A bra slows breast growth

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Hello my dears.
I have been on LT150 for 2 weeks now. My condition is really modest. On top of all this, my chest has grown. Do you know anyone? I just don't want to when the recruitment time is finally over: mad:

yes, I know that too, unfortunately. I had an operation 4 years ago and since then I have had various complaints, including abdominal and intestinal complaints and just the bosom ... Not only that it has grown bigger (at least it seems that way because it is inflated), but often also real tension. The gynecologist said it was mastodynia. There is a remedy for this and it also helps a little (but takes a few weeks until it works). Don't let any pill talk you into it! But my stomach is so inflated too, everything is probably connected. But why and why nobody can explain. I now have another appointment in July with an Endkrinol. , that will take until then. ... Otherwise I have to have regular ultrasounds because of my breast ...
It's all stupid. Don't want to discourage you, but you may also need a lot of patience ...
lg Barbara

yes great, that's exactly what I noticed with me and I'm only at 75 L-thyroxine: confused:
I thought I was imagining it

Thyroxine, of course, also boosts the sex hormones. I would have prolactin examined to see whether it is still normal. It is important that the breast was not 'touched' on the day the blood was taken, as any strong touch promotes the release of prolactin.

If the prolactin is too high, one can take so-called prolactin inhibitors, there are now very tolerable ones.

The remedy that takes longer is 'Mastodynon', without a prescription. It contains, among other things, Agnus castus, monk's pepper, which promotes the release of dopamine and slows down prolactin somewhat. Also helps with menstrual cramps, in fact it takes a few cycles to work.
Greetings Mirza

That can't be imagination;)

In years of UF and enormous TSH values, I always had a bra size of 80B.

I have been taking LT regularly since last year
and suddenly I have a bust size of 90 D: confused:

I don't take any other hormones.
Wonder if it could be the LT, which I don't really want to believe.
Because then our male hashis would have all breasts * cheeky grin *

best regards

My breasts got bigger before, from 70B to 75D, around the age of 40. The LT intake (9 months) has so far not changed anything.
However, I also take HET (Angeliq).

I'm not alone after all .......... :(

My chest suddenly got bigger three years ago. At that time I had just quit smoking, I was almost certainly in an unrecognized UF and was just starting to gain weight for no reason ..... Within 2 years it went from 75 D to 80 F ......!
Shortly before, I had taken birth control pills for three months. Since I was bleeding all the time, I stopped using it! And I had been taking iodine for a while .....
I also had pain in my nipples for a couple of months.

I got my Hashi diagnosis in April 2006. Shortly before that, my weight stopped gaining weight and my chest didn't get any bigger either.

In the last months I had reduced my LT dose and then unfortunately got back into UF ...... My breast has been growing again for two months and I'm slowly getting into the crisis !!! And the pain in the nipples is back too. And today I have an intermenstrual period on the 11th day of my cycle. I've never had that before ...

Why is that ???


Hello girls

Could it be that she got SMALLER during the UF. And now only returns to normal size?

Sex hormones can play a role, I think.

I also tried monk's pepper in between: I was surprised how great - and relatively fast - it works.

The TRH, which also drives up the TSH, is also responsible for the prolactin, as far as I remember. So if he has a lot to do, then it may well be that he gives the prolactin a little gas. With a good attitude, however, that should settle.

Just like being bloated.

Love from

Could it be that she got SMALLER during the UF. And now only returns to normal size?

No, definitely not ...... I already suffered from my large breast during puberty ...... If I had suspected at the time that it would grow two sizes again, I would have been nice and quiet ...: (

I've also thought of prolactin ...
But my TSH has been suppressed for half a year and in the last BE it had climbed to 0.17 ...... but clearly had UF symptoms, which improved again after increasing the dose of LT ......

What does TRH do when TSH is suppressed? Can prolactin still be increased?


Hm ... everything is strange ...: confused:

You always tell the poor pubescent kiddies what they go through when their bodies change. Didn't find that so dramatic at the time. But now I keep wondering what is going on. I myself would fit into the picture I have described;).

am now a bit confused .... did I owe my big breast to the LT ???

for me it had grown from 80 c to 85 G and that after my SD OP. however, I never brought it into context ????

three years ago I had her operated on on 80 B, but now I'm already back at C / D ???

Can this really be related to LT ?????

I don't think LT is to blame. Rather the underactive function, which in turn can lead to increased prolactin.

My chest got bigger when I haven't taken an LT, but I have certainly already had Hashi + UF.


Hello ,

to me, these problems sound like a progesterone deficiency. Hashis often have an estrogen dominance and a lack of progesterone (and too much prolactin). I take more progesterone for these problems and it gets better.
However, I also suspect Hashi (or the accompanying symptoms) to be to blame for my cup size.
Although all women in our family are rather small-chested, my daughter and I (both Hashi) "shine" with cup sizes C and D respectively.
LG Doris

My mother also has hashi and has very small breasts. She always envied me for mine and I would have loved to give her something ........ :(

Can they actually get smaller again ???

I actually thought about having an operation ...... But if they continue to grow again ?? !! Oh man......

Has anyone ever taken Mastodynon? Is that good for chest pain and a feeling of tension in the second half of the cycle?


Hello .

I don't know it, but chest pain and a feeling of tension, especially in the second half, are clearly a progesterone deficiency in my opinion.

If anyone else wants, I can also give in some bust size .;)

LG Doris

And again something that seems to be widespread here: confused:

My chest is also getting bigger all the time, I initially attributed this to the general weight gain (approx. 12kg within 1 year), but since the Hashi diagnosis and the LT intake it has remained constant or a slight decrease is noticeable.

Especially in the last few weeks I've lost what you can see pants that are no longer as tight, but the chest is getting bigger (visible on the bra) and has been tense and painful for a few weeks, on some days I can't even wear it Lying on your stomach and walking around without a bra is almost painful.

I have an appointment with the GYN, but only in 3 weeks ... let's see if something comes out ...

The remedy that takes longer is 'Mastodynon', without a prescription. It contains, among other things, Agnus castus, monk's pepper, which promotes the release of dopamine and slows down prolactin somewhat. Also helps with menstrual cramps, in fact it takes a few cycles to work.
Greetings Mirza

Have you already had experience with it or someone else here? and what about side effects?

Think about trying it out, even if in 3 weeks at the GYN it should actually come out that something is wrong with some other hormones ... I'm not so into taking any more artificial hormones ... well wait and see ^^

Hello ...

... can only confirm Doris' assumption. It all sounds a lot like a lack of progesterone. Or there can also be a disproportion between too much estrogen and progesterone. You can have this estrogen dominance effect even with rather low estrogen levels (see me). It depends on the relationship. Progesterone deficiency then causes an effect of too much estrogen, or the estrogen effects can unfold unhindered.

Symptoms of progesterone deficiency (= estrogen excess):

- muscle tension
- Irritability, aggressiveness before menstruation
- Anxiety that can escalate into panic or rage
- increased sensitivity to pain, increased expression of pain
- Insomnia with tension and anxiety
- Premenstrel tension with tenderness of the breasts and swollen breasts
- swollen stomach, gas
- Premenstrual, abdominal bloating
- menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding)
- endometriosis

Body signs of progesterone deficiency:
- flushed face
- swollen face
- enlarged breasts
- swollen breasts
- sore breasts
- distended upper abdomen
- painful abdomen on palpation
- increased upper abdominal fat
- reddish skin
- puffy skin
- fibroids
- cysts in the breast or ovaries

Most of the symptoms and signs of progesterone deficiency are signs of excess estrogen because progesterone is the antagonist of estrogen and inhibits estrogen activity. If there is no progesterone, there is an increased estrogenic effect.

Source: The Hormone Handbook, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

Note: you don't have to show all symptoms and signs at once - as with all hormone deficits.

The progesterone in the blood is tested on the 21st day of the cycle or 7 days before the period. Only then is it meaningful.

Agnus castus didn't help at all with me. But I only took it for a maximum of 2 months. Mastodynon immediately gave me a headache, so I didn't go any further. Vitamin B6 helped me for a while, then no more. Evening primrose oil helped me for a while, but then no more. Last year a doctor examined my progesterone for the first time on the 21st day of my cycle and I had an extreme deficiency. I got the natural progesterone as a utrogestan (capsules, oral or vaginal ingestion). It didn't help, on the contrary, my PMS got worse and worse. I stopped, tried again with less ... only a little less PMS for a short time, after an increase according to the doctor's recommendation, it got worse again. I have been in treatment with Ms. Therese Hertoghe since May. She explained to me that the natural progesterone I was taking could convert back to estrogen, which I apparently did. So I got a synthetic but good progesterone supplement from her, Duphaston. Since then I have finally got rid of my PMS symptoms, which I have had for almost 20 years and which have got so bad in recent years that I suffered from them for 3 weeks a month. One can only hope that the Duphaston stays that way. :)

best regards

Thank you, Sabine!
Only now discovered your contribution ...

In the meantime I have ordered two books from www.hormonselbsthilfe.de and have already learned a lot about these connections.
Today I googled about mastopathy and mastodynia and am now once again very disappointed with the doctors who have treated me so far ........

When I went to the gynecologist three years ago and told him that I had two cup sizes more in a short time, he didn't even do an ultrasound ..... He only linked it to my weight gain ... And I gave him detailed that it feels like the breasts are puffed up and the nipples are also sore ...
As part of the fertility treatment, the same doctor also examined the sex hormones. Unfortunately, the reference values ​​do not match what I found on the internet and I cannot judge them .... He also examined the TSH .... slightly increased, but that doesn't matter .... and prolactin ... . slightly increased, but no problem .......

It wasn't until two years later that I got my Hashi diagnosis.

And when I wanted to start the KiWU treatment again after about 6 months of taking LT, I asked this doctor whether it would not make sense to check the sex hormones again beforehand ... but he did not think that was necessary. Prescribed me estradiol, clomiphene and utrogest for the inseminations .... and left me to my fate ..... Of course it didn't work! After two unsuccessful attempts and with absolutely bad health, I stopped the treatment in December 2006.

I actually didn't want to bother with it anymore ...

But since my LT reduction in February / March, my breast is growing again. I'm gaining weight again and have chest pain in the second half of my cycle.

Now I will probably have to look for a new gynecologist ...


P.S. Another question to everyone who has already posted: Has your breast been examined (ultrasound)? and has progesterone been measured before?


I also have to give my comment.
2 years ago I had a complex because of ekienr Too small breasts. now they grow from 75 A to 75 B always 2 weeks before the days. Swellings also hurt a little. I would feel really good if it didn't hurt so much ;-)

Hello campinoa,
will the breasts then become smaller again in the first half of the cycle? Then it clearly has to do with progesterone and is a PMS symptom.


After 1 week they get smaller again, usually until now (3rd day of the day) they stay that way !!

By the way, my breasts have not become too small? and my days lasted only 3 days? Am i pregnant They're cocky and still big !!

Hello campinoa,

three years ago it was the case with me that the breasts got bigger with each cycle ...

This time it is the case that with menstruation, the breast has also become smaller again. The bra fits again. Luckily!

I was never pregnant ...



I'm now from 75 D to 90 G .... I could despair ..... luckily my husband thinks that's nice .......
Overall, I only gained weight in 2004/2005 - a total of 12 kg. Not since then. But the breast has continued to get bigger.

My sex hormones have been checked a lot lately because I have polycystic ovary syndrome. Estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin are fine. Only testosterone is a bit high (but within the norm).
I do not understand that!


Have you otherwise also gained weight or has only your breasts grown?
So I've always been very slim, but in the last few months I've found that my bras have gotten bigger. I've been taking thyroxine constantly since the end of September, so I'm really curious whether something will grow on them again;)


can line me up. yesterday at Hasi & Mausi - when trying the bra - I definitely have 90 C or more.
I haven't bought cup bras for 2 years, that is, the ones with the mature ones, because I couldn't take them anymore. the rings kept hurting for me. I then switched to those with elastic bands and sports bra.

yesterday I thought to myself, it is no longer possible, they have become so huge, do you go shopping again and try such mature bras.

so. the last one stood 2 years ago was 80B. in good faith I took a couple of models into the cabin and: forget about it. too small, too tight.

well then tried 85 C. forget it, still too tight, found out that C fits but 85 just not.
and unfortunately there is nothing bigger there.

3 years ago i had an operation because of "fibrocystic mastopathy", where a cyst was removed from me. my glandular tissue is very tight, which is why mammography is not meaningful for me either.

and since i put on so massively 2 years ago (almost 18 kg, now 5 are down again) my breasts have become monsters. I pushed it onto the Nuva ring first. I stopped taking it 3 months ago and since then it's only been painful.

my breasts swell around the 9th day of the cycle, so after the rule until the next rule, so much that i can't even touch them because it hurts. Usually everything is blown away, in the truest sense of the word, and you hang what the stuff holds, as if you had let the air out of a hose. and then the game starts again. for 3 weeks i have been taking monk's pepper for good luck, but nothing's happening.

now i have a gyn appointment in 3 weeks and i'll ask about the hormone status.

until then I'll leave that with the monk's pepper again ...

* sigh *

Hello kitty,

if I remember it correctly, then you have to have taken chasteberry for at least three cycles before you can feel it really.

Just keep taking it until your gyn appointment, maybe there will be a slight improvement in the meantime, and then you will know that you are on the right track.

Even as a teenager, I had swollen and terribly painful breasts.
At that time, my gyn prescribed me Mastodynon, is there or I think it was even available over the counter in the apo.

Greetings & get well soon

thank you ebby!
But my thought is also this: if I can't go any further and can get a hormone status in a few weeks, then the values ​​would be more "real", so to speak, right? i can stand it for a month, and the values ​​are more unadulterated. :)What do you think about?


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