Where my tax refund

Tax refund: your money comes automatically

Have you had your tax return made by the income tax relief association on time and your advisor has calculated a high tax refund for you? Or have you sent your tax return yourself with ELSTER and calculated with the program that you will receive a substantial reimbursement?

Now you are impatiently waiting for your tax assessment, which will confirm the tax refund and of course for your money. Most tax offices take six to eight weeks to review your tax return. You can find out how you can possibly speed up this processing time in our article When will my tax assessment arrive?

The notification and reimbursement come at the same time

If you are entitled to a tax refund, the money will usually be transferred in parallel with the dispatch of the tax assessment. It can therefore even happen that you have the tax refund in your account before you find the notification in your mailbox.

Conclusion: You don't have to do anything other than file your tax return on time. You will automatically receive a possible tax refund.

By the way:

If you do not receive a reimbursement but even have to pay additional taxes, this is also stated on your tax assessment, along with a deadline by when you have to transfer the money to the tax authorities. You will find the account address for this in the footer of the document.

Consultant calculates reimbursement

VLH consultants can also calculate your potential tax refund before submitting your tax return. They also check your decision. You can find a VLH advisor in your area using our advisor search.

This is an editorial text from the VLH editorial team. There is no advice on topics that are outside the tax advisory powers of an income tax aid association. Consulting services in specific individual cases can only be provided within the framework of the establishment of a membership and exclusively within the advisory authority according to ยง 4 No. 11 StBerG.