What is the abbreviation for MD and DM

dm me on Instagram, Twitter and Co .: What does the abbreviation mean?

Anyone who browses the Internet will regularly come across sequences of letters and abbreviations, the meaning of which cannot be deduced straight away. An abbreviation used especially on Twitter and Instagram is behind "dm me". But what does that mean?

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The abbreviation “DM” can have different meanings. If it is followed by “me”, the abbreviation is called “Direct Message”. Without “me”, “Don't Mind” or “Doesn't Matter” can also be understood behind it.

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"Dm me": definition and meaning of the abbreviation

In the first case, "dm me", this means that someone wants you to contact the person via private message. For some time now, Instagram has not only offered the option of uploading images, but also enables exchange via the chat function. "Dm me" can appear on Instagram and Twitter, but also on Facebook, Steam and all other chat tools. In the same way, “pm me” can also be used for “dm me”. The term is z. B. gladly appropriate for shoutouts.

In the second case, someone just wants to tell you that you don't have to worry about a statement or that a statement doesn't matter.

What does "dm me" mean on Instagram, Twitter and Co.?

In the pen & paper role-playing area, however, “DM” means the “dungeon master”. He is responsible for setting up the rules and the story in Dungeons & Dragons and Co. and oversees the game, similar to the bank in Monopoly.

With us you will find further explanations of common internet terms and statements. So we explain z. For example, where the phrase “the cake is a lie” comes from, what is behind the abbreviation “FTW” and what the definition of the abbreviation “BAE” is.

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