What are your favorite songs about soul mates

In love with girlfriend, soul mate and a secret ...

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I'm currently in the same situation as you. Only I don't know how to deal with it and how she feels about all of this.

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But you are not "the other" by chance ?

@ Both cowards: If it's love, it will
even a little courage not to destroy the "magic"
disturb - because love is always
couple is and because love is neither evil nor one
Crime - and if it's love, it will
also pay attention not to another, already
long lasting love (e.g. to a partner)
to destroy or his position ("No.1")
to want to dispute. Only he wants that
Desire for possession and "having-to-yourself"
want ". Love always tries a way to
find yourself so to show that they are in result
not destroyed, but expanded, not narrowed,
but leaves free, not on the one-sided passage
setting needs, but rather on
Mutuality on an equal footing. What
since it shows up as "infatuation", so could
definitely also be "fascination" or that
Desire to have new and exciting experiences
do - regardless of what you do
triggers with the other and in his life.

With stories like this, it's worth getting involved with
the social behavior of chimpanzees and
To deal with bonobos - our next

Very practical tip: a neutral, anonymous one
Write a letter with the content "I have myself in
in love with you - if you are in love too, you know
in whom - then please give me the following sign ... "

This allows the girlfriend to "come out" as well
or - if it is nothing - ignore it and use it
it remains unclear who the letter writer is. Important
I think I can somehow communicate the feelings
adorn and not include them because then they
more likely to cause damage to both the relationship
as well as in the soul of lovers.