What is an intensive care doctor


A doctor measures a patient's blood pressure.

Doctor is a profession. The doctor helps sick people and tries to make them healthy. It is a job for which you have to study medicine for a long time at the university. Many doctors can call themselves a "doctor" if they have also passed the additional examination at the university. You can also get a doctorate in other subjects, for example in history, philosophy, physics or chemistry.

Doctors usually specialize in one area. To do this, they have to do additional training after graduation, which takes several years. The doctors are then particularly familiar with a topic. This can be, for example, these areas: digestion, cancer, hearing, the eyes or skin diseases. But there are many other areas as well.

Doctors can work in a hospital, caring for patients who usually stay for more than a few minutes. There are also doctors who have their own practice. You usually only stay there for a short time and after the treatment you go home straight away. A general practitioner works in a large number of medical practices. He has a very broad but less deep knowledge. As a sick person, i.e. as a patient, you usually go to him first. If the family doctor doesn't know what to do next, he can refer the patient to a specialist. There are also many pediatricians who have a practice.

How does the family doctor work?

This doctor will listen to your lungs with a stethoscope.

We have a family doctor in every larger village. However, some people have to bring their related patients to him from further afield. In many developing countries, people still have a long way to go to see a doctor.

The family doctor treats the patient as far as he can. Even healthy people can go to him, for example if you have to be vaccinated or just want to check whether you have any illnesses.

First, the doctor asks the patient why he comes to him. Then he examines the patient, checks whether he is sick and what the disease is. He can also help as a precaution, that is, make sure that you stay healthy. Finally, the doctor tells what the patient should do. If the disease is more difficult, he will send the patient to a hospital or to a specialist.

Sometimes the patient also needs medication. Some doctors give it to them themselves, others send the patient to a pharmacy. The doctor writes on a piece of paper what the patient needs. This is called a recipe.

The doctor is supported by a medical assistant who was formerly known as the “doctor's assistant”. In most cases, that's a woman. She takes on small tasks such as putting on a bandage, drawing blood or a vaccination. She also writes reports for the doctor and assigns patients their appointments.

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