Is sun protection waterproof

Made-to-measure sun sails in all shapes
Sun sails waterproof, light or air permeable

Plan sun sails correctly - from measuring to fixing

Once you have chosen the shape, dimensions and fabric, we will manufacture your awning exactly according to your specifications. So that the finished sun protection sail meets your expectations in the end, you should find out about the material and the Awning assembly to inform. To make this easier for you, we have put together all the important information on this page. The better you prepare, the easier it will be to carry out your project later. You can also find the accessories you need to attach your awning in our shop.

If you have any questions, call us on our hotline. We are happy to assist you with the design and planning of your awning.

Awning triangle or any triangle

In our online configurator you can put together your desired sun sails as a triangle, any triangle or triangular. You give your measurements - a dimension sketch is displayed on the monitor. This gives you optimal control over dimensions as early as the planning phase - maximum buildability and much more.

Awning square or any square

You can put together sun sails as a square, any square or square in our online configurator. Simply enter your measurements and a dimension sketch will be displayed on the monitor. Of course, you will also receive all information about the available materials and prices.

Rectangular or rectangular shade sail

You can use our online configurator to assemble and calculate rectangular or rectangular sun sails from standard shapes. To do this, you enter the length and width of the sail and a dimensional sketch with a price calculation is displayed immediately. This gives you optimal control over dimensions and prices. Of course, you can choose the right shade sail fabric for your sun shade sail from an extensive collection of fabrics.