What is Topmix concrete made of

Hot tub - the new bathing fun

The hot tub is the latest trend and the lifestyle product par excellence! More and more people tend to no longer spend their vacation in a wellness hotel, but relax in their own garden. This saves long journeys, prevents stress and certainly saves money. The garden turns into its own health resort in the countryside.

the bath in the traditional wooden barrel is enjoying increasing popularity

Whirlpools have been the bestsellers so far, but these are now being replaced by new bathing fun - the hot tubs. They are also known as hot tubs or hot tubs and have one or the other advantage over conventional whirlpools. Especially when it comes to idyll, this option seems unbeatable.

What is a hot tub anyway?

A hot tub (translated: hot tub) is also called a hot tub, hot tub or hot tub in Germany Hot tuband is still a novelty in this country, although it is a centuries-old tradition in the Scandinavian countries.

Hot tub - Scandinavian bathing fun for at home

The installation of this is very easy, because the hot tub only needs to be set up in the garden (with a solid surface) and filled with water. The advantage is that it can be used at any time of the year - even in very cold temperatures in winter.

In the past, products of this kind were actually made with old barrels, these were sawed up and placed on a stable surface. Today products of this type are still made from wood. Thermowood is in great demand in this context.

With the right wood and a little skill, you can build a heated bath tub yourself

Buy a hot tub or whirlpool?

Both the hot tub and the whirlpool are two very popular products that are sometimes not so easy to buy. Therefore, in the following, we would like to compare both product types and highlight which product is more suitable depending on the target group.

Hot tub

The hot tub is heated to an ideal water temperature of 38 degrees by an outdoor or indoor oven. Inside there are benches so that you can relax in the water as best as possible. Since the hot tub is usually fired with wood, it can only be used outdoors.

a wood-burning hot tub frees you from electricity and pumps


  • Real eye-catcher in the garden (fits perfectly into the green)
  • Operating costs are significantly lower than with a whirlpool
  • Can be used in all seasons, especially recommended in winter
  • Can also be equipped with amenities such as massage jets or ambient lighting
  • No high voltage connection is required


  • Wood firing meant a slightly increased amount of work

The hot tub can also be equipped with massage jets or ambient lighting for real relaxation


The whirlpool does not exude such an idyllic atmosphere, because these are usually made entirely of plastic. There are even inflatable hot tubs for small gardens. The heating works electrically, which results in electricity costs of around two to 3 euros / day. Most of these models even have LED lighting and a music system. The main advantage is that the whirlpool can also be set up indoors.

What is a hot tub made of?

As partially already indicated, there are different materials with which a hot tub is made. As a rule, they are made of ordinary wood, this is also the traditional way. Most of the time, old wine barrels are even used for them.

High quality products are made from oak, ash or red cedar. These models are very durable because they even last for decades. Inexpensive wood is also suitable, but the holding period is limited. Depending on the weather, they last a maximum of 10 years.

transform your garden or roof terrace into a small oasis

Nowadays, thermal wood is often chosen, it is manufactured or modified under special conditions. However, it is still natural wood. The so-called thermowood is created when normal wood is stored for a long time in a low-oxygen atmosphere at around 170 degrees.

During this process, moisture is removed from the wood, whereby the heat in turn causes permanent changes within the structure. The material is then gently cooled and treated with steam. The point is that the wood will later receive a certain level of wood moisture.

Through this process the wood becomes very resistant and lasts an average of 30 years. It is insensitive to water, mold and rot. However, this also comes at a price.