Venom 2 is rated R.

"Venom 2" maybe R-rated! Stephen Graham joins the cast (Update)

++ Update from December 13th, 2019: Tom Hardy has photos from Venom 2- Set posted and deleted immediately, but not quickly enough to prevent it from being held for posterity. Below you can seeAndy Serkis hence at work - the setting: an eerie orphanage ...

++ News from December 6th, 2019: Thanks to Tom Hardy, the whole world knows the Venom 2-The shooting has started. Besides himself take it again Michelle Williams (as Anne Weying) andWoody Harrelson (as Cletus Kasady aka Carnage) part, and besides Naomie Harriswho the Marvel-Super villain Shriek plays, we now know another new cast member - just not his role.

It's Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire), which atPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge Blockbuster experience and currently a larger part inThe Irishman Has. And after producer Matt Tolmach already explained why Andy Serkis is the perfect director for Venom 2 is, he admits JoBlo the possibility that the sequel - in contrast to the first part, which was PG-13 despite all bitten off heads - gets an R-Rating. The role model?joker Naturally!

You always have to think about it, now that this works, says Tolmach. In whichVenom also worked so very well. The franchise exists as it is and has its place in the world, which is why everyone is not suddenly thinking about what to do with the rating. joker I have shown, however, that one can also be successful with an R-Rating, although this was considered absolutely forbidden for a long time. But Deadpool have suppressed this view and Logan - The Wolverine then too. Tolmach believes that the greatest thing in the world is that R-rated films are accepted by the masses. And it just means that there are more opportunities for this kind of storytelling.

Venom 2 behind the scenes photos show Andy Serkis directing scenes at a creepy orphanage

- Thomas Polito (@thomas_polito) December 11, 2019