How are high-end suits made


In the case of consumer goods, the current change in values ​​regarding sustainability is becoming increasingly important.

The careful use of scarce and valuable raw materials plays just as important a role as the consideration of the social and ecological framework conditions under which a product is manufactured. In the luxury segment in particular, the conscious and responsible use of our resources is more necessary than ever.

In the best case scenario, luxury items combine a long product life and recyclable materials. The ecological footprint that they leave affects us all. Only if we ensure sustainability now will we have the chance of an intact planet that will also offer our descendants a livelihood. The products that we present in our VOLUME magazine are sustainable in the best sense of the word. They have been carefully made from high-quality materials and created for a long, enjoyable product life. In doing so, you are helping to ensure that our earth can become a “better place”.


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