing world. In America Golovkin achieved what nobody in Germany wanted to do for him. On the one hand it is nice, but on the other hand it is also sad, because at 34 years of age it is already slightly above its zenith and we viewers were denied many attractive fights.

Golovkin was once active in Germany and in his prime here had the problem that all national names in the middleweight division avoided him. Understandable if you look at your K.O. Balance sheet looks. In addition to his obvious punching power, he is characterized above all by his elegant offensive style, Golovkin is a hunter who leaves his opponent in the ring no retreat, especially his footwork that allows him to suddenly appear in front of the man with just a few, well-timed steps to force him to exchange blows and trade with him. He then wins 99% of the time, because his combinations are (can) hardly be interrupted due to their precision and he completes them with a powerpunch that is second to none, usually a left hook to the head or the body, or both hit as a double. Anyone who has ever stood in the ring knows how much pressure you get from such force and that in a fight with someone like that a countdown is actually immediately active that measures how long you can evade the pressure until it gets you , Golovkin's fights are merciless. He is characterized by always forcing the half distance, occupying the middle of the ring and when he is active, by elegant avoidance movements and blocks, still not allowing the opponent to come into the fight. His old Russian boxing school as an amateur shows the jab as the most important means of combat control. In the fight with Alvarez he was clearly ahead in this statistic with 118 to 59 landed jabs and he hit more often overall. If you read this statistic you can come to the conclusion that he must have dominated the fight and you can wonder why he was defeated on the score sheets of the referees in the end. Was he robbed? The answer to this cannot be given clearly, the fight was too close for that, but what will have made the difference in the evaluation are the following aspects. Alvarez had the guts to push Golovkin out of the middle of the ring and actively force him into the half distance, Golovkin's many jabs were often of a defensive nature to keep Alvarez at a distance, who was constantly advancing. Alvarez showed more explosiveness than Golovkin in the entire fight, his body hooks often came through and Golovkin also had to take some heavy hits to the head. If Golovkin got through with a powershot himself, this time - although he can - he failed to avoid the counterattack and took a right straight from Canelo every time. Overall, Alvarez also clearly leads in the "Powershots landed" category with 166 to 143, with the quality of his hits being well above Golovkins. His trainer Abel Sanchez tried unsuccessfully to encourage GGG to dare to box more and not to act so tactically, Golovkin seemed to lurk more and more carefully as the fight went on and thus seemed rather passive towards Alvarez's forward drive. The referees also perceive these impressions and rate them, also - and above all - against the background that Alvarez fought almost the entire fight with an open cut over the eye, which would have ended the fight for him with a single hit and yet he marched on. This tactical masterpiece of daring the unexpected and remaining courageous over 12 laps was finally rewarded and, regardless of how you feel about Golovkin, definitely has its justification. Unfortunately, in the last 6 laps it didn't seem as agile and dangerous as in younger years. It's a shame but at 34 his heyday is probably over, he can certainly still beat many, but there is no time left for the world class. If only he hadn't been held up for so many years.

It is to be hoped that Golovkin and Alvarez will perhaps dare a third fight, because what the two have proven in their encounter was one thing above all: Great sport and boxing on a level that we unfortunately do not get to see in Europe !

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