How would you become a master strategist

Has data been programmed with the ability to be a master strategist?

Has Data called Q's ultimate AI achievement, proving the ability of a world-class strategist with an ultimate storage capacity of 800 trillion bits and an overall linear speed of 60 trillion operations per second?

For example; In "Peak Performance" TNG 2x21 Data beats a 3rd level Strategema Grandmaster in a race that is feared for his innate strategic minds, and in "The Hunted" TNG 3x11 he beats the genetically improved Angosian super soldier Roga Danar. These are just two of the many examples of his superior strategic skills.

An example of Data's military strategy programming: From "The Hunted:



Actually, Data could only keep up with the Strategema Grandmaster, but not beat it. And having been deceived once by Roga Danar, he could suspect that Roga was misleading the crew, but not determining his real target. And "eight hundred quadrillion bits" is only about 100 petabytes, which is what we're likely to see on personal storage drives in the next century. On paper, data isn't that technically impressive.


@ Xantec WHAT ?! He "destroyed" the Grand Master and captured the super soldier. Not that technically impressive? Tough crowd thinks.


He also lost a chess game against agent Troi.


@Xantec Another example of Data's superior strategic and tactical capabilities, even in the face of counter orders and a subversive chief officer while a Romulan sneak was blown up during the Klingon Civil War. "Redemption, Part II" TNG 5x1

Brian S.

@Xantec, IBM has a machine with more than the storage capacity of Data, and the USAF has a machine with several times the processing power of Data. (And the USAF machine is mostly made up of PlayStation 3 consoles ...) We may not have commercial devices that can beat data, but the world has computers that can. The next step is miniaturization!


There are examples of data making bad tactical decisions too.

  • In the episode cause and effect Data's proposal leads to the destruction of the Enterprise-D - not just once, but several times for 17 days. Only when the time loop has reached a sufficiently high "feedback level" and the crew can start sending messages in the past (via data) does he recognize that Riker had the superior tactic.

  • Data beat the strategema player not strictly. he loses once and then plays it to a stalemate. While the loss can be viewed as an admission of defeat or an implicit loss, it is “technical”.

  • During the opening scene of Conundrum apparently beat Troi Data at least once in three-dimensional chess.

  • Data appreciated Captain Picard's strategy, the noose in the episode Booby trap escape, not until the slingshot effect had already been applied.

  • Although data has a good meaning, it shows in the episode In theory an inability to strategize emotionally.

  • Data cannot replicate its own design, as in See The Offspring . Nor could he accurately predict or explain the cascade failure in Lal's positive brain.

  • Consultant. Troi. Beat. Data. At the. Chess.

These and other examples show that data is not infallible in its ability to predict and / or strategize. While some of these are not as "strategic" as we would imagine strategizing a battle plan or risk game, they point to the gap in Data's reasoning where emotions and intuition often come into play.

James Sheridan

Are we sure Data wouldn't let her win, like we let a not-too-smart kid win a game to make them feel better?


However, the characters are pretty well elaborated in their habits and skills over seven years. Riker plays the trombone, likes jazz, is a good shuttle pilot and hosts poker in his quarters. There's no need to say, "But what if he's also a competent Tetris player? How? You don't know! You weren't there." It is the same with Troi; Her activities on the ship do not make her the first port of call when trying to imagine an adversary capable of defeating data. What she's doing off-screen isn't worth guessing, isn't it?


Rather, it was the fact that "oh, suddenly she's amazing at chess, even though she has never shown any skill at chess before or since".


@Hypnosifl - Yes, because she is generally portrayed as an incompetent bobble head with large pitchers.


And for what it's worth - maybe Troi crashed the Enterprise not just once but twice. She didn't crash it in 17 days. Data ran Admiral Frasier's Miranda-class Cadillac into the starboard nacelle for 17 days. It took so long to find out what, with all the echoes of deja-vu and memory and so on, perhaps Mr. Tricorder didn't trust Mr. Tricorder to call this. Picard's respect for Data in this situation was arguably the most destructive act the two have ever conspired to commit.