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With Android 12, Google wants to make third-party app stores more accessible

There has been criticism of the closed iOS ecosystem for years, especially with regard to the App Store, because Apple is forcing all developers to sell their apps through its in-house store; 30 percent of sales go directly to the iPhone manufacturer. At least since the lawsuit by Epic Games, the situation around the monopoly allegations has been getting worse, so that Google has already announced changes in a blog entry as a precaution.

Google again points out that third-party app stores on Android are already widespread, and that Fortnite, for example, is available both via the Samsung Galaxy App Store and the Epic Games Store. Starting with Android 12, however, it should be even easier to install stores from third-party providers, so that security should not be jeopardized - exactly what changes Google is monitoring has not yet been revealed.

At the same time, Google uses the thumbscrews when it comes to the Play Store, because the terms and conditions have been revised to avoid loopholes. By September 30, 2021, all apps that are sold via Google Play must, without exception, use Google's payment system, and accordingly transfer a portion of their sales to Google.

Overall, Google seems to want to prevent possible lawsuits, while at the same time sales should be boosted by Google Play - this could possibly avoid an expensive penalty, depending on how the case at Apple is decided.

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