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Spotify increases prices in many countries - location in Germany

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Spotify is increasing its prices in many countries - sometimes the music subscriptions are significantly more expensive. This is the bad news. But there is also a good one.

EnlargeSpotify: price increase in many countries - location in Germany,
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// will increase prices on April 30, 2021. At least in Great Britain, the USA and in some EU countries such as Ireland.

As our sister publication Techadvisor reports, Spotify is said to have informed its users about the price increase via email. Accordingly, "Spotify Premium Duo" and "Family" as well as "Student" should become more expensive in Great Britain and the EU. In the USA, only the price for family membership is supposed to increase.

PC-WELT picks up on: For the time being no price increase in Germany

As Spotify confirmed to PC-WELT when asked, the prices in Germany for all Spotify music subscriptions remain unchanged for the time being.

Family membership is sometimes significantly more expensive

In the UK, family membership will cost 16.99 pounds sterling from April 30, 2021 instead of the previous 14.99 pounds. In the US, the price for the Spotify Family will rise from the previous $ 14.99 to $ 15.99. In various EU countries such as Ireland, where Spotify Family has previously cost 14.99 euros, the monthly fee increases to 17.99 euros.

Student and Premium Duo

In Great Britain and various EU countries, Spotify is also increasing the prices for the Premium Duo subscription and for “Student”. Student costs from April 30th 5.99 pounds or 5.99 euros and Premium Duo costs 13.99 pounds or 12.99 euros. The price increase is therefore 1 pound or one euro throughout.

Existing customers can still pay the old, cheaper prices for a month. The price increase will therefore only come into effect for existing customers in June 2021.

No information is yet available on a Spotify Premium price increase for a user.

Spotify justifies the price increase with the fact that they want to continue to bring new content and new functions to customers. A few days ago it was also announced that the Spotfy founder would like to buy the English football club Arsenal FC.

That costs Spotify in Germany

"Spotify Premium" currently costs 9.99 euros for a user in Germany. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

"Spotify Duo" with two premium accounts for two people living in the same household costs 12.99 euros per month. "Spotify Family" for up to six family members costs 14.99 euros per month. With "Spotify Student", Spotify has a discounted offer for students for 4.99 euros per month.

In addition, there is of course the free, ad-supported Spotify, where you cannot listen to the music offline.