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What is the name of the wife of the founder of the largest network? Mark Zuckerberg: biography, interesting facts and photos

Talented people are talented in everything. Fencing, programming, language skills, and psychology are far from a complete list of the hidden opportunities of the young, determined man Mark Zuckerberg. He managed to turn his favorite pastime into a profitable business and build a world-famous social network. Today Facebook is one of the top five most visited websites and its founder is the youngest billionaire in the world. What Made an Ordinary Man Succeed?

Mark Zuckerberg: biography, first steps

The future programmer was born into a family of doctors in the city of White Plains (USA). Zuckerberg's father was in dentistry and his mother in psychiatry. Mark Elliot has three sisters - the eldest Randy and the younger Donna and Ariel.

Mark's acquaintance with information technology came fairly early, at the age of 10. The man received a gift from his father Edward Zuckerberg - the first personal computer. Surprise was a contribution to his son's future education. Computers and digital radiography have only just begun to be used in work, and Senior Zuckerberg actively took advantage of this. Edward became Mark's first mentor by teaching him the basic programming language. The child was so excited about the new activity that after a few years they wrote the ZuckNet program to improve the work of his father's dental clinic. The program enabled Edward, who was in the office, to communicate with his family and assistants.

In his spare time, a talented child created computer games and received additional knowledge from a private tutor.

Zuckerberg's versatility

The passion for programming wasn't Mark's only specialty. While studying at Phillips Exeter Academy, a smart man was fond of literature, math, languages, and fencing. On his university résumé, Mark indicated proficiency in languages ​​such as French, Latin, Ancient Greek, and Hebrew. Zuckerberg often quoted excerpts from the works of the original in literature lessons.

The sporting achievements of the future billionaire were also excellent. The passion for fencing led to the captain's dominant position in the school team.

The first successes in programming

Despite his success in many areas, Mark's heart and soul was part of programming. During his studies at the academy, Zuckerberg wrote the synapse program with his classmate Adam D'Angelo. The invention was a music player capable of analyzing the owner's tastes and creating playlists according to the information obtained. This program was created for personal use only, but the developers shared it with the community on a dedicated website. The creation was noticed by two well-known companies, Microsoft and AOL, and Zuckerberg received an offer to sell the product and then work together. However, the guy chose to turn down the global IT giants, justifying his decision by saying that "inspiration is not for sale".

Rather than signing an agreement with world leaders, Zuckerberg enrolled at the prestigious Harvard University with a degree in psychology.

University studies

At Harvard, Mark carefully studied psychology, not forgetting to improve his programming skills. Zuckerberg was a member of the Jewish student society Alpha Insilon Pee, studied hard and attended computer courses.

The second year of study was characterized by the creation of two computer programs. The first invention, called CourseMatch, helped students choose their subjects based on the experiences of other students. The second creation was called Facemash and only lasted 2 days. The program consisted of choosing one of the most attractive of the two students. So a list of the most popular students at the university was made. The invention had real photos of students, which caused a large number of complaints and the completion of the project. Zuckerberg admitted to breaking into the Harvard database, but explained his behavior with the usual desire to make a joke.

Soon everyone forgot about the failed joke. However, the incident was pivotal to three of his fellow students setting up a team to create a new HarvardConnection.com project. Mark played an important role in programming social networks. Zuckerberg accepted the offer, but soon left the project because he was busy with another creation.

The birth of Facebook

Work on the site began in January 2004. The sophomore, Mark Zuckerberg, registered a domain called thefacebook, and by early February the project saw the world go by. Initially it was a social network for communication between Harvard students. About a thousand people registered on the website each day, and a month later, a good half of the students had their own page on the social network.

The growth of the website required more people to work on it. Mark was joined by classmates Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskowitz, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hugs. Thanks to efforts and financial investments, the network became available to Stanford, Columbia and Yale in a matter of months. Over time, the list has been added to, including Ivy League universities, higher education institutions in Canada, and the United States.

The development of the social network was quick and successful. In the summer of 2004, Facebook was founded with Sean Parker as President and Mark Zuckerberg as CEO. The guy decided to take an example from Bill Gates and quit training at Harvard to devote himself fully to the project.

A new page in Facebook history began in 2005 with the acquisition of the facebook.com domain. From that moment on, Mark Zuckerberg's social network became not only a place of communication for students, but also made it possible for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the electronic world.

Three years later, Mark Zuckerberg was recognized as the world's youngest billionaire, and his venture continued to flourish. Today Facebook has more than 1 billion users.

Here are some interesting facts about Mark:

Get to know the future wife

Mark Zuckerberg met his wife, Priscilla Chan, at a Harvard student party. They met for nine years and finally legalized their relationship in 2012. The wedding ceremony took place in a circle of relatives and friends. The event initially included the celebration of a successful graduation of the future wife and the placement of Facebook shares on the stock exchange. However, the couple presented an unexpected surprise and announced their wedding.

The billionaire's chosen one has American and Chinese roots. The girl graduated from the Harvard Department of Biology, and then from the College of Medicine in San Francisco, Department of Pediatrics. In 2015, Priscilla began opening a special school that showcased elements of education and health promotion.

Despite having enormous fortunes, the two are not regulars at parties and social events, preferring board games and outdoor walks.

The first experience of fatherhood

Mark and Priscilla long dreamed of replenishing the family, but the girl had miscarriages. Mark Zuckerberg's first child was born in December 2015. Maxim Chan's daughter (Max) illuminated the social network with her appearance a few days after the birth. The non-superstitious Mark Zuckerberg posted the photo with the child on his personal Facebook page. The joyful father took a two-month vacation to enjoy the happiness of fatherhood.


In 2010, the billionaire joined the oath of giving, calling on wealthy people to give half of their capital to those in need.

Mark Zuckerberg with his wife and children (they're still part of the young couple's plans) will donate 99 percent of the Facebook stock (about $ 45 billion today) they own to charity. Joyful spouses made such a statement after the birth of their daughter. The future should open up opportunities for everyone, regardless of their social status and financial well-being.

In addition, Zuckerberg supported the Diaspora project, which was a direct competitor of Facebook. Mark donated $ 100,000 to develop an open source social network. The billionaire has shown concerns about the development of public schools in New Arch. Mark Zuckerberg donated $ 100 million to improve it.

Visit Russia

In 2012 Mark Zuckerberg flew to the Russian Federation. After spending three days on his territory, the young billionaire managed to complete many important missions. One of them was a meeting with the Russian Prime Minister. Mark also gave a lecture to Moscow State University students. To get to the meeting you had to register. The number of applicants exceeded the capacity of the audience, so a lottery was held among the participants. During the lecture, the billionaire told the audience the story of the creation of the famous social network and told his story. In addition, Zuckerberg took part in several Russian programs and was actively involved in the international conference he initiated. The conference discussed the advantages of the Facebook network, the most important of which is the large number of active users.

Title by Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has already won the following titles:

  • The youngest billionaire in the world, according to Forbes magazine.
  • Man of the year 2010 according to Time Magazine.
  • The tastelessly dressed billionaire, according to GQ magazine.

Mark Zuckerberg, the photo of which you see in the article, is a young, successful person. Thanks to his perseverance and hard work, he was able to achieve a lot. We wish him every success and prosperity!

Mark Zuckerberg is an entrepreneurial businessman whose biography has aroused burning interest among young people and the older generation. His name is related to the creation of the world's largest social network, Facebook, with a number of users exceeding 2 billion. A prominent polyglot and an inventive programmer have become the best in many ways. Zuckerberg is a dollar billionaire with an official income of $ 1.

Childhood and adolescence

Mark Eliot Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in a suburb of New York's White Plains to a Jewish intelligent family of doctors. According to the zodiac sign, Mark is Taurus. Parents Edward and Karen Zuckerberg still practice: father - in the field of dentistry and mother - psychiatry. The family of the youngest billionaire in the world has many children, four children grew up in them: Mark Eliot, the older sister of Randy and two younger ones, Ariel and Donna.

"Everything should be simplified as long as possible, but nothing more."

The filmmakers did not spare the genesis of the popular project. made a full-length film "" in which he played the main character. Zuckerberg commented negatively on the picture, the action of which he described as implausible.

Private life

The private life of the red-haired and little billionaire Mark Zuckerberg (height 171 cm) does not correspond to the expectations of the richest man in the world. He leads a secret lifestyle, does not boast of wealth and does not throw away money.

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Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla

He has a humble car - the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which Mark drives himself. The programmer prefers jeans and gray T-shirts as casual clothing. Such a commitment to minimalism allows the entrepreneur to devote more time and attention to the things that interest him.

In 2012, Mark married long-time friend Priscilla Chan, whom he met at a 2002 Harvard student party. Because of her nationality, she was persistent in achieving the goal - to realize her parents' American dream and get proper education in the United States. To attend a prestigious university, the girl even engaged in tennis, although she never felt like playing sports.

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Young people cultivated a relationship even after their life paths diverged for the time being. Priscilla continued her studies while Mark settled in the capital of Silicon Valley.

In the first few years after the wedding, the newlyweds tried unsuccessfully to become parents: Priscilla survived three miscarriages. However, at the end of 2015, the couple had a daughter, Max, which was the happiest moment in the life of spouses who dreamed of having a child. After 2 years the woman who was called Augustus.

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Mark Zuckerberg and Morgan Freeman

Until 2015, the multimillionaire lived exclusively in rented apartments without starting his own business. When Mark Zuckerberg found out about his wife's pregnancy, he built a cozy family nest for the long-awaited firstborn's comfortable life. The housing cost Zuckerberg $ 7 million, and the programmer made his own purchases without resorting to the services of an agent.

The Facebook founder's home is located in the historic center of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, a 10-minute drive from Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park. The billionaire's mansion has no additional servants or butlers

The wedding of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and owner of the billionth fortune, and Priscilla Chan was organized on May 19, 2012. It turned out to be a surprise for hundreds of guests who believed they had come to a party in honor of Priscilla's graduation from a medical college, at which, by the way, the girl met her fate. For those interested in how old Mark Zuckerberg's wife was at the time of the wedding - twenty-seven, she is a year younger than her husband.

Reason to become acquainted

The story of how Mark Zuckerberg met his wife is similar to many others, but at the same time it's a pretty interesting story. In 2003, Priscilla was invited to a party hosted by a Jewish student community called Alpha Epsilon Pi. Chan's first impression of the red-haired guy: "Nerd, a little out of this world." Mark had a beer mug with a humorous inscription about beer in the C ++ programming language. Priscilla was keen on programming, and he and Mark laughed at the joke together. He valued her wits, her ingenuity and. This little episode marked the beginning of their long romantic relationship.

Ready for anything for love

It's hard to believe, but for the older relatives of Priscilla's future wife, Mark Zuckerberg ... he learned Chinese. For two years, the Facebook boss, led by Priscilla, dealt with the Mandarin Chinese dialect. Here is evidence of his success: at a meeting with students from elite Tsinghua University, he was able to speak freely to an audience without an interpreter.

After the engagement, Mark respectfully announced her to Priscilla's grandmother, and it's impossible to tell the more shocked the bride's family was - from the news or in the mouth of a foreigner.

Young family

In early December 2015, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife finally had a daughter who was named Maxim. But before that happened, Priscilla survived three miscarriages, and that calamity only brought the spouses together. When Mark spoke about this, he urged people not to hide in their problems, but to discuss them in order to help others.

The young father published a touching letter to his daughter and here it ends: “Max, we love you and feel that we have a great responsibility: We are committed to making this world a better place for you and other children . We hope that the same love, hope and joy that you give us will fill your life. We look forward to bringing new things to this world. "

A successful Zuckerberg businessman generally loves children. And who knows, maybe Max won't be his only child, and one day we'll see photos of the happy Mark Zuckerberg with his wife and children on the internet.

For the good of society

Today, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, who always support him in their work, spend 99% of their income on "making the world a better place". The foundation, called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, works to develop people's potential and their equality - especially in matters of medical care, access to economic instruments and information.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are donating a sizable $ 120 million to improve school conditions and education in San Francisco Bay, particularly for ethnic minority students and low-income families. Funds are also used to upgrade teachers' qualifications and equip classes.

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Priscilla, half American, half Chinese, says she grew up in a poor immigrant family. Mother had to work two jobs, and her daughters, including Priscilla, did everything they can to help their grandparents, who couldn't speak English, get used to a foreign country. The girls have studied well and successfully graduated from college. Previously in her family, no one received any higher education.

Mark Zuckerberg's children are two welcome and long-awaited daughters, the youngest of whom is due to be born this year. According to the founder of Facebook, it took them a long time to become parents - Mark Zuckerberg's wife was pregnant several times and only two attempts were successful. All this time, Mark and Priscilla's relationships not only did not deteriorate, they grew stronger, and the mutual struggle for happiness brought the spouses even closer together. Their eldest daughter Max was born in 2015, and it was why one of the richest people in the world, whose fortune is estimated at $ fifty-three billion, announced that he and his wife would give 99 percent of the shares to charity during his lifetime would Facebook, valued at $ 45 billion at the time. These funds should go to the charity fund of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which supports schools for the poor and the seriously ill.

In the photo - Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

After the birth of the first daughter, Maxima or Max, as her parents call her, Mark, delighted, plunged into the atmosphere of fatherhood and did not hesitate to change diapers for his daughter, happily talking about it on social networks. In addition, he constantly published photos of his older daughter in various images, for example in a Jedi cloak and with a lightsaber in her hands. The whole event was the first word spoken by Zuckerberg's daughter, and they became the word "dog" because Max loves her Hungarian shepherd, Bista.

Zuckerberg met his future wife while studying at Harvard University, when he was not yet the founder of the world-famous Facebook network, but a simple programmer. Priscilla was with him until success and on May 19, 2012 they got married. They played their humble wedding at the Zuckerberg home in Palo Alto, and the hundreds of guests who attended the celebration didn't even know they were going to attend the wedding at first but thought they were invited to Priscilla's graduation from university of California to celebrate.

Ms. Mark Zuckerberg holds a doctorate in medicine, but now she devotes all of her time not to her career, but to raising her daughter and preparing for new births. Since her first pregnancy was very difficult, Priscilla and her husband do everything to ensure that the second one goes without complications. Mark showed himself to be a very good husband who did not give up and left his Priscilla, who had great problems becoming a mother and yet really needed an heir. This once again confirms that they do not become good husbands and fathers, but are born because only a responsible and worthy person is able to sympathize and empathize with them, be strong and at the same time tender, their beloved wife with care to surround them and not to leave them in difficult times.

In the photo - Mark with his daughter Max

Mark Zuckerberg is a versatile person whose main passion has been programming since school years. After acquiring his first computer in his life, he started developing computer games and various entertaining applications himself. However, this was not limited to his interests - he was enthusiastic about fencing and the study of ancient languages.

Zuckerberg joined the prestigious Harvard University in 2002 and two years later he started dating the Chinese Priscilla Chan. Mark fell in love with her simplicity and openness and found a soul mate in her. Mark Zuckerberg's future wife always believed in the success of his social network creation project and supported him in all endeavors.

They tried not to advertise their relationship. When a wealthy young programmer admitted that his heart had not been free for a long time, it was a great discovery for many. Everyone was even more surprised that Mark Zuckerberg, showing great hope for a luxurious future, chose not stunning beauty, but modest and even, as many believe, a tasteless dressing girl with an ordinary look. However, this did not bother Mark - he was content with everything in his beloved, and their relationship only blossomed and grew stronger.

He's young, incredibly rich, and incredibly talented. She is a humble, unknown girl. The news of Mark Zuckerberg's wedding to Priscilla Chan was the most talked about news in 2012. He found the most important thing in this shy, inconspicuous girl - the generosity of the soul and the infinite love that cannot be compared to anything.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark was born into a Jewish family in 1984. His father is a humble dentist and his mother is a psychiatrist. Mark has three sisters: the eldest Randy and two younger - Donna and Ariel.

He has enjoyed programming since childhood and created a network version of a computer game in his school years. He was amazed at his ability to learn languages ​​and won prizes in mathematics, classics, physics, and astronomy. There didn't seem to be such a field of knowledge in which this talented boy would not succeed.

In 2002 he easily entered Harvard University in the Department of Psychology. During his student days, he actively studied computer science and developed programs. And then he created Facemash, a program that allowed young people to choose the best photos by voting for them. However, the Harvard computer network just couldn't withstand the incredible load of visiting a site with a large number of students. College leaders decided to close the Facemash project without even realizing that they were there to help build one of the most popular social networks.

However, Mark Zuckerberg did not leave his idea to fate and in 2004 decided to leave the university to get seriously involved in his project. The idea was supported by several of Mark's friends who started helping him. Zuckerberg himself showed remarkable entrepreneurial talent by finding sponsors willing to invest in an unknown but promising project to create a social network. Already at that time, Priscilla Chan was next to the genius he met as a student.

Priscilla Chan

Priscilla's parents worked very hard to get their three daughters up and running. Therefore, the girls' upbringing was mainly carried out by their grandmother. At school, little Priscilla was distinguished by her persistence and hard work.

At the age of 13 she already knew exactly what she needed to bring to Harvard and directed all of her powers to achieve this goal. On the advice of her computer science teacher, Priscilla started playing tennis as it could make her resume more attractive to a prestigious university. She wasn't a sports kid at all, but she started training hard and then became a member of the Harvard Tennis Club and a student at an elite educational institution.


They met at one of the student parties on the toilet line. Mark was holding a glass of beer that was displaying a joke that only IT people could understand. Priscilla responded jokingly, however, which immediately caught the attention of a clumsy young man who looked most like a nerd. It turned out that they were interested together, as if they were on the same wavelength and got along pretty well.

When Mark decided to leave university and start developing his project, Priscilla did not follow him in Palo Alto. Maybe she didn't want to part with the young man who was nice to her for a long time, but she couldn't disappoint her family's expectations either. The eldest daughter certainly needed to realize her American dream and get a decent education.

Contrary to all predictions, the relationship between Mark and Priscilla did not end. She believed in him and his future success, and he believed in her and that sooner or later they would be together.
The astonishing success of Mark Zuckerberg did nothing to change his attitude to life. He was still confident in himself and in his plans. He only associated the future with this amazing girl. She fully supported him in her desire not to advertise their relationship and not to let outsiders into her life.

Unexpected wedding

On May 19, 2012, Mark and Priscilla invited friends and relatives to join the holiday coinciding with the graduation of a medical student. The real reason for the celebration, however, was the marriage, for which the newlyweds had been preparing for the past five months.

Mark, with whom she had once fallen in love, was incredibly wealthy at the time, but even for her own wedding, Priscilla did not buy a luxurious outfit and limited herself to a very modest dress sewn by a little-known designer. On the hand of the billionaire's young wife was a wedding ring with a ruby. Mark Zuckerberg ordered this ring from a jeweler based on his own sketch.

Live for one another

For the sake of his beloved, Mark Zuckerberg began learning Chinese. His wife's grandmother speaks no English at all and she played too much in Priscilla's life. Even before the meeting, he was grateful to this amazing woman who raised his wife.
Always and in everything, Priscilla tries to support her husband and inspires him to do noble deeds. At her initiative, a charitable organ donation program appeared on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg's wife considers charity an essential part of life. As you know, her husband is a member of many charitable projects and a member of the Gift Vow group, whose members pledge to donate half of their income to charity to help those in need.

Star family children

Mark and Priscilla dreamed of having children, but three pregnancies in a row resulted in miscarriages. When their daughter Max was born in December 2015, they were the happiest people in the world. The star billionaire is not only a caring, loving spouse, but also a gentle and caring father. The entire online community was deeply moved by the letter Zuckerberg published to his daughter. He wrote that they will love their baby and try to make this world a better place for them by filling it with love, joy and light.

And in March 2017, Mark wrote on his Facebook page that he and his wife were expecting the birth of a second daughter.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan together with the first meeting. Made love dancing.