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customer focus

This book defines the term customer orientation in a binding manner, conveys the basics of customer-oriented company management and answers the following questions, among others: How does a stronger customer orientation increase the profitability of a company? How can companies improve their customer orientation? The latest methods and approaches of customer orientation such as customer engagement value, customer purchase process, customer-centric transformation and co-creation are explained. The theoretical models are illustrated by practical examples. In addition, a transformation process to improve customer orientation for different types of organizations is presented. The book is aimed at those responsible who think and act with the customer in mind and who want to increase the customer orientation of their company. Students from the fields of strategy, digitization, organization, data management, marketing and sales also read it at a profit.

 In the experience economy, customer orientation must (really!) Be the core of your strategy. Since this is much more difficult than it looks and many are not as good as they think, this book will help you to systematically improve customer orientation.

Benoit Rengade, Voice of Customer, Corporate Direction of Internal Audit, Risk Management, Internal Control and Quality, Michelin


This book gives a unique insight into the multifaceted challenges and solution approaches for the successful transformation of a company to increase customer orientation.

Daniel Friedmann, Expertise Owner User Experience, Bosch Power Tools


The explanations are a real added value for hungry students as well as practitioners in order to improve customer orientation in the company.

Michel Vinzens, Director of the Swiss Institute for Business Administration (SIB) Zurich


The author

Dr. Jörg Staudacher heads the Center for Sales & Retail at the Zurich School of Economics (HWZ). He is also a partner of CustomersX and has been advising companies for over 20 years. He researches and gives lectures on the topics of customer orientation, sales excellence and retail excellence and lectures in numerous Bachelor, Master and MBA classes.