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Still single? THAT are the reasons why pretty women are so often alone

There are women for whom everything is really right at first glance:They look beautiful, do a great job, and have a large group of friends. In fact, according to various studies, hot women are not only supposed to be smarter and more successful at work, they also marry rich and educated men more often. Sounds like a jackpot, doesn't it? If only there wasn't a catch.Because attractive women often belong to the permanent singles. Why it is like that? We'll tell you here ...

6 reasons why attractive women are so often single:

1. You have an exciting social life

You have just come back from an exciting city trip, so it's already time to go to the pubs with the girls in the evening and then punctually go to the bargain hunt at the hip flea market with your nice work colleague the next day. And then there is the study or the job and the weekly meeting with parents or grandparents. In short: (free) time is often in short supply for attractive women. In the end According to a study, beautiful people are more popular in their environment and therefore have many friendships that need to be cultivated. A date with the lover is second only.

2. You are too attractive

Yeah, we already know, more cliché is not really possible. But there is actually some truth to "being too hot". Women who are above average attractive are addressed less often by men. The reason: types 1.) do not get the idea that such a beautiful woman could or are still solo 2.) simply too shy to speak to the woman of their dreams. A really stupid dilemma. Either way, men miss the chance to get to know their future - unfortunately, they just too often feel insecure in the presence of particularly pretty and self-confident women.

3. You are spoiled for choice

When guys do muster all their courage and speak to a beautiful woman, the tables are often turned. Because especially in times of Tinder, Badoo and Co., in which the most beautiful profile wins, particularly attractive women look particularly good. Easy, if the approach is done with a short text message. However, online dating also means that a better, hotter or smarter guy will be waiting for them the next time they swipe. At least the seemingly endless selection makes it difficult to finally decide on a guy.

4. You have high standards

Not only should a guy love her for who she is, hot women often make very high demands on their partner. Regardless of whether an attractive appearance, success at work or intelligence - When it comes to men, beautiful women don't want to compromise. And who should blame them, after all, Gleich und Gleich like to join people. However, the theory looks rather difficult in practice. Because good-looking, intelligent and charming men who don't turn out to be perfect idiots in the end are few and far between.

5. You don't feel like going on a lot of dates anymore

While in your early twenties it was still exciting to go out with one guy after the other, it looks different with the beginning of the 30s, because no more time is wasted on casual dates! Of course, attractive women think it's great when a guy tries really hard and wants to conquer them with magical rendezvous, but hot ladies only get involved if they are really interested. Otherwise, they prefer to spend nice evenings with their friends, their families or themselves.

6. You are happy with yourself - with or without types

Is life really worth living with only one guy by your side? Not for attractive ladies! They have numerous other components in their life, such as their job, their circle of friends, their passions or their hobbies, which they adequately fulfill. Of course they are ready to get involved in a relationship should it come to that, but they are never desperate for a suitable partner.

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