People still play Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii

Tim writes:

Incredible it's been eight years since this game hit the market. I still remember how longingly we were waiting for it, and in fact, I still think today that it was the best Mario Kart ever.
At that time, the publication date fell exactly in my Abitur examination phase, but as soon as the last exam was written, there was no stopping. Now everyone had time, and five or six hours a day were no exception!

Why is this Mario Kart the best in my opinion? First, there have been some changes compared to the previous version. Instead of expanding the feature with two drivers, Nintendo reverted to the original idea of ​​one driver per vehicle, which has not changed since then. However, it was now possible to vary a lot more vehicles, and motorcycles were also newly introduced.
There were also new features that were absolutely fantastic: firstly, the completely new controls in different modes - depending on their taste, the player could now choose between steering wheel, joystick and Wii-Mote; second, the long-awaited online mode, which also made it possible to play against eleven real players without having to resort to computer players.

The new railways, as well as the retro mode, which made it possible to rediscover well-known routes, made our hearts beat faster.

Mario Kart in itself is simply a game that is accessible to everyone. The different items make it possible to move from the last to the first place within a short time, so that you don't have to despair. Of course, the opposite direction is also not ruled out, which definitely prevents a player who drives far ahead of everyone else from being too sure of his victory. This greatly increases ambition and reduces boredom.

Of course, the Mario characters also help the game to reach even more people. In contrast to other racing games, here you drive with Yoshi, Toad and Princess Peach, so that even non-gamers can quickly find their way around the game and are introduced to the techniques in an emotional way. At the same time, although the game does not require any depth at the beginning, it does not get boring until the end, as you can perfect many skills, be it drifting, stunts in the air, or the correct use of banana peels.

Although Mario Kart 8 is already on the market, I still prefer Mario Kart Wii. It was really about innovation and the involvement of many different players, and not just about overloading with many new fancy features.

Have fun playing!

08/10/2016 at 11:10 PM