Is sharing contacts a thing in networking?

Ideas, impulses, contacts: career advantages through networking

“It's not about what you know, but who you know.” You know this wisdom, but have never used it in your everyday work? A big mistake. The people you network with - acquaintances, co-workers, someone you've ever done a project with - can have a decisive influence Your career have and drive them forward. As a manager, it is essential to be in regular contact with key top performers in your industry. Today we will show you your career advantages through networking and explain how you can use them properly.

1. Networking expands your knowledge

When you meet new people, your own points of view are inevitably challenged and questioned. Everyone has their own perspective on certain issues. So make sure that you don't always exchange ideas with colleagues from the same area - this can quickly lead to the fact that you keep repeating the same ideas. Around Innovationsto drive forward and receive new impulses, you should also network with people outside your industry. Listen to what these people think of your ideas and try to learn from their point of view.

2. Networking attracts attention

As soon as you introduce yourself, you become the representative of your company. The person you have just met will associate your face with your company in the future. This gives you the opportunity to give the company a human face and to put it in a positive light. The more people you are in your networkrecord the better. Ultimately, this will attract more attention to you and your company - maybe this will also result in one or the other cooperation.

3. Networking brings new contacts

Relationship building is essential to gaining the trust of others. Who wants to work with someone they don't like? So your relationships can definitely help your company grow. Try to initiate partnerships and collaborations - that won't damage your reputation in the company either. Once you have established good relationships with some high achievers, there is a good chance that you will be introduced to other key people. It's always good to build a handful of close relationships with people who offer services that will help your business. One hand washes the other.

4. Networking promotes your social skills

Those who network actively and regularly improve their communication skills. You recognize faster what your counterpart really wants and also explain your own goals and needs more effectively. If you often introduce yourself to strangers, you also learn about yourself and your company or your concerns to put precisely in words - this can be useful for future presentations. You have now perfected the infamous elevator pitch - communicating your ideas to your team effectively and clearly should be easy.

A good network is a great thing, and the career advantages of networking should not be underestimated. However, it is not about taking advantage of others for your company's success. Relationships that are mutually beneficial are much more stable and effective. If that is the case, your networking ability will too advance professionally.