Is Ben Carson mentally ill

If Trump were right, he would be shot

Immediately after the rampage at a school in Florida, many people claimed: Donald Trump screwed up. He finally repealed the law that Barack Obama initiated. According to this regulation, mentally ill people were not allowed to buy or own weapons. You can say anything about Trump, but the withdrawal of this passage was certainly not an aspect of the massacre. Because after each of these sad events you ask the friends and neighbors of the gunman. And most of the time you hear the following sentences like this: "He was actually quite normal, a nice guy - if we had suspected that!" Rarely has anyone told a reporter that he was mentally ill - everyone knew it, " hey what about insane prick «.

It is extremely rare to know beforehand whether someone is suffering mentally or not. You only notice it when it's too late. So there is absolutely no point in restricting gun ownership for the mentally ill. And how do you actually deal with teachers who occasionally have an appointment with a psychologist? After all, the US president wants to upgrade the teaching staff - so that school massacres can be prevented, of course. Only that is an adequate measure against it. The misuse of weapons can only be prevented through the use of weapons.

With the same logic, every concerned parent would have to send their offspring to school with a weapon. Checks and balances. Somebody has to keep the teachers in check too, after all. As an employee in the cafeteria, you can no longer stand back: When students and teachers watch each other, you should wrap a holster around your waist as a kitchen fairy. Also the drivers of school buses. And of course all drivers who have to share the road with such school bus drivers. Every Walmart employee and every gas station assistant should of course follow suit. Wives need a gun when their spouse has one. And priests are never allowed to go into the confessional without it. Upgrading as a safety factor: it was called the Cold War elsewhere.

This twisted view is common among Republicans. Ben Carson, the current housing minister on Trump's staff (who previously failed as a Republican candidate for the presidency), once argued that the Holocaust was just a product of strict gun control laws. Had the German Jews been able to receive their captors with a rifle, this chapter of history would never have opened. Trump himself argued similarly last October when a man in Las Vegas shot from a window into the crowd at a concert. Had they all had pistols with them, they could have shot wildly and uncontrollably into the dark and caught the perpetrator on the 32nd floor with a bit of a shower.

Arming is a human right for the gun fools because it ensures self-defense. One hears particularly often from the proponents of uncontrolled possession of weapons that it is also a control measure against their own government. Because every American has the right to defend himself against tyrannical measures by his government. This argument actually comes up quite often with the part of the proponents who see themselves more philosophically and have already read a bit about John Locke and resistance rights. A government that gets out of hand and becomes tyrannical, you have to have something against it. Preferably a rapid-fire rifle. This is how you control excesses. The right to resist belongs in a holster.

Exactly at this point it becomes clear that all justifications are rubbish. Control a tyrannical government? Somebody who appears racist, punches through elitist tax breaks, dissolves emancipatory rights, incites and vilifies, isolates the USA in the world, is full of lobbyists, nurtures prejudice and favors privatization? But just such a government is still there. Despite the millions of firearms in circulation in the United States. If Trump were right and guns guaranteed control, then he would no longer be there to be right.

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