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Self-employed with the Alexianer Service Wohnen (ASW)

ASW is an outpatient care service for people with intellectual disabilities and learning disabilities, for whom we want to enable a self-determined life. Since we are a visiting service, our clients are usually looked after and accompanied in their homes. If necessary and by arrangement, but also at the workplace or at other locations.

Our clients experience advice, guidance and support with all practical problems and questions that they encounter in everyday life. The care is provided by social workers and socio-educational specialists.

In the Amelsbüren and Wolbeck districts of Münster, the Alexians' apartments are available as single apartments and communal areas, which are very suitable for some clients as an introduction to assisted living. As a rule, however, the clients live in their own rented apartment in the city of Münster. If possible, rental contracts should be concluded between the client and the landlord.

Our offers of help include:

  • Help with structuring the day and finding a suitable job opportunity
  • Advice and support with regard to securing a livelihood (pension, social assistance, housing benefit, etc.)
  • Support and guidance with practical life problems (housekeeping, laundry care, nutrition, etc.)
  • Assistance with financial matters
  • Assistance in shaping social relationships (flat share, neighbors, friends, family, etc.)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Joint and individual leisure planning and implementation, also through group offers
  • Suggestion for your own leisure time
  • Advice to relatives and other caregivers in the client's environment
  • Mediation in conflict situations
  • Mediating and supportive connection to specialist and therapeutic specialists

Some basic requirements are required for admission to the ASW. These include:

  • a sustainable self-assessment
  • basic life skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to negotiate

Our goal is to enable our clients to lead a self-determined life. The primary goal here is social and professional integration.

Our offer is generally aimed at adults with intellectual disabilities and learning disabilities. Our colleagues from BeWo assisted living take care of the outpatient care of people with mental illness. Our employees are also at your side if you have addictions.

The costs for the services of outpatient assisted living are usually taken over by the supra-local or local social welfare agency and billed in specialist hours (FLS).

In a personal consultation, we will discuss the financing with you individually. We will of course help you with the application. The decision on a possible cost sharing is ultimately made by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) after a corresponding application has been submitted and an examination has been made.

This link from the Landschaftsverband Westalen-Lippe (LWL) can help with questions about a possible use of income and assets.