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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on visa application for Australia.

Frequently asked questions about Visa, eVisitor and ETA

On this page you will find a collection of frequently asked customer questions about visa application for Australia and our service for travelers.

Does König Tours need the original passport for electronic travel authorization?

No, a copy of your passport or submitting the required passport details is sufficient.

Is the online application form for ETA available in German?

No, the form is only available in English and Japanese. If you entrust us with the procurement of your ETA, there are no language barriers.

I am currently in Australia. Can I extend my stay with an ETA?

No, you can only apply if you are outside of Australia. The system recognizes that you entered the country with your passport and have not yet left the country.

Are there embargo periods for re-entry with ETA (eVisitor)? How often can I use the travel permit?

No blocking periods are known at ETA. Your permit is valid for 12 months, the maximum length of stay at a time is 3 months. The online visa entitles you to multiple entries. So you have the opportunity to visit Australia in four 3-month stages. For example, a trip to New Zealand is a good way to leave the country. Entry into Australia is then permitted again.

The visa is linked to the passport. What does that mean?

Your visa is only valid in conjunction with the identification document that you used when applying. If your passport expires or is lost, the ETA can no longer be used automatically. You need a new passport and a new entry permit.

Do I receive written proof of my ETA and do I need it when I enter the country?

You will receive a confirmation / invoice from us. However, you do not need this at the border crossing. Your data is stored digitally and is already available to the border guards. ETA is therefore completely paperless.

The data I sent to König Tours contained errors - what happens now?

If we have already applied for your ETA, it is usually not possible to correct the data. It is necessary to submit a new application. The application fees are incurred again.

Can ETA (eVisitor) only be paid by credit card?

A valid credit card is required when applying directly on the Australian Immigration Service website. If you entrust us with the visa procurement, other payment options are available to you.

I intend to stay in Australia longer than 3 months - is that possible?

Longer stays are definitely possible. The electronic travel permit ETA or eVisitor are not sufficient in this case. You will need a different type of visa that suits your travel intentions.

Is it possible to use an ETA / eVisitor for me and my children?

No, children need their own (children's) passport as well as their own visa application.

What does your ETA service cost?

We apply for your tourist or business ETA for a flat fee of 25.00 euros per person.

I cannot find a visa for Australia in your price table or in the order form? - What can I do?

If you need a visa category for Australia that is not listed in our booking mask, please contact us by phone or email.

Can I volunteer if I enter the country on a tourist visa / tourist ETA?

Yes, unpaid volunteering is allowed. The length of stay is limited to 3 months (in one piece) or according to the visa entry. Once you start making money, you will need a Working Holiday Visa.

Is the eVisitor visa sufficient for work and travel or a stay abroad as an au pair in Australia?

No, the Working Holiday Visa is available for the purpose of "work and travel" as well as au pair stays in Australia. ETA is not sufficient as it does not allow employment.