Can I go on a date with my boyfriend and my boyfriend


There are many things to do with friends.
For example: Going to the inns for ice cream and pizza and drinks, going for a walk, going to the disco, going to the library, ice skating, swimming, going to the cinema, shopping.

Friends are important in life for many people. It doesn't matter if you have Down syndrome or not.

Antonio Nodal has friends in the Ohrenkuss editorial team. He writes:

"I want to be friends and nonsense, with Ohrenkuss has been here for 15 years and with the people here only be friends and make nonsense."

Just like his colleague Marc Lohmann. He writes:

“Friendship: being with us colleagues. And talk to them. And write for the newspaper (Ohrenkuss).
Friendship: being a friend too. With colleagues from Ohrenkuss: I can keep friendship.
Friendship: having fun, good buddies. Best friend. Laugh and joke. Having conversations with friends or at work.
Friendship: going out to dinner, to the cinema, concerts, theater. Go to the opera, but only very rarely.
Get in contact: from me!
Address book, you need that. To look up. Telephone number and first name and surname.
I wrote letters from Daniel and Verena and I hope that it will arrive safely and read through at home.
If you cancel: think about something else! "

Lars Breidenbach is a long-distance Ohrenkuss correspondent and sends his text by post. He writes:

“Dear kiss on the ear, I am writing a subject called friendship. Very important: (through) thick and thin together means friends. Friendship also means hugging (hugging), kissing the cheek, being polite, being nice is important!

No quarrel, quarreling is not so nice (because) then friendship is over. Friendship, going out with friends: going for a walk, going out to eat, going for a swim, even a sauna.

Or picnic, subject is meadow, picnic on meadow, but without sun, I can't have sun, sunburn, and heat bumps, skin rash, I don't want to have. Or having a coffee at home, or celebrating a birthday with friends.

(Maintaining) contact is important: The topic is telephoning, speaking the telephone is important, maintaining contact, calling. "

Maria Trojer thinks that being able to listen is important in a friendship. She writes:

“Friendship / You can't buy friendship. / It's not affordable. / You can only be friends. / You have best friends everywhere. / A friend can listen well when you have problems. / Or talk about boys. / Just be together, as friends like to do. "

Julia Bertmann writes about where you can get to know friends:

“You can find friends at school, at work or while doing sports. You need friends to chat. When I go to the cinema, I go with my girlfriend.
When you're sad, friends can comfort you.
I also have pen pals. We write to each other regularly. You can also talk to friends on the phone until your ear is very hot.
My sister and I are close friends too.
My girlfriend and I have known each other for over 20 years. Everyone has a different hobby. But we get along anyway. "

Verena Günnel likes to meet her friends. She writes:

“Friendship is getting to know a lot of friends. To talk to and to meet with each other. And to invite. We go for a walk around town, sometimes we go to the Christmas market or to the cinema, to watch a film. And go shopping.
I have a best friend. I am not allowed to reveal the name. Is a colleague of mine at my job of mine. She is still young. She's my best friend.
If I am friends, then I have to respect myself, be sensitive, address myself in a friendly way, like taking friendship with friendship. And speak to someone, then we will be in contact. Sometimes I call her home, on the phone maybe and on the cell phone. Then I'll talk to her and then we'll arrange to meet. "

But friendship is not always mutual. Verena Günnel thinks this is sad:

“Sometimes there is also no friendship if no one wants to take friendship away. It is difficult to decide how friendship, because the means all because of this friendship someone to decide a position to themselves when friendship no longer has. Then she has to remind herself to take his future and say what she needs. "

Marley Thelen has fun hanging out with her friends. She dictates:

“Activities with friends in every season! Spring, the apple blooms sometimes and we like to pick and we jump and laugh, like a born child in the year and are fun. We actually make girlfriend and boyfriend go swimming. Eat ice cream in the summer. In autumn I prefer to go out with the dog and I find more fun when we go to Melbad. We stay at home in winter. We're having a great Christmas party to celebrate. There is also something to eat. "

Julian Göpel thinks: gifts receive friendship. He writes:

“For me, friendship means bringing a present to your best friend. Friendship is talking on the phone.
Friendship means that you can celebrate as much together as you want. Friendship means that you write beautiful texts, on the computer, by e-mail for the other.
My best buddy, you can have a lot of conversation with than friendship. Friendship is then active in leisure time. Talking to friends about stupid topics.
Getting to know friends while doing sports and at the disco Get to know you in the cinema and send a secret message, only your friend will understand. "

Aladdin Detlefsen thinks time with his buddies is important. He dictates:

“If someone says you're my friend. Feels good. Friends is my buddy. No friend is a stranger, I don't even know them. I feel better My feeling says much better.
Friends is friends. To meet. I have friends Pierre and Tobias and so on.
Different buddies. One wants to go to the cinema, one wants to go to the apartment and watch a film at home. Others want to watch football. Or go to lunch. Watch the theater.
Appointments don't matter. I prefer to be my best friend together.
Talk to each other, including sign language. Phone ask: what do you want to do?
A lot of contact. When I call and let you know and ask: 'You feel like it, are you up for something? The supervisor has to call when, the time and the meeting point. "

Dominic Edler writes on the computer. Also on the subject of friendship:

“My bosom friends - That My Two Friends.
Frieda he is a best friend for me / When I'm sick he is like a nurse / I came from him very much because lermen and good listening / I Mark him like him he is a very good family holiday with a disability.
Mark prefers to be a good colleague and friend. It makes me laugh at every fun. "

Angela Fritzen's best friend is called Christine. Angela Fritzen writes about them:

“My friend's name is Christine. We played a lot. With instruments. You played the piano and the recorder with me. She was nice and kind to me. And she's also very fond of talking about friendship. This is important for me. She is the same age as me, 38 years old. Both in May of 39. She died on Tuesday. She died in the ambulance. I was at the funeral too.
We slept in the same room together, in the old days when my father was still alive. I took part in what they do, just once. She not only played the piano, she also played the drums. I was there. It was my only friend and even my best friend.
(A new friend) should be just as small as me, the same size. She can be friendly and happy, and she is very good at laughing. He should be friendly, I want her to laugh with me and to treat me with tenderness. Who also has the confidence and I would like to have that.
Friendship: She must have a girlfriend if you understand me. If you become my girlfriend, then I would like to invite you to my 40th birthday.
Drink coffee together. Have contact with me.
No friendship: as soon as someone hits me, there is something like that too. I know one. That was when the friendship came to an end for me. I didn't think that was so good. Because I was pretty pissed off with her. Now she wants to have contact with me. No you don't get it. End.
Find friends? I have to take one. From the friendship letter. I've already done something with Veronika Hammel. I also send them SMS on my cell phone. "

Nora Fiedler has friends all over the world. She writes:

“You don't find friends all over the world. Are friends who like to talk to each other, dance and stay up late ... but only when the parents are away or have night shifts or double-headed courses. That's the way my best friends are and they do it like me.
For me, best friends are the most beautiful thing in life.
My beloved friend is not over.
She is real. End."

Romy Reißenweber finds it particularly important to be part of a friendship for one another. She writes:

“What are friends for?
That you can exchange ideas and are there for one another. What kind of friends are there? That you either tell around the back or directly in your face. What are friends exactly? That you stick together.
How do you recognize a boyfriend?
You can talk about anything through a girlfriend or you can become a couple with a boyfriend.
What do you do with friends?
Meeting friends, strolling through town, going to the cinema.
Does it matter if the friends have a disability? Or does it not matter?
No, I think it's okay. Everyone has a handicap and we have something in common with Down syndrome.
How do you find friends? Do you have a good tip?
Yes, you can't choose any. You have to want to accept it.
How do you take care of your friendships?
Either write letters, write SMS or call, e-mail.
What do you find difficult? Where do you need support?
It is difficult for me to explain, can you please support me. "

Teresa Knopp sometimes wishes for other friends than those she has. She writes:

“I would like to make friends without my impairment. But that's difficult. "

Verena Elisabeth Turin writes:

“My text was created out of my head. And I typed from a blank sheet of paper on my computer by email.
1) Friends are there for bad times from his friends. When they are in general trouble. And they stick together too. Then they do a lot together.
2) There are many kinds of friends. And false friends too.
3) Friends are accurate when they are very lovingly cared for. And worries. And sometimes calls and asks how they are.
4) You can only recognize a boyfriend and a girlfriend that they are very nice, personable, very loving, respectful, a little worried, empathetic, reliable, yielding, reproducing.
5) There are many things to do with friends. For example: Going to the gathaus for ice cream and pizza and drinks, going for a walk, going to the disco, going to the library, ice skating, swimming, going to the cinema, shopping.
6) For me, the friends who have a disability are very important. And I don't care if my friends have a disability. My friend is an epileptic.
7) I find my friends on the computer when I write email letters. Or when I click on your page, Ohrenkuss, at the many profiles of long-distance correspondents / authors. And very rarely on the Internet where I look for certain addresses. Some I make new friends on vacation.
8) What is difficult for me is to give my boyfriend a slap.
9) When it comes to support, I only need train and bus connections from my father who goes to look in the computer. Which train and bus connections are. When I go to see my friend in St. Chrsitnina in Val Gardena. And also back to Sterzing.
10) I have two good tips mostly I do a questionnaire. To the interesting people I admire very much. First of all, I always wrote an introduction letter to these people. Most of the time my questionnaires say whether he or she is taken or not, and what his or her name is, favorite drinks and food, hobbies, types of music. And then these people do fill out this questionnaire and send it back to me in the mail. You can also arrange something and meet in the bar, disco swimming pool.
11) I take very good care of my friendships. Even when it comes to old friendships. Most of the time I write letters to them. A kind of pen pals. "

Not all friends can be seen. Paul Spitzck has an invisible friend. He dictates:

“I have an invisible friend called Tyrannosaurus Rex. He's now at the sandpit with me and he always eats meat and does nothing to me, he's just my friend and I always give him meat and bones. "

Verena Elisabeth Turin sometimes gives kisses to friends. She writes:

“Friendship kisses are unforgettable. What I kiss are the cheeks on my face. "

The final word belongs to Claudine Egli. She finds:

"Friendship is love."