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Self-defense knives: can I carry and how to choose the best. Self defense with knife in urban conditions

There are different situations in life. The threat to life and health is not uncommon today. In urban conditions it is possible to run down on hooligans and robbers. And in the country you can wait for the beast. Those who value their life and are ready to stand up for it, prefer to buy hidden clothing knives for self-defense. Such a blade is invisible to prying eyes. It can get suddenly and apply from any position. The main thing here is not to be wrong with the choice.

How and why does knife appear from hidden carriers

The history of blades that shouldn't attract attention goes back to ancient times. Until the Middle Ages, the use of camouflaged knives was a purely aggressive nature. Such rifles were made and used only for the purpose of assault and murder. The Middle Ages are marked by an explosion of violence and intrigue. To have a blade with you that can be applied for unnoticed and suddenly has become the rule for many citizens.

The 70s of the XX century were also not distinguished by a calm criminogenic environment. Many peaceful citizens had to hide in clothes and hidden carriers by their body knives. Tradition of using such models for self-defense to be relevant today.

How to choose a hidden knife

Usually, protective hidden changes are chosen according to the existing experience. Are you regularly wrapped in the meadow? You choose a spectacular and practical weapon. Are you afraid of the dog attack? You will find a knife that is specific to your situation. However, such acquisitions are not done immediately.

When citizens buy knives from hidden stretchers for self-defense, experts recommend adhering to three basic rules.

Choose the most compact option. A qualified specialist can disguise the wardrobe of any size in the cloakroom. But for comfortable movement without attracting the attention of foreign minis, it is better to rebuild.

Folding modifications are not suitable for self-defense. In an extreme situation, only a knife with frontal emissions from the blade will behave well. However, due to its relatively large thickness, such a blade is problematic to hide. Choose flat models. The optimal option is a castet-type (push-scented) knife.

Modern production has put the original knife models on the river. If you have the opportunity to acquire a plastic alloy blade, do it without thinking. Remember, metal detectors are not uncommon in the modern world.

Consult our managers before buying and they will find the best option for you.

Types of knives. Self defense with a knife. Self defense against a knife. Knife fight. Tanto Jutsu. Knife in Nippon Campo. Which knife is a cold weapon? Legal responsibility.

Violence will give birth to violence
And the lie multiplies the lie
When we're taken to the neck
Of course you pick up the knife.

N.nr. Aseev, 1943.

Knife as a weapon

The knife is the oldest weapon that came together and used a man. If a stone or stick is considered a caveman’s weapon, and they are only taken seriously by hand-to-hand combat specialists, then the knife and now in the 21st century is recognized by society as the most modern and dangerous hand-to-hand combat weapon.

Types of knives

For hundreds of thousands of years of human existence, the knife has undergone many changes, transformed under the needs of each particular era and specific application. There are not a dozen types of knives, which differ in shape and size depending on the type of application, depending on the type of application, from 5 cm perico to agricultural heavy knives - machete length more than half a meter. Each of these de facto knives is a weapon that, if it cannot be killed, can set the opponent, make them do it and for it are not as pleasant as real combat knives.

Which knife is cold guns?

From the standpoint of current legislation, if at least one type of injury is applied, then almost any item with a blade will be considered a cold weapon - whether it is a pericoed fold or a soft and dumb table knife. This is clearly stated in two documents:

According to paragraph 3.2. This document, cold weapons in everyday life will be a knife (foldable or inconvenient - no value) that:

- The minimum length of the blade is not less than 90 mm;
- the minimum thickness of the blade is at least 2.6 mm in the fattest place;
- minimum hardness - at least 50 HRC if carbon steel;
- minimum hardness - at least 45 HRC if made of stainless steel;
- Blade sharpness angle not more than 30 degrees.

In the event that at least one of the above parameters does not meet the requirements - the knife is not considered a cold weapon. And so we can carry a Pericoor knife in your pocket and even hang it on the belt of some Swiss Victorinux that demonstrates all of your brutality. All of this is more, longer than, and thicker, or at least marginally - will at least cause questions from law enforcement agencies.

Self defense with a knife

In fact, there is no such thing as self-defense with a knife. Effectively stop the striker's opponent with a knife within the framework of permissible self-defense - it is impossible! The knife never causes minor personal injury, only grave or death. The only action with a knife is just an attack.

Relatively light knife cutting brush hand. Lots of blood.

Hence the knife will never be a weapon of self-defense. This is the weapon of attack. To carry a knife for self-defense - to carry the article of the Criminal Code: a rifle hanging on the wall - will definitely fire. Unfortunately, completely unprepared people buy self-defense knives who do not present the consequences of their actions. The knife is no less, and often even a more dangerous weapon in the hands of an unprepared person who is in a state of affect when adrenaline rises to most of the eyebrows.

The knife is extremely easy to use. It is much harder for a person to get away from the gun in the enemy than to dip his knife. In addition, in the stressful situation, he will not understand how many times he did it. The weapon still has to get out of the holster, remove it from the safety device, weigh the trigger, aim.

The modern knives that are offered as self-defense knives are immediately ready for combat, even flaps have blades opening instantly and easily - and as a close combat weapon, such a knife is much faster than any pistol. From the pistol it is basically safe to shoot the foot of an assailant, although in reality it can only be done by a person who has already killed and killed repeatedly. Gently cut the forehead to the enemy or cut the hip - it is at all possible - you have to be at all possible - you have to train every day for years to become such a virtuoso. And then the enemy was not successfully transformed or stumbled - and you closed him in the eyes or cut the femoral artery. Everything is a prison.

These are real recordings. See how quick and easy to use a knife when attacking. Almost none of the victims have no time to react.

Booth wlows.
A basic knife has only two main qualities:
- seams;
- Cutting (section) punch.

Depending on the shape, the sharpening of the blade, as well as the shape of the handle, the presence or absence of the stop on any type of knife, or for sewing or cutting strikes is provided.

There is another important aspect that is a counter argument to acquiring a self-defense knife. A self-defense knife as a weapon, its owner in a stressful state, will unconsciously use it with any conflict situation that does not necessarily threaten his life. It will be what is called to get enough for a knife anyway - demonstrates its coolness. Maybe he can scare someone a couple of times. But the third time comes when it just tightens the opposite side, especially when it is in most or even armed. This "mourning skemrock" will take this knife and be fine if it is only extinguished. If he meets with a real criminal who doesn't mean anything to someone else's life - his weapon will be turned against him.

Self defense against a knife

In many martial arts (sambo, for example army hand-to-hand combat or Nippon Campo), sections are devoted to self-defense against knife . It is necessary to study these sections and constantly practice in this discipline if you really want to defend yourself, as the knife is the most common weapon on the street and fools who will pull the knife into your pocket and be zealous in the case - takes effect.

Such disciplines, as a rule, give basic knowledge and skills to counteract the enemy armed with a knife. Believe me, it is better to know the 5 techniques against the knife - and perform them correctly and automatically, than to carry a fold that has crashed in my pocket and not know what to do when you hit the knife bring to the neck in a dark entrance.

A well-educated person, at least, at least won't hit the knife, as a maximum - will pick it up with the enemy and injure him.

Hear a knife
The sewing knife is the most dangerous for the life of the enemy. Such a blow causes a piercing injury, and in almost any place on a person's body causes serious injury, the defeat of internal organs, the circulatory system, and almost always - the death of the victim. Hence, modern combat knives are designed in this way so that they can comfortably be harmful strokes. Starting from the XVII century in Europe, different varieties of daggers, swords, rapiers, cortikettes, bayonets prevailed as cold weapons, some of which did not even have cutting edges - only the edge was sharpened. At a later date, the bayonet returned the cutting edges, but it was rather created to create a more versatile tool - for example, to warp the branches for the slag or the open cans of cans. Several sewing stamps - favorite acceptance of accounts in camps and prisons. The past in the body of the body is almost guaranteed - death for the enemy and prison for you.

Knife boy

But a complete understanding of how to resist the knife can only be obtained by studying the knife camp. The only way to know the strengths and weaknesses of this weapon is by holding it in hand. From a person on a handle of a knife of the attacker, his rack, the position of his body, the nature of the knife will reflexively assess the danger of danger from the enemy, and will also reflexively continue the correct measures to deprive the enemy of his weapons and Do you own.

Now it is not difficult to find a knife fighting school where you can learn this art. There are a large number of national knife fights, perhaps the most famous of which is Spanish, Italian, and Filipino. Diversity is huge. Combines everything: knives and general principles of knife camp.

The essence of the fight at the knives is the ability to use strikes and cuts on the enemy (attack) to avoid blows and cuts from his side (protection). The main thing in the knife can of course attack. A sports knife fight in this sense is similar to fencing, where the point after the injection or cut from the opponent is counted. In real life - for injury or death. That is, the essence of a knife fight is an attacker, and self-defense and self-defense have an indirect attitude. If you want to learn to kill, you can start knife fighting your way with no expectation. If your goal is self-defense including the knife, knife combat should be studied, if knife combat is studied, only reaching a certain level in one of the types of hand-to-hand combat. Not in vain in the old, many sections of Japanese martial arts have opened up to students who have reached a certain level.

There are a lot of photos of beautiful and predatory knives on the Internet. And the Russian Science Academy photos of them are quite a bit. This person is easy to fall, the depth of the cut is very small - no more than 4 cm. But if medical care was not provided within 15-20 minutes - it would be death.

Cutting (section)
Cutting, chopping the blow is applied to the cutting edge of the knife, as if you were holding a saber in your hands. "Goot-cut", do you remember? "That is exactly the case. Such a blow to the body of the body is less dangerous for the life of the enemy, but not for his health. In the event that you do not want to kill, but only to stop your opponent, it is recommended to apply these blows and precisely to the body. Several shallow cutany wounds cause profuse bleeding, and have a certain psychological stopping effect in the case of an indicative determination of protecting action and more. On the other hand, if the criminal is in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, this resistance only comes out of it and makes deed more impolite and decisive against you.Cutting-lock blows with a knife along the enemy limb, as opposed to blows to the body, are very dangerous as they cause damage to veins, arteries and large blood vessels what causes rapid blood loss, death for the enemy and long blood loss sentence for you.

Japanese Knotless Knife Fight Tanto Jutsu (Tantojutsu /短刀 術 )

Japan. A country where the technique of cold weapon possession is taken as the foundation in the preparation and development of the nation's spirit. Even the legend of the origin of Japan itself is based on the theory of the sword. "... They say that the ancient gods lowered a coral blade into the ocean, and when they took it out, four delicious droplets of glass from the blade into the ocean. And those drops were the islands - Japan ...". (Four islands of Japan Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Sikoku - make up 97% of the total area of ​​the archipelago.)

Only learn the knife's strengths and weaknesses by holding it in hand

Japanese combat knife - Tanto: (Yap. 短刀 Tanto, letters. "Short sword"). In its form, Tanto represents a kind of short sword. This is one of two swords that were in use with samurai. It is no different from Katana (Long Sword), with the exception of the sizes. In addition to samurai, women, travelers and traders who are used for self-defense. In contrast to a combat knife - Tanto, a normal knife that is used in everyday life is called Hamono in Japan (Yap. 刃 物).

Japanese tanta knife.

In fact, there was no special school of knife fighting in Japanese martial arts either. Tanto Jutsu is a modern term that describes the art of ownership with a short sword. Tanoyuti-ryuzyutsu is a method of possession of short cold weapons kogusoku (literally - around the thighs) in school, but he did not raise himself in a separate jutsu (art).

The combat training of the Japanese samurai has always been comprehensive and universal. In addition to the technique of owning long weapons (yari, naginat), samurai studied with any weapon and against any weapon. Anyway, whatever weapon in the hands, for self-defense can be used against any weapon by anything and in the complex of various unarmed techniques (drumming, as you please). Various Japanese self-defense schools were looking for one: it was necessary to have skills and abilities to quickly adapt to the enemy, his armature, the surrounding atmosphere. This is the secret of the art that is now, when the knife became the main weapon of hand-to-hand combat, we know that we are called Tanto Dzitu. Everything the Japanese have accumulated for their centuries-old hand-to-hand combat history is accumulated in this discipline.

Cold Gun Reliability

In Ukraine, there is a clearly defined responsibility for the acquisition, sale, carrying, storage, transmission and manufacture of cold weapons. And

acquisition, storage and transmission are administrativeopen ignition (article 190 of the Gappe of Ukraine) and in a fine of 7-10 non-taxable minima, which is punishable in 2018 from 119 UAH (17 UAH X7) to 170 UAH (17 UAH * 10) (17 UAH * 10 ) usually with the seizure of cold weapons.
storage, carrying and transportare administrative Open ignition (Art.191 of the Gappe of Ukraine) and also punished with a fine from 7 to 10 non-taxable minima (from 119 to 170 UAH in 2018) and, as a rule, with the procurement of weapons.
wear, manufacture, repair and sale Cold weapons are Punishable act (Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and punished by a fine of up to 50 non-taxable minimums (up to 850 UAH for 2018) or public works for a period of 120 to 240 hours or arrest for a period of 3 to 6 months or restricting freedom from 2 to 5 years or imprisonment for up to 3 years.

In other words, if you bought, keep the house in the garage, in the garage, a knife, which is a cold weapon, you finish a small fine on 170 UAH. If you find such a knife in the car in a glove box or in the trunk in a bag with instruments, it is also an administrative violation, and also fine to 170 UAH. However, if the same knife hangs on your belt, lies in your pocket, or somewhere on the body or in clothes - it is already criminal responsibility with the maximum disadvantage of freedom of 3 years or at least 850 UAH Fine and criminal conviction. If you've picked up a beautiful fishing knife with you, don't keep it in your pocket - don't throw it away from sin in the trunk - at least you won't be burdened with carrying cold weapons. And all is the same if you confess this blade you made from automotive sources.

Knife in Nippon Campo

In the knife fight of Nippon-Campo, as in eastern martial arts in general, everything is too. You need to know the principles of combat, the sense of distance, have the skills to work with weapons, adhere to strategy and tactics. The trainee must have the set device from different parts of the school. This includes technology racks and movements, shock, technology of throws, pain, technology of deceitful acts - finds. Every skill must be anchored in the practical training - in the training battle - up to complete automatism.

In the fight with a knife, the student should end up acting impeccably - not defeat part of his body. In the usual cold weapon battle, you can pull the kick on your leg or hand, climb on your feet after the shock in your face. In knife combat, every touch of you with a knife will, at least, cause a cut and bleeding, which will lead to the next higher wound and ultimately, defeat and death.

In Nippon Kempo, students therefore produce reflex skills with the correct response to the attack (SEN), the sense of distance (MAY) and caution (Yoxin). All different versions of the technician are developed with a constant change of partner and by different provisions. There are no identical people on the street. It is this preparation that teaches a person not to be afraid of a knife that can disarm and defeat the armed enemy.

What is studying in Messer Battle Nippon Campo

  • Addictive to weapons;
  • Types of carrying, storage, extraction, preparing a knife for battle;
  • Study of lesion sectors, trajectories of movements and shocks;
  • Combining various techniques and movements with knife fighting technique (punches, throws, pain controls);
  • Use of auxiliaries and other types of weapons (pistol, automatic) together with a knife;
  • Technique works with a knife in different positions (sitting, lying, standing);
  • Technique works with a knife against another type of weapon (stick, weapon, automatic);
  • Knife against knife.

What you need to draw attention to training in knife fighting

  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of this weapon;
  • Develop the ability to work on both sides (left hand, right hand).
  • Easy movement, distance and timing. If you can't move easily and quickly, you are a corpse.
  • Simplicity and clarity movements. No circus tricks. Clowns get paid for with their blood very quickly;
  • Movements with arms and should be linked and complement each other; There should be no way for you to hit and defend and defend, make techniques against a fighter, armed with a knife, but when the knife itself falls into your hands, it will push you and seem excess. And on the contrary, losing a knife, you don't know what to do.
  • Our legs, protected by strong shoes, are excellent weapons against a knife;
  • Remember that in addition to being armed with a knife, you have three limbs that should be used in combat;
  • We train different knife handles - this is the connections of a chain.


Remember that the main and most powerful weapon of a person's self-defense is not a knife, fists, and not even a weapon, the main weapon is your head, your knowledge, your skills. And the knowledge and skills, unfortunately, are good and bad, right and wrong. If you get the wrong knowledge to train in people who don't understand, who don't understand, and not the consequences of what they teach you, will lead to the same bad and wrong ending that gave that knowledge.

Carrying or no self-defense knife with you, your choice of course. But at the same time as the Ostap Bender said in the famous Roman I. ILF and E. Petrov "Golden Potion": "Citizens! Honor the Criminal Code!"

If you do not think about your own protection, you can easily do the sacrifice. The criminals earn their lives on these people who think that robbery, robbery or attack will never happen to them. When you leave home when you are not John "Bons" Jones, you draw yourself a target with no means of protection or weapons to yourself. One of the best self-defense options is a knife. Psychological studies show that people are much more afraid of the knife than they do to guns. In addition, to a person with such a simple weapon as a knife, the law relates much more faithfully to a man with a weapon than to a man.

Before you familiarize yourself with best self defense knife, You have to learn the laws of your state. Some places condemn the hidden flap pocket or automatic knife but let you carry a tactical knife or knife with you for survival. In addition to the laws, you should also know exactly what you want. Do you prefer something big or small? Planning to hit or cut? Do you need a gun more than for your own safety? In order to reduce your searches, we bring you to the attention of the names of the knives, which have the qualities that you need.

Benchmade 8600bk-Bedlam - quick catch

Pros: Automatic discovery
Cons: price
There isn't a single Benchmade brand knife that would go bad as this is one of the best manufacturers of self-defense knives, but the Bedleue is a special model. Such knives as flip, automatic and Italian rivets are considered to be one of the most dangerous due to their ease of opening. Even if you familiarize yourself with local laws and they get resolved there, the police still don't like this type of automatic knife loosing. With just one movement of the thumb from the handle, like a rattling snake with a 4-inch stainless steel blade, it grabs 154 cm. In length it is almost 10 inches, made in the style of Yatgana, which is already with its own styles. The switch is in the middle and can be activated on either side. The ergonomic handle does not allow the knife to get lost or fall in the most responsible moment, making it easier to carry or cut movements.

Price: 15800 rub.

Kershaw Cryo - Daily Protection

Pros: very durable
Disadvantages: The opening button is set very close to the handle.
A self-defense knife should always be in a warning state to serve a victorious end, no matter what the cost. Just because you can't put hundreds out for the blade doesn't mean you have to wait a minute for the knife to open. Steel grade 8CR13MOV is similar to the AUS-8 and is made with titanium coated blades and handles to maintain its main elements during carry, slaughter or other uses. Its length is only 3 inches, but it is considered beneficial when hiking, hunting, or open combat on the road. This knife is a pet favorite. The ability to perform actions in the up position or down depends on how you hold the handle.

Price: 1900 rub.

SOG seal seal pup elite with fixed blade - elite soldier

Pros: the most pathetic in appearance
Cons: The black coating is easy to scratch
You can't choose a knife with a more fixed blade. Impending assembly of this knife in combination with embossed clutches and finger cutouts make this knife incredibly tactful of what will work in the moment when you are in danger. The blade of almost five centimeters has long been made of steel from AUS-8 brands with a matt black trim, which has an anti-glare effect. The nylon on the handle allows you to carry a knife on your belt and not make it difficult to move your hand. Because of the slightly increased size, it is better to use it at the moment, when the attacker is close to the attacker, and then when there is a place to maneuver. The nylon and reinforced glass button is convenient for long-term use while hunting, fishing or mountaineering. If you're not planning on taking part in the knife fight it's a great quality investment.
Price: 4500 rub.

KA-Bar TDI law - Close Fight

Cons: Can only be used for self-defense
This knife was made to provide police defense officers for those moments when they cannot use firearms. It is possible to use it only at a very close range during combat. This disrupts the shape of conventional fixed knives with a blade at a 45 degree angle, making it easy to use even with the hand bent behind the back. The pistol grip allows you to use it in different directions with the same efficiency. It's great for self-defense, but there are several other knives available for cutting and other uses. You probably want more than an ordinary knife, but this option draws on its speed, reliability, and blade opening convenience.

Price: 2800 rub.

Spyderco Matriarch - Karambit Style

Pros: full tooth
Cons: Weak clips
Very few people know about karambit style knives. This type works differently from the other standard knives, so you can apply not only accruing or cutting wounds, but also the blank one to trim the enemy's pounded tendons, even with the enamel face to face. The design in the form of the Rapetor's lament is for tight area combat, which makes it perfect for large cities where there are seldom places for a free maneuver. If you go to New Delhi, Tokyo, London or New York, where you will always be together at anyone in the distance of an elongated hand, the Matriarch eater makes the enemy the enemy with the usual blow or down too. Fully covered with teeth, the VG-10 stainless steel blade cuts meat at terrifying speed and power, and the Emerson feature allows you to get a knife out of your pocket quickly and open it with just one click in any position. And at the end of such a painterly description, it has a structured, symmetrical handle.

Price: 5200 rub.

Gnatovskaya Daria.

Unfortunately, many residents of the outdoors, sleeping areas, and depths face the problem of personal safety, especially when it is necessary to return from work. In general, the criminal situation is not as critical as it is in the mid-1990s of the last century, but the Gopniks have nowhere shared and still thrive. How do you protect yourself from the attack and not go into that subtle face that you can easily turn into a criminal with a potential victim?

Self-Defense Knife: Legal Aspects

If a person firmly decided to choose a knife as a self-defense and protection against meetings with suspicious personalities, then in no way should he advertise that moment in front of law enforcement agencies. The law does not allow the carrying or storage of cold guns as self-defense. In addition, law enforcement officers must remove the knife in case of detection. Your knife from self-defending knife should be presented as an item for opening canned food on a picnic or a fodder for a campfire. If a person does not want him to stop pulling cold weapons and started enforcing the databases of all abhorrent crimes, he must remove the word "self-defense" from his dictionary.

Learning the consequences of using a knife

Before you start choosing yourself, it is worth studying some articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. A person needs to be aware that if he uses a knife for self-defense has seriously injured the robber, then overnight turn the victim out of the criminal. The legislative system is imperfect on this. Here is a list of articles of the Criminal Code that must be examined by anyone in this situation:

  • Article 37. Defense needed.
  • Article 111. Intent to cause painful harm to the health of another person.
  • Article 213. Hooliganism.
  • Article 39. Extreme necessity.

And another important point. We hope that before Article 105 does not affect the murder, does not affect any circumstances.

Self-defense knife: photo. Select model

Having carefully studied the legislation and learned that it was possible to use cold weapons in the most extreme cases, proceed to the choice of device. For an urban resident, the folding knife with a blade made of good steel is best. Choosing a tool, you need to pay attention to the convenience of clips, as well as spend the test on the speed of opening a knife. The blade should be snug in the handle and the handle itself won't slide in your hand. Ergonomic handles, repeats the outlines of compressed fingers. Pocket knives for self-defense have a small blade. The size of the blade, however, plays a far role. Emphasis, including from a forensic point of view, is placed on a sewing component.

Perhaps the choice of tool makes more sense to postpone until the time when a person has mastered a hand-to-hand fight by one technique or another and receptions. Based on the skills obtained in the classes, you can actually choose appropriate for your travel style. Non-standard anatomy people often make an instrument to order. It is not always possible to legally buy cold guns, besides, after a while, an extraordinary technique of property of the subject can be trained after class. Good masters make all kinds of knives: styles, macheta, docks, folds and ordinary, as well as with a latched palm.

Additional considerations when choosing a knife

When choosing an individual cold weapon, blades with a hearty sharpening are welcome. Particular attention should be paid to the length of the handle. The knife can not only cut and apply the seams. If a person does not know how to choose a knife for self-defense, take longer to look at the handle than the palm of their hand. Handles that can deliver the shock, as well as the grace of exposure, to save the undesirable consequences of using the blade. Also good models with glass presence. The most important thing when choosing a knife - the ability to contact it. Not knowing how to make manipulations with such a dangerous subject, you need to completely throw the thought of its acquisition off your head.

Ability to deal

Inappropriate cold weapon handling can turn against the owner of the knife. Most often, criminals do not look at the sight of a blade who repeatedly use a similar tool in their practice. When you see how the defense from awkward deeds, the robbers can easily disarm their victim. In addition, many criminals have unbalanced minds. In this situation a sparkling blade looks like a signal for decisive action and a kind of stimulus before the eyes of old age, the same as a red rag for a bull on BIG.

Start practicing

In order to improve your skills, it is necessary to erect a wooden layout of the future knife. With the model already selected, it will be easier to make a safer wooden duplicate for training. Don't rely on online video tutorials and call best friend's sparring partners.The self-defense trainer teacher is able to get on a good pedestal in their classes and to instill basic skills and techniques for working with a knife. You can also use plastic knives for self-defense when mastering the basic course. Such a knife is quite combined to master the block with two hands. And only after passing the main self-defense courses in the dedicated section, you can continue to hide your skills with computer video formations.

Psychological training

In addition to the exercises to exhaust the skills of owning the instrument, the psychology of the accused plays an important role. Someone who meets once in a criminal incident decides for themselves forever that they will continue to be an object of extortion for money or other similar things. Someone thinks that it is better to deal with the offensive without using physical violence. Clearly, all supporters of cold gun carrying must understand one simple thing for themselves. Even the best knife of self-defense will never cross the cold head, a clear mind and the health of judgment. When you have cold arms with you, feeling more confident in the psychological plan is nothing more. Having a knife is only in case of a real threat to life.

Are there limits to what self-defense can be allowed?

Any person scrolling through the possible options for the future wondered how to stay on time and prevent from exceeding the norms of self-defense. The most interesting thing is that the norms provided for by the legislation are quite conditional and vague, but the formulation of the limit of allowable self-defense has a fairly clear stance. With the hidden carrying knives for self-defense, it is extremely important to know where the line through which cannot be opened. At first it is impossible to apply the task to the maximum number of injuries to the robbers. That was a chance to defend their rights in the future. It is impossible to go beyond the necessary limits of self-defense when the situation with the attack is negligible and does not correspond to the danger, and when the situation does not allow for an obvious threat. Well, of course, the self-defense knife is not a reason to cause abuse.

The term "temporary limit of permissible self-defense"

This term is understood to mean that the defending side only goes to decisive methods if a real attack has already taken place. The verbal threats and in this case are not considered a reason for the use of weapons. Self-defense within its temporary limits should be stopped immediately when no more weapons are required to use weapons and a real threat to life from a new attack. The legislation ensures that self-defense before the attack is classified as premature, after an attack like Samosud. And in this, and in another case, the victim is considered by the court as the legal framework submitted.

How to create what knife is called cold guns?

The definition of "cold weapons" must first be applied to the court when it was not possible to deal with the perpetrator methods without the use of a knife. For cold weapons, tile knives for self-defense cannot be accepted if they are certified as household instruments by the seller. You need to buy knives from a legal seller who will produce an information sheet with a description of the subject and also familiarize themselves with the results of the expert evaluation. In the event that for some reason an expert assessment has not been carried out or a knife has been purchased from under the ground, attention should be drawn to the following signs:

  • The blade length exceeds 90 mm.
  • The handle has a distance between the fingers and is also clearly fixed in the hand with a possible injection, exceeding the allowable emphasis.
  • Blade material - Superproof Steel.
  • Sharpening blades aligned with the blade.
  • There are these listed gost geometric parameters of the Blade City suggesting that they go with cold weapons.

Advantages and disadvantages of the chosen type of self-defense

Before releasing the use of knives from hidden stretchers for self-defense, you need to think ten times about everything and everything in and against. Not everyone can improve to perfection the ability of owning such a tool to cope with the enemy without causing these heavy injections. Only capable students and already deployed masters of the ownership of the blade do not allow thoughtful negligence. Folding self-defense knives are an effective but very dangerous type of weapon. If someone still has doubts, it is better to use the knife as a defense. The fact is that the courts are sufficiently biased towards the use of cold weapons in self-defense. In a deviating circumstance when severe injuries are inflicted, only the state of affect can be.


In order to get out of the passing street conflict without tangible consequences and to protect themselves, and their relatives, according to the writing of the law, help to strictly set the segless rules. Any defense must clearly know their rights. Nobody has the right to pursue such a goal as harm to the health of another person, even if that person is a criminal. Dehydrate The attacker is the main target of a person who decided to use a self-defense knife. Which one is better? Only experts answer this question. The mental stability and vision of the enemy's weaknesses will help much more in a critical situation. To bear cold guns - it means feeling extra psychological confidence and feeling a sense of security. It is necessary to use cold weapons only when there is a real and inevitable threat to life.

And last. When classes in the section of hand-to-hand combat, exercises to exhaust the skills of ownership of such a subject as a knife, are carried out for a long time, the student can master the techniques to perfection, and in case of imminent danger it is not required. Years of training, most likely, will help deal with the RAID as they are called bare hands. It is not difficult to neutralize the unarmed enemy and choose a dangerous item from the armament. In connection with the robber of the knife, this demonstrates his own strength which should compel the criminal to give up his initial intentions.

Last time, such a topic becomes more extensive and popular as self-defense with a knife. Of course, it has a number of advantages and serious disadvantages that must be understood. Otherwise, the problem with the law can be very serious. In this article we will say how to choose a self-defense knife.

Let's start with the most important question - is self-defense with a knife in relation to our legislation? Yes, it is legal, but it is concluded that a knife unrelated to cold weapons and recognized as state know-how spoke as an item of self-defense. This is, in fact, self-defense with such a knife as self-defense with a hammer or a selected stone. A completely different story when such measures are taken by cold weapons. The gun law makes it clear that self-defense with cold guns is completely prohibited. And if you carry a hunting dagger with you, or that church with the checker from Cossack (good and not something) - in the case of an active act, the law and the court is not on your side at all (this doesn't count the administrations for that illegal wearing of HO).

And so they decided - for the purpose of self-defense we only take a home-based knife (if there is no certificate for a knife and it is bought somewhere in the Chinese stall, then it may well be cold - the cases of sale Such knives cost a huge amount, so it is worth paying attention. In addition, this applies to both violent zeakles and small folds with automatic blade removal, as well as bales - an additional 5 mm blade easily makes a harmless knife with weapons) .

But even buying for the goals of the goals above standing above the goals above, we are still faced with a huge choice - which knife is better for self-defense?

The first, the most obvious and reliable option is a hunting tourist (a knife with a fixed blade), the more - the better. The advantages of using such a knife are obvious - when it comes to bigger problems, you have a tool in your hands that can cause serious damage to the enemy, no matter where you get it. You can work with such a knife with different handles, both on seams and rubbing movements. In addition, the delivery of the case of such a device is already capable of frightening many little hooligans. Then the advantages of a similar knife end and the minuses begin. First, wearing a big, fixed in a big city in a big city can often attract the attention of the authorities' employees, which is not good at all, and with illegal, but deprivation (the phenomenon is incredible). Second, self-defense with such a knife can be very easy to grow into murder because, despite all the certificates involved, it does not differentiate from specimens recognized by Ho. Pairs of good punches (and sometimes) are enough to send your opponent to the light and you are on the dock. And what decision on the case will the judge take with him, look at the Rambo knife with which you went around town, it remains only to guess.

It is necessary to immediately give an explanation about the now popular Kondrat-type knives, a Sabotage Kochgin (NDK) knife, and the like. However, although their effectiveness is promoted from all sides, they have to work in a specific technique that creates them. And unless you are a staunch hand or master of a knife fight, these knives will be far useless in your hands than any other.

The next group of knives that can be used (and actually actively use) are folding knives of all strips. Lately more and more people (not just from the knife lover category) have a little folster with them every day. Not for self-defense - for various tasks. However, in the event of danger, such a knife can be a good helper and reliable weapon. For this the truth is worth considering several factors. The most important thing is that the knife must be equipped with a good reliable lock. Knife with the fixation of the spring blade (type slip-joint) - does not fit. The prevailing blade in the midst of battle will put you at a disadvantage most. All modern types can be traced back to good castles. Even the most common (especially in Chinese models), the liner lock (especially in Chinese models), reliably keeps the blade in a solid state with the strongest blows.

The second state - the knife should not be very small. Most modern models go with a blade around 90 mm - this is a minimum in which the knife can be effective in defense. Miniature models in addition to a small blade have a small handle, unrealistic to hold them in the hand with strong blows - only to annoy the enemy. If you can buy and carry a folding knife with a larger blade size - just fine. Excellent examples of self-defense folds are the line of large felvators from the cold, styleless-like Ti-Lite or Mighty Rajah becomes an insane argument in any situation.

Balions (or in the capacious butterflies) include jackknives. They have excellent penetrating eyes due to the rank of the blade and the common wedge-shaped geometry. However, they have two small minuses to quickly reveal and most importantly, most importantly, and all of this in an extreme situation requires a certain skill. And the second ejections with a blade more than 9 cm - cold weapons and self-defense with them in 99% of cases are classified as murder (if there is no certificate, but I want to carry a butterfly - at least drive the length of the blade) .

The third extensive group that is currently popular thanks to "self-defense" - the tile knives. On the pages of online stores and even in ordinary markets, they can be found as a whole as a whole. How to choose a reliable knife for constant wear? First of all, it is worth noting that in terms of size, all push daggers can be divided into two categories. Large models with a long blade are exactly what you need. They allow you to strike enough strength and depth of penetration to cause serious damage to the enemy, and at the same time not enough to kill them (unless, of course, this is not in the areas of death like a neck).

Little Tilenies (like Urban Dude and Cold Style Mini Dude) - are designed more for working in a safe manner. When the knife, especially on the heat of a clothed enemy, gets into the hand and can seriously injure the fingers. These models cannot cause serious consequences to the enemy and are suitable for the defense of hooligans, but when a real danger threatens your life, this is one of the worst options.

In addition to the size of the blade, its shape is important. In priority there are push daggers with a symmetrical system (which, despite the absence of a legal prohibition, the certification bodies are limited in all respects, therefore they have become rare in the market). A symmetrical blade has better application of forces, better managed, and very little chance of injuring the hand with an unsuccessful impact. In an asymmetrical blade, these indicators are noticeably lower.

Well, finally, the last group of knives that can be generalized to call "everything else".

This can be attributed for example to Kerambitis, also popular now. If you don't go into their exotic details and talk purely about the defensive qualities, then there is one thing you can say - for the defense, large models can appear, but with some reservations. The application of sewing parts that they completely exclude and with the cutting (and more precisely they would say with this knife with the cutting) requires a certain technique and proportion of workouts. In addition, they are only effective in summer - tangent strikes with a CEMBBITON on warm clothes that the enemy does not request will not apply, and the whole situation will not be for the better for you. Applying shocks to the throat can lead to the appearance of a corpse and, accordingly, great problems with the law.

Another type of knife that has hitherto been actively promoted as super-defense, and now something has been forgotten, are the so-called tubular knives. You have a blade in the handle. In the assembled form it looks like a knife, in a dismantled one - like a Kubotan. The effectiveness of such weapons in self-defense is more difficult than the blade of thin and small, and although it has good penetration ability, but it is unable to cause significant damage. Manipulations with twisting / screwing the blade in an emergency situation is a separate conversation.

And with the kind of knife you were determined to (say, it'll be a Folster). Immediately behind this, many beginners self-defense raises the question - and which steel is better for such a knife? The answer is surprisingly simple - yes, anything. You are not an operation on the transplant by the authorities that will create a victim? If you apply a sewing hit (good or as a special case - cut) in the defensive situation in the defensive situation, then such indicators of steel and blades as hardness, reduction, sharpening and other and others do not exactly care. The most important thing that should be - a permanent blade, not, perhaps, the edge (so that if you hit it, for example, for example, for example) and the nominal sharpening.

Excellent evidence of this is, for example, knives from the Night Shade series from the cold style, which were specially developed for self-defense and are made of fiberglass (simply to speak - of fiberglass). There are similar developments and other NIPMEKER companies - they all pass fairly serious tests built on combat situations (breaking clothes and mannequin and others). And since it is possible for them, then the steel knife and is suppressed.
The most important thing to choose a knife for constant carry for defense purposes is that it is taken into account - your personal preference and convenience. If you're more comfortable for fixers on your belt, and you're not afraid of getting caught off your body - we wear it. More convenient folding knife in your pocket - it means this is your option.

After all, it is the ability to handle a knife that is the main factor in successful self-defense (in terms of both health and health). Therefore, the best advice will be - the purchase of this knife that will be closer to you (from those who can address themselves as described above), and will be able to work out the skills of its rapid extraction, the main techniques, etc. This will allow you and your confidence to work Be weapons in unforeseen situations.