What does it mean to put on gloves



Don't worry, you didn't end up in a well-known youth magazine and my name is not Dr. Summer. But the following (supposedly) also has to do with romance. I just want to show you how to put on sterile gloves, but you might also be interested in how these helpers were created and why they are called "gloves". If not, just skip the blue box below.

Goodyears Love

I also only let the following story be told to me and not checked it. But I think you are so beautiful that I wanted to pass you on.
If you're a skeptic, you probably won't believe them. But if you are a romantic (like me) then you can add them to your stories ... When latex gloves weren't around, the wife of the tire manufacturer Goodyear had a problem with housework. The harsh detergents of the time led to rashes and redness on their hands more and more often. Then Mr. Godyear said to himself that you had to somehow protect your hands from these substances and developed the first glove made of latex.

Nowadays you would probably have expected a man to do the housework for it, but at that time this invention was considered a clear proof of love for his wife. And that's why he dedicated them to his wife with love and from then on called the gloves "Goodyears Love" or simply "G-Love" or Glove ". Isn't that romantic? So much for romance, but now for the sterile "Gloves" ...

If you want to put on gloves sterile, you have to make sure that you only touch the inside of the gloves with your hands. For this, the gloves are packaged in a typical way.
When you have put on the first glove, you can only touch sterile objects with them in order not to become “unsterile”. Then you can only touch the second glove from the outside so that the first glove is not contaminated again.
In the following “Photo Glove Story” you can see every single step described.

Take the glove book out of the outer packaging and place it in front of you on a flat and clean surface as shown in the picture. You may need to take off your smock, as you can quickly make the gloves unsterile with the sleeve collar.

Now you grasp with both hands under the folded edges ...

... and open the letter like a book. If everything was carefully packed in the factory, then the gloves are now lying in front of you with the thumbs facing outwards (as shown schematically on the letter in the first picture).

Grasp the folded edge from the inside with your left hand and "slip" into the glove with your right hand. The palm of the hand must be facing up.

Now fold the edge over and pull the glove over your hand. Be careful not to accidentally come across non-sterile objects with the glove or to slip off the surface. If you want, you can also raise your glove in the air.

Now grasp the folded edge from the outside with your right, gloved hand and "slip" into the glove with your left hand. The palm of the hand must be facing up.

Now you can slowly fold the edge over while pulling the glove firmly onto your hand.

Often it is not possible to put on the glove correctly right away because one or more fingers have not found their “target”. Don't get confused and put both gloves on first.

Then you can create space for your fingers by pulling on the individual finger cots and slide them down in a targeted manner. But always be careful not to accidentally touch your forearm with the sterile gloves on. Should you nevertheless "contaminate" one or the other glove, take them off again and start over with a fresh pair. This happens again and again to experienced colleagues.
So don't take the risk of contamination of the patient lightly and change your gloves!

And now let's get down to work! Give me five...

Your dr. Felix Resourceful