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GoodFellas - Three decades in the Mafia

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Jimmy (Robert de Niro) and Tommy (Joe Pesci) can do whatever they want. They are members of the New York neighborhood mafia, do not have to be considerate and earn a lot of money. Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) is fascinated by this life and is working on being able to lead it too. He was accepted into the Mafia and made a career - soon he was organizing bank robberies himself. Whoever stands in the way will be "cleared away", killed. Jimmy and especially Tommy are not squeamish about this. They know their trade, including murder, and know neither mercy nor conscience ...

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GoodFellas - Three decades in the Mafia
By Ulrich Behrens
A true classic of gangster films - if you want to use this genre in films by Martin Scorsese - the master delivered in 1990 with this flick from the mafia milieu, which tells the true story of gangster Henry Hill, his rise and fall, from the 50s to the 50s in the 80s. "As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster," says Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), heralding a review of his gangster career. Not only does this sound like every boy's dream "I've always wanted to be a pilot"; it is meant seriously. Young Hill is fascinated by the members of the New York neighborhood mafia, by Jimmy (Robert de Niro) and Tommy (Joe Pesci), who can do what they want without having to consider anyone - except those above them - and earn a lot of money in their job. And Hill is fortunate enough to be involved in this honorable law ...
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Genre director .... that's what Martin Scorsese could call himself. The Italian American is a very good example that some filmmakers can "only" do one thing. Well, maybe I don't want to go that far now, but the quality range at Scorsese also ranges from masterpieces like "Casino" and "Taxi Driver" to total failures alla "The Time of Innocence", which he created in 1990, probably together with them best mafia actors of the ...
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Amusing thriller-grotesque with a good narrative flow, but all the characters look stylized and distant from life, all cinematic means overdone and the conflicts not seriously worked out.
It was a very big disappointment for me. Couldn't build up tension despite the long running time.
"GoodFellas - Three Decades in the Mafia" is a very well told and true story and with the right cast for it. all positions are well filled! the film manages with little action and still manages to stay interesting even if the tension factor is only pushed up towards the end!
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