How do I deal with overconfident people

"There is always quarrel among the high-spirited"

Provocation and reflection, reassurance and orientation, encouragement, exchange and the learning area of ​​living democracy - this is how Saxony-Anhalt's Prime Minister Dr Reinhard Höppner, himself a member of the Presidium, understands the Kirchentag. That is a high standard, especially when you combine unemployment and justice. Conflicts of conscience are indicated; because for many, the connection to productivity and costs, to profit and profit will emerge.

Perhaps the Leipzig Kirchentag will not only be a learning field for lively democracy, but also a learning field for social justice, for example according to Solomon's Proverbs 13:10: “There is always a dispute among the arrogant; but wisdom is with those who allow themselves to be guessed. "

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