What if Son Goku was never born

Dragon Ball - Broly's story goes beyond the movies

Before Broly celebrates his big comeback in the Dragon Ball Super movie, let's look back at the history of the legendary Super Saiyan so far.

For more than 25 years, the Saiyan Broly has been part of the Dragon Ball saga, alongside our heroes around Goku and Vegeta. He made his first appearance in the 8th Dragon Ball Z movie and quickly won the hearts of fans, not only in Japan, but worldwide. Now I would like to look back with you one more time on Brolys complete story, which goes far beyond the events in his film adventures.

Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, makes his Dragon Ball debut

In a alternative timeline Broly was born in 737. On the same day, Bardock's son Kakarott / Son-Goku was born on the planet Vegeta. While Broly had enormous fighting power shortly after his birth, that of Kakarotts was hardly worth mentioning. Fearing that Broly might one day become a threat to his throne, King Vegeta ordered the baby to be murdered. The king's order was carried out shortly before the planet was destroyed by Freezer, but as if by a miracle Broly survived the assassination and was able to save himself and his father Paragus from certain death.

Over the years, Broly's strength grew - to the point that Paragus even became afraid of his own son. So he decided to use a device that would help calm his son's anger and control him. Paragus secretly planned to take revenge on Prince Vegeta for his father's sins. With a trick Paragus lured our heroes into a trap. In the presence of Kakarott / Son-Goku, Broly's true power was awakened until he finally found a hitherto unique power Saiyan transformation could achieve. As Son-Goku and his friends quickly learn, Broly actually seems to be that bloodthirsty, unstoppable warrior from the old legends: the Legendary Super Saiyan. Only because his friends gave him their energy, Goku was finally able to defeat and kill Broly. At least apparently, because Broly would return years later.

Broly lands on Earth - Revenge of the Legendary Super Saiyan

Seven years after these events, Son-Goten, Trunks and Videl meet a strange man in the mountains who obviously seems to be a Saiyan: Broly has awakened! Son-Goten in particular attracts his attention, as it looks like the face of his father. A tough fight ensues, but the two boys cannot win it. Gohan appears at the last second and faces the legendary Super Saiyan again.

Gohan can stand up to Broly for a while, but since his opponent has also gotten stronger since their last meeting, he does not manage to land the decisive goal. When all hope seems lost and Broly wants to wipe out the earth with an all-destructive attack, Son-Goku appears and encourages his two sons. Together they succeed in defeating Broly once and for all by throwing their opponent into the sun with a mighty Kamehame-Ha. Some time later Goten and Trunks meet a clone of Broly, but the true legendary Super Saiyan was already stewing in hell.

Death doesn't stop him - Broly's story doesn't end there

With his death at the end of the 10th Dragon Ball Z movie, Broly's story ends, at least for the time being, because it is still told in some video games. More precisely, it should now be about two stories that start after the movies we know. While there are other stories about Broly, they are "What happened if..."Stories, we want to leave them out here. But now we start with the first story:

In the history of the video game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Broly is brought back to life along with other villains. After his resurrection, Broly is as dangerous as ever, which Gohan immediately recognizes, but there seems to be no clear winner in the fight between them. Later, Broly meets Son-Goku again, but he cannot defeat Broly even as a two-time Super Saiyan and flees from his opponent. Ultimately, it's Freezer who is supposed to put an end to Broly's life again and send the legendary Super Saiyan back to Hell. There Broly meets Goku and Vegeta again, who can finally incapacitate him.

Time travel and Broly - A dangerous combination

In the context of Dragon Ball Heroes becomes Broly brought back using time travel technology. However, he doesn't just return, he is stronger than ever, because now Broly also has the power of one Quadruple Super Saiyans. He begins to hunt down the resurrected devil dragons and to get their dragon balls. Not even a whole group of different heroes can stop Broly. After a long hard training session, the Dragon Ball Heroes and Beat team finally manage to defeat Broly.

However, at a later point in time, Broly returns one more time and again he's stronger than ever. This time he's with one Dark Dragon Ball merged, which further increases his powers. He was then taken over by Machikabura, the leader of the demonic Dark Empire, by means of a Time breaker mask corrupted, but the power boost triggered in this way makes Broly uncontrollable and he begins to devastate the demon realm. A fight ensues between Dark Broly, Mira and Son-Goku: Xeno, but none of them can decide for themselves. In the end, Broly lies unconscious in the dust.

Broly as Wrathful Saiyan

The last-mentioned story about Dark Broly occurs after the year 850, i.e. almost 70 years after the Tournament of Power. This is the last time our Goku heroes had to fight the Legendary Super Saiyan. At least until now, after all, Broly returns once more in the Dragon Ball Super movie, which marks the beginning of a new story about the legendary Super Saiyan.

How do you like the story of the original Broly?